Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Morning

Basketball Bits

Received some interesting emails concerning my list of candidates for the FDU job. Some felt I was way off base and I can understand their feelings. Others think I am way too critical about FDU. Here is my response.

FDU needs more than a X and O guy. They need a program builder from the bottom up. Not some great X and O guy with a tweed jacket from Syms who will be a heck of a coach and lead FDU to 12 victories in a HS looking gym with a 300 person fan base. It blows my mind how that school does not understand their potential. It amazes me that the school President does not even attend games. Are the games a secrete? seems like that based on attendance the past few years.

FDU needs changes across the board. Sorry, but I feel this way based on what they should and can be as a university. 11 minutes to NYC, 15 minutes to Newark, and 5 minutes to Paterson NJ. Not to mention being in Teaneck which has had some D1 players and not getting any! The place is just not attractive or exciting. Where is the new campaign? Where is the AD leadership? Does anyone care? Is anyone at home? Should they be D1? Does the President know they have a basketball team? If the President of the United States can attend a Georgetown game, I feel the President of FDU can attend a FDU home game.

Back to the coaching candidates. Maybe I was a bit off with some. But I do feel Darryl Jacobs who has the 20th ranked D2 program in the entire United States of America and is a Paterson NJ native, would be GREAT! I also feel the same way about Steve Masseiello (SP) the Louisville Assistant if they could get him. Even Pat Sullivan who is a TRUE Bergen County LEGEND with coaching experience would be a great coach and attract fans to the games.

Again, the problem with FDU is much deeper than who coaches the team. It also is about the state of FDU athletics.

Rutgers beats DePaul and is 1 game over 500

When Gary Waters was pushed out the door I thought it was so unfair. It was not as much about Gary Waters as it was about being fair in my eyes which made me say what I said and write what I did in defense of his tenure at Rutgers. Waters was not a friend of mine, but I did know him. I felt he had the program going in the right direction and was a good coach. I hated his frowns during the games, but liked how his teams competed and were a family. He was good and that is why it was not hard for him to find employment right after he left Rutgers. He deserved more time and if he received it I think Rutgers would have been further along today.

Fast forward to Fred Hill. Again I can honestly say I have always liked Fred Hill and considered him and I along with Jim Carr to be friendly. This goes way before JR Inman. I was a Fred Hill guy prior to meeting Gary Waters when he was an assistant at Eastern Michigan (or somewhere similar) and he came to NJ to recruit Peter Vignier. I was 100 times more a FHJ guy than Gary Waters guy but felt Gary Waters was being treated unfair. I have always tried to be fair and defend the guy being treated wrongly, thus my comments on the coaching situation at RU during that time. This brings me to right now and my thoughts about Rutgers basketball.

I do not know what will happen to FHJ when the season is over. However I will say there is a special feeling in the air again concerning Rutgers basketball. I think alot has to do with the new AD and the past 7 or so games played. I also have to give it to Fred Hill for staying strong and never giving in to his critics. Guy has a tremendous backside and alot of inner strength. he could have given up, resigned, or not cared. Instead he stayed with his kids and never feeling enough heat to embarrass them during games. he nurtured and taught them each practice and each game.

Now please do not get it twisted. I had issues with how some things went with some players. But as time goes people learn and hopefully Fred Hill and the players I felt were not always treated right or acted correctly have learned from their mistakes. Honestly if they have, it will make all of them better at what they do. I am positive Fred Hill is a better coach now than he was a year ago. He would most likely be even better next season if given the opportunity.

Rutgers won against a bad DePaul team yesterday. Folks are saying they should have won and DePaul is poorly coached. I wonder what they would say if Rutgers lost? Again I say a win is a win. I also would like to point out that as bad a folks feel DePaul is, they still have a number of players who were recruited by alot of Big 10, Big East, and ACC programs. I am also sure they are better than Vermont, a team that Rutgers lost to early in the season.

Seton Hall vs Marquette

Tough game for Seton Hall. If they win everyone will be very happy. If they lose folks will be calling for Gonzos head. Welcome to the world of college basketball and passionate fans! I again say Seton Hall is moving in the right direction. I feel the talent is good but will develop into being even better next season. Trust me no one takes Seton Hall lightly. They know they will have to compete hard to win against The Hall.

Honestly the Marquette game does not excite me as much as the game against Rutgers late next week. I know I am barred from Rutgers most likely (lolol) so I do hope it will be on TV. I think that game will have more meaning than any RU vs SHU game played in the last 5 years. Alot will be on the line for both teams and the atmosphere will be electric. I see the RAC returning to the glory days and a game just as competitive as past year North Carolina vs Duke games. Tickets must be close to sold out and if they are the scalpers will be out because it could be the game of the year for these local teams.

My one request of both Freddy and Gonzo. Fred please wear a Red jacket and Gonzo please wear a royal blue. It would awesome and folks would be really fired up!

My prediction is.....................

St. Patrick's goes to Court

I really hope the Judge rules in St. Patrick's favor. I still feel they did very little to deserve such a harsh outcome. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Northeast Pa, Hoops

Pocono Mountain East beats Freedom

Pocono Mountain East is THE PROGRAM in NE Pa. based on having all the correct ingredients. They have talent in all grades, potential D1 players in all grades, outstanding coaching, outstanding motivation, play team basketball, and seem well prepared. What a difference in the 2 Pocono area programs.

Kaheim Hall, a St. Francis of Pa. recruit, is a patient and outstanding player at Pocono Mountain East. Great player who seems to get better each game and will be a star at St. Francis. But the real good news for Pocono Mountain East is the many younger players with potential in the program. And yes it is a program and a class one at that.

Win or lose Pocono Mountain East is a program to follow in the next few seasons. Would love to see a double header next season over two days alternating between West and east featuring games between them and two opponents from NYC or NJ such as Rice, and Linden. Money could go to a good charity.

