Sunday, December 9, 2007

Big Game For Rutgers

Big game today in Lincoln Nebraska for Rutgers University.One thing for certain is they will need to have their A game to escape with a win. Is it possible? Yes! Here's what needs to happen:

- Follow the lead of FHJ and keep with the game plan

- Keep composure even if Nebraska takes an early lead

- Play TEAM basketball.

- Jeron Griffin needs to watch his shot selection. What will happen is teams will give him room
to shoot hoping he will. Take the wide open shot but if you are off, get inside and to the line.

- Team has to play better defense. Especially on the perimeter

- JR needs to play aggressive on Offense and better D with his feet and legs

- Guards need to play under control. Especially Coburn!!! Farmer needs to lead and
Chandler needs to just play his game.

- Rebound, rebound, and rebound.

Side Note

RU does not have one player in the top assist category in BE.
This again is a big test for RU

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