Sunday, December 16, 2007

1st Half RU/NC Game............Ugly

God Bless Corey Chandler. He Knows what it is to be a star!!! This kid will be special because he thinks like a star. He LOOKS to score because that's what is needed. In comparison JR Inman, my guy, plays like a role player. It looks so bad!!! Jeron Griffin continues to act like he is a star by looking to shoot first and pass later.

Whats the deal with the guards especially Farmer and Nelson. I give a pass to Coburn although think he is a career role player based on inexperience,

I also think someone should inform Coburn that its ok to go right back to the wing as opposed to ALWAYS just going reverse or opposite. He will be fine in time but at this time he needs to watch a bit more until he learns he is there to pass and make plays.

Back to JR Inman. I hate to say it again but JR is mentally too SOFT! He might be the most talented player but mentally he does not understand what it takes to be a star unlike Chandler who is, acts, and plays like the star he is. JR is not Even involved ON NATIONAL TV. And its his fault nt FHJ. Scoring 26 against weak comp does not count. But he is a great kid and will get a great job after graduating with a good company. Looking forward to seeing him in business league in NYC one day.

Carolina is good and they play as a team of winners who Understand their roles on the team!!

I still think FHJ is doing fine. He just has his hands tied based on talent and TOUGHNESS. Plus RU has some serious issues surrounding selfish and stupid basketball playing. Based on what I have seen, RU will be better when the have next years freshmen class. The starters should be Chandler, Inman (if he can get tougher) The big guy, Rosario, and a Freshmen or JC to be named later. 1st half so bad that that they are now talking Duke vs NC!!!!

Last comment of the 1st half. I still think playing in that barn summer league hurts the development of RU players. They look in awe of NC and seem to be playing scared minus Chandler.

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