Spoke with an Assistant Coach of one of the schools who was extremely impressive. Was very concerned about academic history of HS players and particularly players in Northeast Pa. Assistant I spoke with will be a head coach sooner than later and when he does watch out! As an ex D1 player he understands hard work in the classroom and on the court. After speaking with him I feel much better about the future of many of the kids playing at area high schools.

I can be reached at

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Short Thoughts

Watched the NJ Rivalry on TV during a minor blizzard here in NE Pa. Decent game with two teams attempting to change the course they have been going in the past few seasons. I might be the only person around besides Rurgersal who feels Rutgers could be in a post season tournament this year depending on the next few games and support they get at home games because that's what the NIT will look for as they did a few years ago. I also feel Seton Hall is right on the NCAA bubble and depending on how they close the season out will determine if they will be in the NCAA or a lessor post season event.

Some Other basketball thoughts

I cannot believe the annual games between SHU and RU do not attract at least 15,000 to the Prudential Center and 8500 to the RAC. Unbelievable and a piss poor job by who ever is marketing the games. Maybe they should sell the game in Newark to a outside company who would in return gain from TV revenue, attendance and special sponsorship packages. This should be the one game a year where the curtain comes down.

The excitement level was just not there. Maybe folks were just cooling out but where is that great spirit of college sports?

Game at Rutgers should be a good one with a better student presence. I also expect a sellout for that game and alot of excitement.

A little about other basketball Issues

FDU oh poor FDU. What are they doing? These clowns could hire Bob Knight and get the same results interest wise. What they should be doing is announcing the 4 candidates for the Marketing and PR position. In fact a car from Binghamton should be on its way since those folks have the formula to attract fans even with a bad situation and a team that is decent at best.

FDU names a few potential candidates for the coaching position and not 1 makes me excited. They might as well allow Greg Vetrone 2 years to put a plan in place. What FDU needs is more than a coach, they need a pied piper who will interest kids to play, and local Bergen County fans to attend games. Heck the current associate head coach is as good as those mentioned.

FDU needs to reach out to PAT SULLIVAN and pay him money with attendance and performance clauses attached. He would pack the place and do a great job!

FDU needs to consider Darryl Jacobs from Clark Atlanta. Guy is a great coach and teacher and LOVED by everyone who meets him. he could get it done!

FDU needs to consider Steve Masseillo the Louisville Assistant who has the connections and know how to win and draw fans to FDU.

Lastly they should have been smart enough to go after Derrick Wittenberg the ex Fordham coach who really had a few bad breaks. He would turn FDU around and make them respectable.

What is it with all the guys at HS games and showcase games with credentials around their necks like they are writing stories or evaluating players? 75% of these guys have not submitted anything or truly evaluated players in many years. But there they are gaining free admission and sitting court side. Great way to get into games free!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fans and More

"Fred Hill Must Go" they are saying again after a short love fest in Piscataway NJ, home of the Rutgers University Basketball program. "Norm Must Go" they are saying in Jamaica Estates NY, home of the St. Johns University Basketball program. In Newark NJ there are whispers from many fans that they too want change based on recent efforts and losses.

Down at Monmouth some fans are hoping for a change. Ar FDU in North Jersey a Change will most likely come. Over at Manhattan it is a possibility that change could occur. How about at Marist where they have 1 win ala Siena from years ago when they fired the coach at the time Rob Lanier. Lets hop over to Brooklyn where St. Francis is not really getting it done but you never know what will happen there based on Brooklyn CHSAA politics. although Nash is a Class guy doing the best he can with very limited resources and a real lack of a true campus.

I cannot remember ever seeing NY/NJ area basketball so down and fans so ready for change. The odd thing is I really feel folks might be jumping the gun a bit soon but that is why we are fans and not ADs. Hopefully ADs at these schools do not read message boards although I do know at least 3 from schools mentioned that do. I hope the ADs involved are not listening just to disgruntled fans, but are looking at where each program was last season and the season prior to that and comparing those seasons to where their programs are at the present.

Now before folks start saying I am such a flip flop guy, they should step back and re-read many of my posts. I have always attempted to keep my thoughts positive as possible with the exception when it came to the treatment of kids I felt were being jerked around. And no that never included Keating lol. I just thought he could have gotten 7 minutes a game even as a recruited walk on based on the lack of a true PG at RU. I know I would put him up against a certain RU PG right now! I try to keep it real and positive even though I might not be a fan of the person personality wise. This is the reason I say the following.

I am a Fan! It is addictive and my personality is affected! Yes being a fan of college basketball can make your mood swing in many different directions. Maybe there is a need for a doctors prescription or over the counter medication. Regardless, being a Fan can make you lose your temper, be impatient, unforgiving, opinionated, and even a know it all! If you are wondering, yes I fall into Fan category with some of the symptoms mentioned. So do many others, especially those that cheer for certain teams and live and die with every win and loss.

Certain Fans want all the coaches from the programs I mentioned terminated by any means necessary Forget about budgets, Forget about commitment. Forget about a lack of great available head coaches. That is unless you are ready to pay a guy over a million plus with extra attendance and performance incentives as well as large camp money with area endorsement deals. Of course I am talking the Big East programs. For those not in the BE, the coaches also need better compensation and definitely a commitment to basketball with facility improvement and a marketing plan. Something most do not have. Especially the market plans to attract and develop a true fan base. People who do marketing at Binghamton should definitely be contacted , especially based on turmoil with the program there. And even with the turmoil and missing the entire starting team, they still get close to sell out crowds every home game.

Now where does that leave us as Fans? well this fan has some thoughts on this. I really feel Rutgers has shown alot of improvement. I think Fred Hill has shown patience with players and has really set the team on the right course. They won 5 of 6 Big East games prior to the UConn loss. In a bad year UConn is a top tier program with the support of an ENTIRE STATE, and unlimited resources. YES UNLIMITED! As does West Virginia, Louisville, Syracuse, Villanova, Georgetown, and a few others have. Please do not let those silly reports fool you regarding basketball budgets, That's only the money on paper. Not the money from many other sources. This is not a bad thing for them. It is a bad thing for those who have to compete against them with much less resources. It is the reason you will never see a top 5 type talent at a local school since St. Johns dropped the living stipend.

