Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Todays Tidbits.....More Later

Thanks to HallDan on the SHU board for linking my blog to the SHU Rivals site. I also want to thank the many RU and SHU posters who come and read what I have to say. I even had a few Villanova fans come on to check out the site. Now where is Headsigns????

In the future I want to do much more inside stuff without hurting or being too hard on kids. I might have been a bit too hard on a few of the RU kid, especially JR, but that's because I want them to do well so bad. I also want SHU to do well. I am so psyched about attending a SHU game at the Pru Center!! I really look forward to doing that. Believe it or not it's only 55 minutes from my Pa. residence. I plan on being in the house for the NC State Game. I am even looking forward to the food concessions.

I would love folks to just put which school they cheer for when they visit. Just do it once. Thanks

To the fan who joked that I was pushing Mike Davis to RU and Craig Carter/FHJ. You are so wrong based on one thing. I have not spoken to Mike Davis since he was in 8th grade heading to 9th grade and he came to ABCD Camp with Gary Syms (sp) who was his advisor/counselor at the time. Mike Davis does not even know me! And BC must mean Brent Carter. Well I do talk to him and I think he is OUTSTANDING as is his older brother and my former player Craig Carter. But trust me the next kid I will push in any direction is Logan, my soon to be 6 ft 9-6 ft 11 Grandson lol. Hopefully I will be around for that. I know the college recruiter cannot wait. Especially the bad ones. But again, Logan is dancing so much he could be the worlds tallest background singer and dancer.

I see someone put Rodney Parkers Funeral Arrangements on the blog. Thanks a million because this guy was special in a great way. He was from a time when PSAL basketball in NYC was the best. Its getting close to that again with Lincoln, Cardoza, and others. But years ago it was sell outs at the Garden and NJ kids looked across the river in awe thinking about NYC Hoops.

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