Sunday, December 16, 2007

RU/NC 2nd Half .........Better but still ugly

OK everyone the 2nd half was better but far from being enough.

Unfortunately this game was like a Varsity against Freshmen team scrimmage. RU will eventually play NC better. I feel this will happen as early as next season with the new freshmen and Griffin and Farmer coming off the bench. Of course Coburn will be with them.

Going into the BE season it will not hurt to get Pettis into the starting line-up. At least he understands his role.

Not upset with JR's newspaper comment. I like the confidence. JUST BACK IT UP EFFORT WISE!!!!!!!! Not scoring, EFFORT!!! How in the hec k do you make such a statement and not even look to score the first half. THEY THUGGED JR and Griffin all game!

Can someone tell me why RU never involves the big fella in the offense? Kid is an athletic stud! Run the ball his way sometime. I am telling you this. If he was Americanized with his athletic ability, there would be fights in the locker room between him and the RU Guards who according to at least 2 NBA guys, have no clue how to play minus Chandler. And even he has not met a shot he does not like.

I wish FHJ would take Griffin and JR into his lab and do a personalty transplant. damn JR is sickening!! We all know he is skilled and talented but still lacks mental toughness and the quest to be a STAR.

I will not even entertain comments about FHJ as a Coach. What more can he do. Farmer, Griff, and even JR, have let him down. FHJ continues to encourage and teach. Often its not the most talented players that win for you. Its the ones with toughness.

FHJ used the last 10 minutes to teach. RU looked much better. But even if John Wooden coached RU, the final score would have been close to the same. Toughness is the difference in some teams. SHU has tough kids which helps them. RU has nice suburban kids it seems. NC has tough middle class kids and some other types thrown in the mix.

Rest of Season. Play to win and develop. It should be about Corey Chandler because JR refuses to be a star. And that's with effort more than scoring. And why is he always taking the ball out? He needs to be up court waiting to be the first option on offense.

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Rich said...

great sum up.. you are spot on everything.. watching game after game, i wish hill played Hamady more (his ability to change the opponents shots are great for the team and like my father screaming every game, "Feed the big guy for ONCE!")