Local Big East teams face challenges you would not believe when it comes to recruiting. Does anyone really think the Number 1 10th grader in America, who is 6 ft 11 265 will really consider Rutgers? That was Jeri Quinn throwing RU a bone based on what they were going through at the time. This is not a RU knock. It is just me telling it like it is. Rutgers, SHU, and SJU are really using pea shooters to fight recruiting battles with guys using tanks. So to get around this the area teams need to be patient and continue to build solid programs by developing kids like the big fella at Rutgers who is a definite NBA 2nd round selection right now.

St. Johns, SHU and Rutgers needs to be a bit more patient when it comes to coaches. Yes I said it! And it is something I might not have said 2 months ago. Not sure if anyone else can make a difference at either school. And those looking to get rid of Bobby Gonzales remain way off base. If he is let go in the next two years it would be cause for a major investigation and really put the SHU program 10 steps back. I still think he needs to check his personality and management style with his coaches. More on that at another time. But he is the face of SHU basketball and it is more a good thing than bad thing. Rutgers wins 5 of 7 and some fans are back crying. They lost to UConn, not Southern Conn. State University. Not even to Central Conn., or The University of Hartford. Was this a horrible loss? Heck no! especially coming after winning 5 of 6 including Georgetown. St. Johns beats South Florida which is an improved team. St. Johns and Norm will be so much better based on addition and subtraction in the future.

The local teams from smaller conferences are also struggling but competing. Looking at Manhattan is interesting because the guy there is in such demand as an assistant he might have taken a pay cut to become a Head Coach. If he lost his job he would most likely make more money. Alot of people are waiting to go after him if this happens. Even if it does not happen, he must get feelers every week. Marist is interesting as well. My gut is he gets another year. But it has to be a huge improvement. FDU? Please!!!! Waste of energy and space (The Gym.....Not an Arena). Monmouth? Everything going for them except a winning team. This should be Siena South based on program potential. Kind of place where every year should be a very good year. St. Francis? Brian Nash might as well be signed for life. This is the kind of job a person takes as a stepping stone. Ditto FDU, St. Peters, Siena, Manhattan, LIU, etc. They play to get beat within the first two rounds of the NCAA. Monmouth on the other hand could be that perfect job based on location, fans, and new facilities. Same with Delaware where a change could occur as well.But a new day might just be needed. But it seems like the coach at Monmouth has a lifetime contract. Besides he really is a good coach. Just a matter of time..

Hats off to Kevin Willard at Iona. He has brought that program back to life. But I doubt he is ready for a BE Head Coaching job...............yet!

I still feel St. Patrick's has been screwed

Bergen Jamboree? Teaneck are you kidding me. a 26 to 25 loss? I hope the Slick Hair One who is coaching at a new school gets serious consideration for the open position as Boys Basketball Coach. I also hope the 2 D1 Assistants interested get an interview. I also hope a buddy who was a D1 Assistant is considered. GREAT JOB and one they unfortunately cannot fill from inside based on magnitude and potential of the program.

Half Hollow Hills? They are the number 1 HS Program in New York State right now. Just shows what can happen with 3 great HS players and a few guys who accept their roles.

I still feel St. Anthony's could beat Patterson Catholic even though PC has the better players. Than again I might be wrong because the players at PC are tough and accepting of their roles. Especially Kyle Anderson. I still love his game and would love to just play one pick up game with him this summer to relive my park glory because I know I could score 14 in the park playing with him lol. Pass from Anderson to LF for two and I trot back up court with my thumbs up lol. Please do not let this kids lack of super stats fool you. he is just allowing his older teammates to get off! PC vs St. Anthony would be a game I would attend.

Speaking of Paterson Catholic. can someone donate enough money to have that floor done this summer? Wow!!! In past years Nike or Adidas would do this.

Jim Ring of JFK HS in Patterson NJ? say what you want, but he just Wins, Wins, and Wins every year despite not getting all the good players in his district. Love the way his young son has grown up to look just like him on the Kennedy bench.

have a great week and attend a game in your area and cheer and not jeer those involved. I know I will. Yes Curtis march I have learned my lesson lol.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Local Thoughts

I really love the new "Love Festival" taking place at Rutgers University. Everyone is now taking a step back from the Fred Must Go Chants. Fans are writing apologies on message boards and even wondering what it will take to make the NIT. Same fans who after Rutgers beat a lowly Caldwell College team were out for blood and wanted the New AD to make a change right than and there. All of this is really comical but very real and a great introduction to the world of sports as seen through the eyes of average fans.

Fans, including me, often love to celebrate victories and even tend to see great things ahead of them after unexpected performances such as the huge RU win against Georgetown. But anything less than a win in the next game will automatically bring many if not all back to where they were after the Caldwell game. And that is a sad commentary and the basis of my blog today.

I will be the first to say I am most likely not even important to the RU, SHU, or SJU Coaching staffs based on being a "NOBODY" as one poster on the RU board always says. I will also admit I have been very disappointed in some of the things done by Fred Hill and that has nothing to do with his won-loss record. It has more to do with other issues and attitude. But no need to talk about that now.

Though I am a nobody, I still would like to give my take on the Rutgers situation. Let me start by saying regardless of how many wins Rutgers gets the rest of the season, Fred Hill should be evaluated on Team Management, Team performance, and his ability to motivate, etc. It does not matter if he beats the remaining teams on his schedule. What matters is the way his teams compete. Now why do I feel this way? I really feel they have shown IMPROVEMENT! I think they have shown players are developing! I think the Georgetown game shows fans will still come out if the kids play hard and compete! All that is needed now is a few more pieces to the puzzle. Those Pieces include A re-done RAC, Practice facility, marketing campaign, and a few more players.

