Sunday, December 30, 2007

Assists are needed to Win (short post)

Just came to me to check team assist totals. I looked at winning programs and others attempting to get to the next level win wise. Oddly a few teams have under 10 team assists a game. That explains one of the problems that Rutgers has.

Of course Rutgers would have more assists if they hit more shots. But to have under 10 assists a game is really a problem. It shows that not only are players missing shots, but there are not many folks passing the rock at the right time.

Anthony farmer leads RU players with 2 assists a game. That's right 2!! I honestly feel this is where Mike Coburn could have helped RU the most.

Seton Hall is just a bit better at around 13 assists a game for the entire team. Harvey leads with 4 a game. I honestly feel he is capable of averaging 6 to 7 assists with a bit more effort.

St. Johns is also at around 13 assists a game. Similar to Seton Hall. Lots in common with those 3 teams.

Not surprisingly Villanova and UConn both average around 18 assists a game.

Maybe it would be safe to say its important to make plays. Good passing guards and shot finishers are very important. SHU has a potential great one in Harvey. But RU and SJU are really lacking in that area. So for kids like JR Inman and Anthony Mason Jr. to score 16 or more is very hard. Ditto Corey Chandler and the big frosh on SJU.