Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Seton Hall Wins and What's coming Wednesday might surprise you.

Seton Hall Wins

SHU won on New Years Eve against Delaware State. Delaware State is better than its record but the game seemed never in doubt. I just wanted to point out something that stood out.

SHU had 17 assists as a team. That's over the 13 or so they average. Harvey had 6 which is very good. Its a nice sign when a team passes the ball in a game such as this. These are usually stat stuffer games and players often tend to play selfish in these games.

For Wednesday

Wednesday's blog entry will be somewhat controversial. I am going to talk a bit about how a few AAU guys and HS coaches get it done and make side money. Just want folks to know the entire picture. Also will talk about what some colleges do to get players. Even some you would least suspect. Hopefully it will be a good read. I was stunned when I learned a few things from a source I had not spoken to in quite some time.

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