Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good Morning

A bit under the weather and still somewhat snowed in. But I have been reading the usual message boards including Kentucky, SHU, RU, St. Johns, Villanova, Arizona State (Why is Kraidon Woods not getting minutes. Are they that good?), NYCHoops, and more. Great reading!

Interesting how fans can love a coach one day and hate him the next. I eagerly wait for a fan to dislike a coach because he cheated to win, or hurt a kid based on politics. I agree that winning is the name of the game, but it takes time. You know whats on your team. You know whats needed. It takes 2 years to produce a winning team via crooked recruiting, taking players just to get over the hump, etc. IT TAKES at least 5 YEARS TO PRODUCE A WINNING PROGRAM!!!! And the best way to start this is by beating 90-95% of the teams you are supposed to beat, and stealing games against those who are clearly more talented. Just as the mid majors want to steal one from the big boys.

I found an interesting web site on the Seton Hall Board called What a great board. I tested it using my son and sure enough he came up with his 4 year stats from years ago. It is a great resource for everyone. Even though they had my son down as starting 8 games when he started every game for close to 3 seasons . But its a great site and thanks again to the SHU board for posting about it.

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