Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Hits

Miami is undefeated and they still are not selling out games. In the win last night they had under 2000 in attendance. All I can say is its a certain type of kid that goes there. Plus the ladies must be spectacular and Luke must be giving weekly parties.

Lots of teams who should win big are getting played tough and close. And even in the big wins score wise, a number of stars are scoring much less despite playing 25 minutes or so.

I am looking forward to attending my first game at the new Prudential Center in Newark.

To 92shugrad, how could I forget the very first recruiting question concerning my grandson Logan. Just think what I will be like. Will I be that crazy guy I was when my son played? I better not!!!! Maybe I will be like Uncle Monte and let the thing go on and on and on and on! In other wards just enjoy the attention. I wonder what he feels when he walks into the gym these days? In all honesty I feel he was really just looking out for his Nephew. Nothing wrong with that.

I will most likely have my Grand sons list cut down to 25 schools by 3rd grade since they now rank 3rd graders. But in the end we most likely will have a reality show on VH1 But the real best thing to do is have a coach like Danny Hurley coach your kid and allow him to handle the recruitment process. But the way my Grandson moves to music, he might be a 6 ft 11 background dancer or singer lol. (I did not say lololololol).

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