Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Todays Early Thoughts

I still feel Seton Hall University will see a big attendance jump as the season goes on

Rutgers University should win tonight. I think Jeron Griffin has a very good game. he is definitely due one. I just hope he shoots a bit less and allows JR Inman and Chandler to be the big shot takers.

JR needs to use this game as a step up game leadership wise. 16 and 11 is a great stat line for a game if you win. But he can do better!!

RI over Providence???? Wow!

Does ND winning over Kansas State really scare anyone?

Is it me or is Kansas State ready to play in the Entertainers League at Rucker Park in Harlem? Talk about talent playing without organization!! I really hope they come together as a team. But from what I saw they were just a bunch of very good players playing without a real purpose or system. Beasly is a great frosh. Billy Walker is a good talent as well. But he is nowhere as good as folks thought he would be at this point.

Any thoughts on Billy Walker as a future NBA players? And if so will it be soon? Funny how if the age rule was not in place he would be a millionaire already!

Any thoughts on Vitales 3 year in school platform? I think it would be great. I agree with him that as it is now, most of these high profile kids are just playing to keep in shape for next season when they will be attempting to make NBA teams. Let the ones who wish to go straight to the NBA do so!!! But others need to play for 3 at least!!

I have been thinking about this NBA Hardship thing that was in place. Hardship should not be because you and your family live in public housing and Dad works at the super market. It should be because you are in the street homeless and/or there is no food in the refrigerator. Glad the NBA changed the name to early entry. But they really need to go back to making early entry based on hardship if a kid does not go straight to the league after HS.

Digger Phelps???? Ummmmmm If only folks ............................!!!!

I hope folks are a bit more patient with Norm Roberts at St. Johns. I think they are turning the corner talent wise and seem more competitive. But its odd looking at the attendance for each game and seeing they are not selling out at Alumni Hall.

Am I missing something from past years or is the attendance at UConn down? I thought UConn fans supported the Huskies all the time. I saw a UConn game on TV and there was so many seats I thought the game was somewhere else.

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