Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Thoughts Today on Hoops

Well I am very excited about watching a few upcoming HS basketball Games, Tournaments, and Showcases. The Hoop Group Event at Seton Hall should be very good but does not excite as much as it did in prior years. Well at least I will have an opportunity to hang with some SHU buddies. By the way I still feel SHU has the most knowledgeable HS basketball fans in the NY tri-state area. But Rutgers still has the most active board taking over for Redmen.com lolol. Speaking of Redmen.com, I really miss reading Mavens stuff. He really knew how to get the scoop!

Looking forward to events in NYC and Trenton as well. And since I am between NY and Philly, I will be at the huge Prime Time event in Pa. Speaking of the Prime Time, they sure have come a long way. I still remember going to the games at Stinnert HS (sp), and Rider University. They sure know how to get the good teams in for games. Must be very difficult wink wink. LOLOL

Speaking of HS players I have a real sleeper for folks to watch. Riley Moye a 6 ft 9 Jr. at Stroudsburg HS who plays AAU with New heights Warriors. Has not put it completely together yet but when he does he will be highly recruited. Has great mentors in Ted Gustus, ex Bishop Loughlin and Nazareth Head Coach, and his dad Riley Moye Sr. who is a Ref and excellent teacher of the game. Watch out for him.

Seton Hall University Basketball

OK gang I am predicting that SHU will win the next 7 games they play. I am also predicting that sooner than later we will see 15,000 at a few of their home games. I know I will be down for a game or two.

I also feel SHU could be post season bound this season. BG has them playing hard. And despite the loss at St. Mary's, they are off to a good start. And if you do not know it by now, its very hard to win in a 3000 seat gym against the home team that's undefeated. TOUGH GAME!!!!

The guards at SHU on any given day can flat out compete with anyone. Heck NU NU plays tougher comp in Brooklyn during the summer than he will ever face during his season. The problem SHU will face is getting the big people ready for the BE!! Remember it takes time and the guards CAN CARRY until others are better prepared to compete.

Dexter Strickland

He just looks like a North Carolina Player. His haircut, demeanor, attitude, and ability. I honestly think he will just get better and better!!

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