Monday, December 3, 2007

College Basketball Sunday

Watched alot of hoops today on TV. Some pretty interesting games to say the least. You folks already know the scores so here are a few of my observations:

Whats happening with college basketball image wise. I cannot believe the amount of male players with long braids and head bands!!! Did anyone see the Nebraska game? They had a few players with longer hair than my niece. I guess its a style thing. But if I was a coach long braids and head bands would not be acceptable. Neither would facial hair especially beards. If there was exceptions it would be based on medical or religious reasons. But even than you would have to play like Michael Jordan or Labron to wear a head band on my team lolol.

Is it me or does it seem the better teams year in and year play with discipline on and off the court? Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, etc. Young coaches should really watch how those programs run and model small u after them. Beards and headbands are a no no at the better programs. And remember a program is a team that is a yearly visitor to the post season. Yes Syracuse has had kids with the headbands but they fell into the Labron category lolol. Carmella Anthony is a good example. And last time I looked he presented them with a multi million dollar donation. And he did it in jeans lol.

St Johns

Watched St. Johns on TV Sunday. Though they lost, they seemed improved and ready to make a run at at least a NIT invitation. The talent is getting much better. But though Eugene Lawrence is doing an ok job, when they find that special playmaker next year watch out!!! Omar Cook not staying 4 years hurt him and the Johnnies more than folks realize. To me the most important player on a college team is the Point Guard!!!


Why do kids find that place so attractive. It must be Luke giving them his special tour. Because playing in front of 2000 in an arena has to be a turn off. What are they doing to get the players they get? I know South beach is nice (just left a month ago), and the weather is great. But I would think a player would want to play in front of fans!!! In a sold out arena!

Hampton University

Anyone watching what Nicklebury is doing at Hampton University? This guy has beat some pretty decent teams recently. I know the President of Hampton, Dr. Harvey, is very pleased because he demands excellence. Still remember him sitting on the bench during a game early in his career at Hampton when he did not know better. But the Pirates are off and running.

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