It will still be very hard for Rutgers to compete against the huge powers in college basketball recruiting wise. It will also be hard for SJU and Seton Hall as well. That's because the money is not there that is needed to get the Big Time Recruits in most cases. I said most not all. It is the Dane Millers, Jeremy Hazel's, Mike Rosario's, Justin Burell's, Anthony Mason Jr's and similar type players that will make local BE teams strong. These guys are top 50-125 type guys. On occasion you might steal a top 15 guy based on them wanting to stay local. But for the most part it takes arriving on private Jets to watch them play 2 hours after being on TV, Helicopters landing on the HS Football field, and alot of other impressive acts..

Fred Hill Jr., along with Bobby Gonzalez, and Norm Roberts will eventually be able to get those top 15-20 guys. But it will take alot of patience and understanding from fans and school administrations to make it happen. We could look back 6 years from now and laugh at what might have happened if FHJ, BG, and NR were let go too soon. I know some smart person will say we will smile because it would be a disaster to keep them and because they were let go, great things have happened. I say to that, it is not so easy at the 3 local BE schools or even at the non BE schools.

Now is this an endorsement of some coaches? NO! It is an endorsement of some programs and what I think needs to happen to make them successful in the long run. I would rather have a coach who loves his job and getting better daily than a coach who is just passing through on his way to bigger and better things.

Back to Rutgers in particular. I was at a game at Kean University a month or so aga. Think it was that special event for inner city scholarships. As Fred Hill walked in I heard folks around me saying "Dead Man Walking." Funny thing he kept his head up high and worked the room despite all the negative electricity coming towards him. Honestly I was extremely impressed with how he carried himself. Who would have known that he would work his self back into the good grace of many area fans and maybe the RU Administration. What a lesson he gave everyone who watched than and is watching now! He never gave up and his team realized this and have responded accordingly.

So call me names, laugh at what I say, hate me, or what ever you choose. But one thing for sure, I know folks thought alot of local coaches were down for the count and are now changing sides. Maybe some of those haters will not hate me as much (they will always hate me lol).

Watched the NBA All star game and could not believe that there were players I did not know. Shows I do not watch the NBA on TV. One thing I do love about the NBA is the team of Ernie, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith. They are outstanding and honest. Charles Barkley is the only guy who has the nerve to disagree with David Stern on national TV.

I agreed that the Dunk Contest was HORRIBLE! As Charles Barkley said, They have to change the way the contest is set up. I would love to see the amateur winner compete in the main event.

These guys are great and very entertaining.

Again I say the big fella on Rutgers is NBA bound. I honestly also feel he would not be the same player if Greg Encinique had not transferred. In fact Rutgers is a better team now than they were.

Seton Hall is jelling at the right time. The guard play is very good. The big guys are doing the best they can and hopefully they will put more points on the board. But they are playing better as a team. Bobby Gonzalez continues to recruit the players he can that can help his program. As I mentioned it sometimes takes big money to get certain type players.

The Seton Hall vs Rutgers game is now a huge game based on r=the coaches, players, and Rutgers playing much better. This game should be a sell out. Anything less should be unacceptable.

St. Johns is up and down. However I still say the talent is there and they do compete every game. It is just a matter of time. My gut is Norm will get another year.

Despite what I feel I have heard from a college coach that a high level AAU guy in the know feels there s=will be changes at a number of schools in Pa. NY, NJ. Guy is very connected and respected.

Teaneck HS

This is a public appeal to the people in Teaneck NJ. I beg the AD, Ron VanSader, a wonderful guy and great AD, to pick the right guy as the new boys basketball coach at Teaneck HS. Please do not let the hard work of yourself, Curtis March and others to go down the drain. There are many great candidates interested including a HS guy who made a technical HS a NJ power (He would be great), a local D1 assistant (he would be great) Another D1 Assistant (He would be great), a former D1 assistant with great AAU and college connections and a master teacher of the game who served as a NY HS assistant to see if he would enjoy (Great candidate).

It is very important to choose a person that will continue to make Teaneck a program as opposed to being just a team.

I hope they put some local folks such as Jon Cano, James Brown CPA, and Dr. Herman Snyder on the committee. This is a great opportunity for Teaneck.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Basketball Thoughts from Thursday

Someone from Pocono Mountain West HS read this blog and was kind enough to send Video highlights of 6 ft 11 Jr. Kevin Anema. watch as he runs the floor and the skill level. The kid has great potential!! Watch him using the link below:


Big wins for some locals Thursday. No matter what day or what year and regardless of the win/loss record, beating Louisville and Notre Dame are huge wins and worthy of celebration. Just as people are down with a loss, why can they not be up and happy with a victory. personally I love seeing players and coaches enjoy the game as they compete. The best players on any level are the ones who enjoy playing!

Seton Hall beating Notre Dame is great because they beat America's team and one that will be in the post season somewhere. The Point Guard play was spectacular from what I saw. 20 assists between 3 guards. Heck I could have scored 8 points if I was on the SHU team with guards passing like that. Me, SPK, Dan, and Double 00 could have combined for at least 30 points lol.

What I am saying really is guard play is so important and when Eugene Harvey comes to play distributor and leader it becomes contagious.

Again despite the score this was a WIN and a huge win at that! Plus it is a win recruiting wise and kids notice when you beat a true national program.

St. Johns win was also huge despite only having 5000 plus in Madison Square garden. Honestly St. Johns players and the university deserve better support. This is really New York Cities Team. 5000 plus? Unacceptable especially for a game against Louisville.

As I have said and will continue to say, St. Johns has good talent and when they all are healthy watch out. People will hate me for saying this again but next season will be a very good one for St. Johns. Now all they need to do is get the marketing and promotions people together. 5000 plus.....unbelievable regardless of the St. Johns record.

Is it me or does Harangody have problems against tough athletic players such as the big fella at Rutgers and the SHU front line guys? I think he is a heck of a college player but could wind up like Brian "Big Country" Reeves who played at Oklahoma State. After all he already has the same haircut.

Hazell was very efficient in his game against Notre Dame. Wow!! Is the best yet to come?

Anyone who thinks Mike Brey, one of the great guys to play for or have your son play for, is going to be out at Notre Dame is dreaming. But if he is there are a number of teams that would swoop him up right away no questions asked. trust me!

