Sunday, December 16, 2007

So You Do Not Like My Blog?

I was disappointed that Raritan Mike, one of the true great board posters and a very knowledgeable fan does not like my blog. I do agree with him about things that need to be added. I will have some interviews in time and even some stories about games.

But again what this site will be is a place to get information you might not get other places. Such as why a kid really chose a particular school. Or why certain kids are leaning in a certain direction. I also hope to do stories about college bball celebrities with comments from everyday die hard fans.

But I will continue to do stories about NYC basketball history, Newark NJ High School history, stories on Tom Konchalski (sp), and others. I even will do a story on various AAU squads with history etc.

Please remember I only want folks to read this blog if they like it. It is far from being a real bball publication. Its exactly what it says it is, "LFBall On Hoops." In other words just my opinion! Hopefully Raritan Mike will come around and enjoy what I have written. Check out the short story on Jordan Theodore on the blog.


Brian said...

Keep doing what you are doing. I think the Blog is great!

LFBall said...

Thanks Brian

I just want to make this blog different from whats already being done by some great folks. I really do not want to discuss scores as much as what happens before and after games. I want that inside info that you usually do not get. But I will get some statements from folks off various sites. Steve, Mike, Sal and others from SHU. Maven from SJU. A few RU folks such as RU4life and the RU Alum who is a Professor at Penn State. But I will keep it rea, and it might not always be what folks want to see or read. Thanks so much for reading the blog.