Friday, December 14, 2007

College Message Boards

Just reading some college message boards reminded me how fans go back and fourth about their teams. Saw some interesting stuff concerning how bad a particular Big east Team is. How overrated the juniors on the team are. And much more. Its comical to me because after they play a good game the tone will change to "can we make the NCAA tournament?"

Oddly, some fan boards are different than others. I read most of the Big East Fan Boards. Here is my take on a few:

Rutgers: Passionate and hungry fans, want it now. Very knowledgeable about the college game!! I love the passion and the way they embrace their school. They love RU!!! Its a great selling point for recruits. Often when I attended games there I observed and loved seeing all the red sweaters that they wore. Their board even gets together at halftime of games.

SHU: Greatest HS fans on east coast and very knowledgeable. Not quite as passionate as RU.
A bit more understanding and patient than most. Loyal to team and will even go out in large numbers to watch recruits play. The core board group could win a national contest about college recruiting, college basketball, etc.

SJU : At one time the best board with Maven and others. Now its so so because the limited amount of new posters with fresh new thoughts. It was a must read years ago. Still has some good posters

Villanova : Always in a war with St. Joe's fans. Especially Helmet !!!! I love that Headsigns guy because he keeps stuff going LOLOL. But the VU fans are loyal and come out in large numbers to support the Wildcats

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