Watched Virginia Tech win a game and was amazed at the skill level of the kids on the Virginia Tech team. Seth Greenburg really knows how to get it done. I would not be surprised if the Tech folks are working on a new contract right now in fear of him being wooed by more money, more money, and better facilities. But I am sure he knows the ACC will always belong to the Carolina teams.

Still feel St. Patrick's is being treated unfair. Looking forward to watching their game at Kean University Friday evening against Oak Hill. Might even show up but would need a body god based on the few folks who hate me lol. Just kidding.

Everyone have a great weekend and get out to a game or at the least watch and cheer on TV. Lastly I tried the spell check, hope it worked!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ok I Will Bite lol

Folks were wondering about me so let me provide some information. Doubt if it will be impressive!

OK I will bite

I am a guy who loves HS and College Basketball. Maybe I am really just a wanna be but I try my best not to hurt folks or kick them when they are down. If I did I would say alot more about the vicious emails I get from many folks about stuff going on at various college, AAU and HS programs. Yes I get alot of dirt including everything from what certain players got paid to attend certain colleges, who is getting fired, comments about certain coaches off court exploits, and much much more. But honestly all I want to do is talk basketball my way which is why I do the blog.

Someone said I am a nobody in basketball. Honestly they are very correct and I am not mad at that. Honestly most of us Internet folks as well as most guys writing for recruiting publications and services are really no body. In fact all we really are doing is enjoying a hobby that some folks take much too serious. Maybe guys like Tom Konchalski, Clark Francis, and maybe Jay Gomes make money covering HS kids. But what really makes any of them experts since Jay is the only one who actually played ball and coached in college? Honestly the rest of us really talk on the Internet and even start blogs because we love talking hoops and creating conversation. A blog such as mine is really just an expanded message board post. Anyone can start one and anyone can find fault. It is OK. I have yet ti get an offer from the ledger and doubt If I will lol.

People wonder if I am an expert? I say HELL NO! But I would put my basketball knowledge against anyone writing on a basketball message board or doing a blog on the east coast. Just because a person makes calls or texts kids and reports what they said does not make them an expert. But again neither am I! In fact Freddy Hill and his Staff, Bobby Gonzalez and his Staff, Norm Roberts and his Staff, along with 99 percent of the other college coaches, both men and women, have forgotten more about COACHING than any of us will ever know. However I will say some of us might just have a better understanding of managing people and running organizations than folks coaching. Remember I said us and that means not just me.

It cracks me up how folks can hate someone for saying how he or she feels. The hate emails and hatred I occasionally feel when reading certain message boards is amazing. This is why I started my own BLOG. The names I have been called and the way folks will not say my name but put my past false information out there in code is unbelievable. Honestly the person who did that I would expect better from. But I am not really upset because he like me and most of us are only fans and really mean no harm. At least I hope he means no harm lol.

My background is one that had me very involved with basketball. I did coach and work with college players going all the way back to Rick Smits who was with me at Dyckman for three years along with a host of other D1 players. Still remember our game in the NYC Rucker Tournament where me and my team of 11 High D1 players including two 7 footers lost to the Lenox Avenue Allstars who did not have a player over 6 ft 6 or anyone playing D1 basketball. By the way we lost by 25 points lol. So I knew right than as I watched Buddy Maher, the than Columbia Coach and a friend who came with me laughing on the sidelines, I was not destined to be a D1 college coach. I did however coach Westchester Community College as the Head assistant for many years. I also found time to coach and work out many kids who went on to D1 schools including many who are now D1 assistant and head coaches. I also worked at various basketball camps including ABCD for a few years. But my strong point than and now is working with kids from shoulder up in an effort to get them to compete on the court. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I have failed. But I have always done my best and NEVER made a dime working people out and teaching the game. I did earn $400 a year for coaching at Westchester Community lol. For my over 23 years working with the Dyckman Program in NYC earned me a few pairs of sneakers and a few warm-up suits along with wonderful friendships with Jim Couch, his sons, and many college coaches.

My info often comes from people I know and trust. Unfortunately I will not put some stuff on this blog because unless I see the video tape or know for sure, I will not start a rumor. But there are some real crazy stuff out there RIGHT NOW! And the info I have is from college coaches as well as very powerful AAU guys. Seems like alot of what folks are talking about is really being discussed.

So in conclusion please forgive me if I come off as a know it all. I realize I cannot please everyone. This year Rutgers fans hate me. Two years ago Seton Hall fans hated me. I have hate emails from a few St. Johns folks. I hear the SID and others at FDU hate what I write. The St. Peters Coaches as well as SHU coaches say they read this blog and often disagree. I have heard Norm Roberts has not been pleased with some of the stuff I have written according to Nate Blue. But at the end of the day, I am really only a fan with a hobby with a few connections who provide me some inside info here and there. I am really stunned so many people actually read what I am writing, but I thank them for reading.

Lastly, I am sorry about my spelling. I honestly thought I was doing better. I guess I need to check the spell check feature lolol. I will try to do better and I have no hard feelings towards anyone. We all are just basketball fans who as a hobby talk about games and programs. If they were all undefeated it would not be much to talk about and guys like Rutgersal would be the King. I also like Rutgersal alot.

That's it for now. Be careful in the snow and stay warm.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Total BS!!!!!

What a shame!!! How bogus can one be!!! Are they kidding!!! The NJSIAA should be ashamed of itself!!! They really are going to take away St. Patrick's season and suspend them from the State Tournament?

Yes rules are rules but are they just a bit petty? Did St. Patrick's gain an unfair advantage by having open gym in front of college coaches? I doubt it! Did the open gyms help some kids gain exposure? YES! Was having Kevin Boyle in the gym really something that would lead to more wins this season? I doubt it!

I understand a rule is a rule and something that is not to be broken. But come on with this mess and waste of funding that is not needed. I would understand if the investigator found out kids had bogus addresses. I would understand if the kids were in the gym working on sets and different types of defenses with Boyle using his whistle and in charge.

