Monday, December 17, 2007

RU, SJU, and HS,

The more I think about it the more angry I become. How dare the TV folks doing the NC vs RU game Sunday night spend 3 minutes discussing Danny Greens Dad. Was it even necessary? They gave out information that many folks at NC probably did not know. I was shocked and stunned. Am I the only person upset with what happened? maybe they were filling time based on the game. Either way it was in poor taste and Danny and his folks are owed an apology.

I am now a bit more calm after watching the Varsity vs freshmen team scrimmage last night. I looked forward to that game for a whole week. However, I still feel Coburn is a career back-up (10-15 min a game guy), Griffin does not know how to play and teams leave him kind of open hoping he will shoot. A very good bench guy. I am not as impressed with farmer as I was in the past. He is playing OK, but he is just out there. This kid is a 3 year starter in the dog gone Big East!! He should be on draft lists if he developed as he should have.

JR, oh my guy JR!!! He knows I will reach out to him. He and I talk about commitment and what it takes to excel. It starts with effort and heart. JR is so talented it makes me sick when he does not compete better. As I told him in the past, if he wants to play after college he will hate himself while riding the commuter bus from his parents home to work in NYC. If he does not care, like my son who was not as talented as JR, but really just played to play, it will all be ok. By the way my son did play D1 ball but now is a member of the Directors Guild of America and has done more than I have ever don so I am very proud. Plus Logan, my grand son might be 6 ft 11 and love the game. Right now he is singing and dancing at 4 months old lol (sorry). JR this is a great test for you. Will you go into a shell or keep your head up and get better from the experience. You know you have great money making potential but if you do not mentally step it up, you will be a tall guy on the bus until you make partner, etc.

Chandler is very good with NBA potential. One negative that I wish JR had is he is some what selfish but most stars are! But boy does he have the right skills and desire to be GREAT!! I would put him against any frosh guard in the country!!

Harmady (sp) might be an NBA prospect. he is that good. Runs, jumps, and has that "glad to be in America" attitude. I am telling you if he grew up in Queens with his athletic ability, he would be punching guys out for not getting him the ball. But that's why he is special. He just plays!!!

Byron oh Byron!!! He just has never gotten a break based on injuries, I remember watching him in HS, and folks forget how highly recruited he was. Nelson? Nice little guard who could have stolen minutes if he passed more.

Assists? Am I missing something? Who is making plays?

Fred Hill Jr. I like what I see. This guy will get it done and will become a better coach every game. I love the way he encourages the players. I love his patience. I love how he taught the last 10 minutes. And I loved the way he coached. He knows what he has. He will be in the post season next season. Year after that, it could be NCAA's.

St Johns

I cannot believe folks are calling for Norm to go. It takes time! I think he is getting good players he just needs a few more. Plus Calipari is not going to SJU and the Hofstra Coach is right where he belongs. Trust me!!!

HS Games at SHU

I am still snowed in my home. Because I live on a lake, the ice froze solid and caused me to miss some great HS games and schmoozing with a few local fans. I am so pissed off. I can taste the Cluck U wings as I type. I guess I will now have to catch some other games as well as the Prime Time Shootout.

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