Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Here is my College and HS basketball list:

  • A better selection of college games on TV
  • A big 5 type set-up for NY and NJ area teams played each season
  • A BE vs ? showcase for charity at the new Pru Center
  • The return of a real Golden Hoops Tournament at Columbia University
  • A national level HS tournament in the NYC area spread over 4 days similar to old Doc Turner tournament in Harlem NY
  • Patience for at least this year by area college fans and Alumni
  • A speedy Recovery for Dick Vitale
  • The fans to return to UConn games
  • More fans to show up at Rutgers games
  • Fans to support SHU better than 6-7000
  • Less cheating in college basketball
  • Fair enforcement of college basketball rules
I am sure there are many more I could ask for but this is a day to keep things positive. Thus the short list. Everyone knows there is much more that could be asked for. But there is also much to be pleased about.

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