I again say this type of open gym takes place all over the state. And forgive me if I am wrong but the St. Anthony spring/summer runs in the bingo hall/gym are legendary. Wonder if anyone has gone there with a video camera? And really they should not as they should not do it at St. Patrick's. Maybe the parents of St. Patrick's players need to sue the state for invasion of privacy for filming their kids secretly and without permission.

They really need to stop this right now. Heck I know many schools all over the country that do this. Funny thing is the runs are only to provide college coaches an opportunity to recruit kids. So helping these kids means the State of NJ will now punish the same kids?

Lastly, I feel if anything the State should ONLY suspend Coach Boyle for a game or two. At the most have him sit out the remainder of the season and be eligible to come back the 2nd round of the State tournament.

Again I say total BS!!!

College Basketball

Received a few emails about my Rutgers thoughts. I stand behind how I feel concerning a coaching change. In no way should Fred Hill Jr. be replaced if the replacement is not a home run candidate! Again I say no HS guys, No mid major guys, no high major assistants. If anything make him shake his staff up somewhat. But changing just to change is not a smart move,

I have watched Seton Hall play alot this season believe it or not. I really feel they are playing with a few players who are very rusty. Next season Keon Lawrence, Herb pope, and Jeff Robinson will be different players. I really forgot how hard it is to play in the Big east after sitting out an entire year. I do feel there are certain games SHU never should lose. They should never lose a home game to a NEC, MAC, MAAC, CIAA, MEAC, or A10 team in a typical season. And SHU should also play well at home always even if they lose to a highly ranked team. NJIT should never come to the Pru Center and lose by less than 20!

I again say St. Johns has talent. I also think Norm Roberts will return for another season at the least. And next season might just be that breakout season for them. Sometimes I think St. Johns should never had built those dorms. That stipend deal was great especially considering many of the players also received there regular financial aid to go with the Athletic scholarships. talk about a recruiting tool for inner city kids!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Quick Hits

OK This will be a few short hits with thoughts from me and only me.

It takes more than great coaches to win in the power conferences. Take that however you wish and I would bet most get it right.

Rutgers is playing MUCH better. Will it save FHJ? No need to replace him if it is not a home run! Honestly I think FHJ has learned alot from his experience this season. Might be in position to get it done now. Sometimes you have to hit the bottom to start heading up!

Hamedy is really becoming a real pro prospect! hate him if you wish, but he will be in the NBA and might be there for 12 years, This guy can run, jump, dunk, and block shots. Folks forget he was a top 80 type player in HS.

Seton Hall has not met many fans expectations. Not there fault as much as our fault for not considering how hard it is after sitting out an entire year. Than the new guys had to jell with returning players. Next Year?

Bobby Gonzales should return! No question about it! Seton Hall is better. We just expected too much this season. But they are improved.

Not much to say about St. Johns. That Rutgers loss was very harmful to the program. I think Norm will get another year based on being liked by the folks in charge and Louie. Team has pretty good talent and besides the Rutgers loss, they have won games they were supposed to win.

Patience is growing thin at Manhattan College. But the coach is another connected and well liked guy. But if he is let go, and an opening happens at any of the local Big East Teams, he will be in huge demand and might make even more money than he currently earns. Well that would at least happen at a ACC or Big 10 school.

Monmouth needs to take a good look at the basketball program. No way this should not be a super mid major program. They have everything going for themselves except a winning program.

Marist folks mist be flipping out about the basketball team. Still remember sold out games at Marist and them even playing a few times a year in the Garden. Wow!

Iona might just be back! Great atmosphere in that little 3000 seat gym.

Fordham could be a good job!. This would be a great position for the current Cornel coach. He would make great things happen!

NJIT has won some games this season!

FDU, FDU, FDU...........Sad situation and I am not talking about wins and loses! I am not talking about coaches or coaching! I am talking about university commitment!!!!

I again say no area Big East Team should consider a HS Coach as a potential head coach unless his name is BOB HURLEY SR,. And even he would need some great assistant coaches (Manhattan Head Guy?). All other see FDU, Monmouth, Delaware, etc. Not even Fordham could take any other HS guy!!

HS Stuff

Bogus situation concerning St. Patrick's. Please!!!!! Every good HS in NJ practices year round. I am a Hurley fan but what about those summer games in that bingo hall that were famous years ago? Everyone does this. In many cases it is done through the AAU circuit. But trust me they practice all over the state. And honestly I see nothing wrong with it. Great thing about St. Patrick's is I am not sure they even need to be in a State Federation. I like a league of Blair (Down this year), St. Benedict's, Hun, St. Patrick's, and a few others with select games against St. Anthony's, Patterson catholic, etc.

Teaneck HS opening could be a GREAT JOB. Greatly supported program that would continue in the right direction with the correct coach. Since Curtis march put his papers in I hear no less than 40 applications have come in. The feeder program in Teaneck, TYBP or something similar has a facility with two very nice gyms and that programs has sent kids to Teaneck and other HS programs. And when counting no fewer than 25 kids from they program has gone on to D1 in the past 15 years from various High Schools. Get the right coach and they become a NJ version of Mount Vernon (NY)! I hear some outstanding guys have applied including a certain guy who is known as a great program builder in the state of NJ. This guy made a certain public school program a power and sent many to the D1 ranks. I am hoping he is sincere and I hope they consider him. Do not want to hurt him by saying where he coaches now. Again this is a great job!

Whoever Teaneck does not select needs to drive down the road to Englewood to see if they need assistance. NO WAY THEY SHOULD BE SO BAD with the talent they have.

What is the deal with Hackensack. I have always been a huge fan of Scoter Whitting and when he got that job I was excited for him And Hackensack. The ex coach Darryl Harris always did a GREAT job despite him and I being like oil and water lol. But I have to give him credit. He had it going on a Hackensack. Hopefully Scooter will get it together. I know he is capable!

