Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Basketball Bites

Has anyone else caught Rhode Island and UMass this season? That match up in the A10 will be a great one. Seems the A10 is catching up with the BE, at least for this season. Gary Forbes from UMass. the transfer from Virginia, is playing like he did at Banneker HS in Brooklyn. Kid is solid and plays hard all the time. He looks special in a good way.

Speaking of special has anyone caught Danny Jannings from Northeastern? Might be one of the top 5 shooters in America. What about the Bitee kid at Rhode Island? How about Jim Barons son? Both are serious ballers and getting it done in Kingston. Heck, I might go to Kingston RI this winter over Kingston Jamaica.

Underrated teams? try Georgia Southern!!! Talk about getting a home job. Did anyone see them against Florida? They outplayed the overrated gators all game long despite being cheated like the Indians were at Plymouth Rock. They scored more field goals but had 1/4 the free throws taken by Florida. Watch that team in the future. A bunch of kids just balling!

All of this proves what many are now saying, rankings are great for a trophy case display, but after the top tier it means nothing. As I have said in the past, Stevie Wonder could see OJ, Beasly, and others were good. Just as he could see Billy walker was more athlete than player if he looked hard. Rankings mean nothing once freshmen year starts.

Spoke with my guy Larry Gilman today. He read this blog and wants to contribute. In fact he gave me alot of what was written in this post. Talk about understanding the game? he should as the ex USF Asst. That recruited their entire team when they were number 1 in the country. He has some great stories I will share with you in the future. The first one will be about he and Denny Crum getting into a fight over a player. And if you think Denny, John Wooden, and others were not tough guys, stay tuned.

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