A guy in NE Pa. tells me the big 6 ft 11 Junior at Pocono Mountain west HS in no better than D2. Why do folks always put big guys down because they are not getting 30 a game? I again say any kid 6 Ft 11 who runs like a speed guard, blocks shots, can make a layup, shoot from 15 ft, and has some toughness, can play D1 basketball. And remember he is only a junior. Right now all he needs is a great summer travel team and exposure.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sad Day and More

Curtis March

Received a call from Jon Cano alerting me that Curtis March, the greatest men's basketball coach in Teaneck NJ High School History, and easily one of the best to ever coach the game in the entire state, is officially retiring after this season. Funny how I did not always realize how great he was.

Back when my son played basketball at Teaneck I was one of the worst parents in the history of HS sports. Though Curtis was a friend, I was often blinded by having a son play on his team. I have apologised no less than 25 times over the years and reflecting back I realize just how much Coach March did for my son and at least 300 other ex players and student managers. I still remember him fighting to encourage colleges to consider players and managers. I remember how upset he was last season when he emailed me concerning Javae Gilchrist and his lack of D1 scholarship offers.

I also remember Teaneck playing in the NYC Rucker League during Coach March's early years, often getting beat badly by all star type teams representing the Gauchos, Riverside Church, Dyckman and others. This made Teaneck better and by the time those kids were Juniors they were in the championship game at the Rucker and state contenders!

It was almost comical talking to fans from other parts of NJ. They thought the Teaneck Kids were products of the inner city based on how they played. They thought the kids were from the hood lol. Little did they know, Teaneck did not have a hood and is the first School district in the entire country to volunteer to intergrate its schools many years ago. The players played tough because that's what Curtis wanted. They were really more middle class than anything else, even though they hated to admit it lol.

Coach March made the kids wear Jackets and ties to games. He took Teaneck from just a team and made them a program! We often talked about the difference between being a team and program and he really wanted Teaneck basketball to be a household name as a way to help his kids as he called them. He also would play anyone, anywhere! Just guessing I would say 90 percent of his players went to college, including many to Division 1. The lessons they learned at Teaneck helped them survive and many now hold great positions in business, industry, education, and even film and TV.

That's what Curtis March cared about. The kids and his Teaneck! He lived there, he ate there, and he hung out there! He kissed up to no one although he did admire Bob Hurley as most other NJ Coaches do.

Curtis March is not only a NJ HS Hall of Fame caliber Coach, he is a true HERO! I have tears in my eyes just remembering what he meant to my son, my family, and to the entire Northern NJ Community. I am not sure he can ever be replaced!

More HS Basketball

What is the deal with Englewood NJ basketball? The people in Englewood are some of the best fans in the entire state and supportive of the HS basketball program. However the program is far from where they need to be, I watched this team play earlier this year and left impressed with the talent and how athletic the players were. But as talented as they are they are a bad team and have been for a while despite being 4 miles from NYC, the next door neighbor of Teaneck, and having tougher and just as talented kids as Teaneck. Not saying they need to change coaches but the coach needs to change his ways and allow his ex players to get involved and be open to his kids playing summers with other people when HS is out. No Excuses for the way this team has performed over the years.

Looking forward to next weeks Prime Time Shootout. Well at least a few of the games interest me. I guess I will be a the game at Keane University for St. Patrick's vs Oak Hill. Might even make the games in Trenton depending on my schedule. I still feel The Prime Time is now The Sometime because they have grown so much it is now watered down. JMHO.


I still feel SHU will be fine as they move forward. I doubt anyone can say they are not somewhat improved as a program. Though I thought they would be better, they have not reached their potential because Keon Lawrence and herb Pope do not seem to be the players they were in the past AT THIS TIME. Eugene Harvey, though he is playing better, needs to be what he was as a freshmen. Jeremy Hazell is just a bit confused and seems to think he needs to force shots, etc. Again they will be a serious threat in the BE Tournament and still a contender for the NCAA's.

Rutgers could win 5 of its remaining games. Check out the schedule and you will realize that if they give the same effort the gave the last two games anything is possible. Here is where folks will be all over me. I think Rutgers has been better without Greg Enchenique. Why? It has allowed the big fella to get playing time and he has made a real difference. In fact I will be stunned if he is not a 2nd rounder and makes the NBA as a back-up. 9 blocked shots? Are you kidding me? Runs and plays hard and a asset to any team that would give him an opportunity.

I want Norm Roberts to succeed! I hope he succeeds! However that Rutgers loss is a huge one and one the SJU fans are very upset over. He needs to really get that team focused for the remainder of the year. But somehow I feel he will be back next season regardless. And if he is I think it would be the year St. Johns really excels.

I think are a number of local low and mid major D1 positions that will be open after the season. Some are great positions and others are positions where the school administration needs to step up the support. But there are Assistant Coaches already getting in position and making calls for support. Hopefully Darryl Jacobs, the Head Coach of Clark Atlanta, a D2 program that he has taken to a new level, will be considered. Darryl is a Patterson NJ native with many area and national connections. Plus he is LOVED by everyone who meets him! If I was a local school this is a guy I would have to bring in. Last time I looked he only had 1 loss the entire season. Remember I am talking low and mid major D1!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts


Great win yesterday against a pretty talented team in my book. Seems to me St. Johns was playing better before Mason Jr. and Burell returned to action. What the heck is happening at SJU?

maybe it is not what is happening with SJU as much as what is happening at Rutgers. First of all the big fella is playing out of his mind!!!!! He is such a defensive force in the paint opposing players are triple pumping or shooting in fear when they go to the hoop. I am telling everyone again as I said 3 years ago, this guy is NBA bound in the near future. Might even turn out to be a better than anyone realizes. Not a bad choice in the 2nd round for a team looking for a back-up center who plays with energy and desire!

hats off to the RU coaching staff, who despite everyone feeling it is only a matter of time, has kept there team playing hard the past few games. Beating Notre dame and St. Johns, two programs with great past basketball history, is a huge step for everyone involved with RU basketball. Will the current play of the team be enough to keep the coaching staff in place for another year? Is it the excuse the AD needs to not pull the plug? Only time will tell but the AD must be impressed after the past two wins and the remainder of the schedule should be about effort, desire, organization as much is it should be about wins. Again great job by Rutgers!

Seton Hall loses to Villanova at Villanova? Wow anyone stunned? I for one am not! Villanova is the 2nd ranked team in America and on its home court very hard to beat. Maybe if Scottie Reynolds and my man Antonia Pena slipped as they came into the arena down those stairs heading to the court as they always do slapping five with fans SHU might have had an better chance. I do not understand why they even come in that way lol. Maybe not this year but one day someone might slip or fall.

In my mind the better team won! I love the way Antonio is playing. Showed he really worked on his game after disappearing the 2nd half of the season a year ago. He was easily best big guy in the game. Again I say Mr. Pope where are you? Mr. Pope can you bring Mr. Mitchell to the game when you come? Has anyone seen the other Seton Hall Players? Last night was more about heart than being in shape. This game was not about eating too much Cluck U Chicken which I always eat when attending an event at SHU.

Hazell is a very good player but I agree with Bobby Gonzalez regarding his shot selection. When will that improve? Mr. Hazell will be back at SHU next season because he is not NBA ready AT THIS TIME. I guess Bobby Gonzalez is sending a message as he continues to build SHU into a better program. But again I still feel SHU has very good talent and the results could have been different. But no shame in losing to the number 2 team in America on their home court.

I remember when the University of Delaware was one of the top mid major programs in America. They had a blue print many used to build programs. They and Siena both enjoyed sell out crowds and great fan support. Siena is still looked at as a top program. Delaware is far from that. I noticed last night they lost at home in front of 2000 plus fans which could mean 1500 if you do not count the season tick folks who did not attend. Many local D1 programs would love to average 2000 fans, But at Delaware under Mike Brey, and for a short time under David Henderson, they averaged close to 5000 fans a game and the arena was electric.

Not only are they losing, but the program has lost alot of the fan base and arena excitement it had. Remember this was one of the most in demand mid major jobs in America. I would imagine the U of D regrets the day they did not hire Seam Kearney when he was Associate HC and Mike Brey left for Notre Dame. Though he is struggling in his first year as a HC at Holy Cross, he was a natural fit at Delaware. Will this be the current Coach's final season? Think I will go to to see what they are saying.

Not too long ago I talked about two 6 ft 11 kids in the Poconos. Well i went to a game to see them go against each other. Was very disappointed on two fronts. One the big 6 ft 10 senior on east Stroudsburg North did not play due to an injury. 2nd the big Guy from Pocono Mountain West never ever demands the ball despite having pretty good skills. he runs like a deer. blocks shots, and more but seems just happy to be in America like alot of international players. However he was born her from what I understand. Lots of decent D2 and D3 guards on his team who rarely look inside despite the fact the kid, who is only a junior, can play. Yet he just continues to run and block shots. Just wish he would go up to those guards and say "Give me the &^%&^%$#$%^% BALL!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Tidbits

Basketball Tidbits

I am stunned many folks are slamming the new Rutgers AD for selling $5 tickets to upcoming basketball games, Do they think he is so penny pinching that he is doing this to earn an additional $10-$15,000 a game? I doubt it.

I honestly feel what he is doing is thinking on his feet and attempting to make things happen. Folks please do not be fooled. What this man is doing is actually marketing the program so that folks remember it exists. If the RAC is only going to have 4000 fans at the game if that, why not attempt to attract an additional 2000 fans. And charging $5 is better than not charging because people are leery of free gifts. If he just gave away the tickets RU would look very desperate. At $5 RU looks generous and caring while keeping the RAC as a home court and ROCKING!

Finally when folks watch on TV they see a full RAC and that will make a difference in the future. In fact on TV the place looks bright and alive every time I see it despite the fact we all know it needs a serious upgrade. So I say GREAT JOB Mr. AD and keep up the good work. And at least he has a plan for a new RAC!

The Hurleys as College Coaches

No one is a bigger fan of the Hurleys than I am. I have often said I would love my Grand Son Logan, who Dr.s say will be 6 Ft 10, to play for Danny Hurley one day. I love the way he coaches and develops kids while not kissing anyones butt to put it Mildly.

But at the same time we must be real here. The Big East is not a training ground for Coaches. Honestly even Assistant Coaching positions require more than a HS coaching resume unless you start as a Sr Manager, Basketball Operations Person, etc. AAU and HS guys often get Assistant jobs based on having players that come with them to a program or serious connections to programs such as DC Assault, DC Blue Devils, Gaucho's, Riverside/Metro Hawks. New Heights, Playaz, Panthers, etc. Very few guys are snatched up by Big East or ACC teams with little college coaching experience. Trust me or track it for yourself! Even Rod Strickland, now a F/T Assistant at Kentucky started at Memphis as a Sr manager or DOB guy despite a long NBA career and alot of money in the bank. Ditto Orlando Antiqua who is also an Assistant.

Danny Hurley and Kevin Boyle would be great MAC or NEC head Coaches and even that would be hard. Danny could be a high level D1 well paid Assistant as well. Maybe Kevin also based on he could bring players with him from St. Patrick's plus great connections. But jumping to a Head Coaching position in the Big East? I would be stunned and doubt it would happen until these guys get HC experience in a lessor conference.

Ready To Move to HC position at Low or Mid Major Programs from Local Schools

Dermon Player SHU
Scott Adabato SHU
Fred Quaterbaum SJU
Danny Hurley
Kevin Boyle
Maurice Hicks

A sleeper for a low D1 Head Coaching Job

Ray Haskins Former LIU Coach

Ready For Prime Time if a Coach wants To Win (Asst. Positions)

John Morton St. Peters (Could be a head Coach as well)
Julius Allen Binghampton
Ron Brown FDU (Wasting Away There)
Darryl Jacobs Head Coach of Clark Atlanta
Bob Holford With right opportunity could really help a team