Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rutgers Loss

Bad loss at Nebraska. Not just the final score, but the way the Scarlet Knights competed.

When will Jeron Griffin stop shooting first and making plays only when he does not have room to get one off from the perimeter?

Corey Chandler is a breath of fresh air and a tremendous talent. Better talent than I imagined!! I know Rutgers fans are going to kill me for this but HE NEEDS TO PASS sometime!! Yes he is a tremendous talent. But basketball is a team game. But in all honesty, I would still want him if he never passes because he is just that good. But if the RU Coaches are charting they will notice something I have seen the two times I watched RU play. I will refrain for now but I hope its corrected!

JR will hopefully one day step it up as a leader. THIS WAS the game he should have stepped it up!! He played ok. But OK is not good enough. He needs to get 9 or more rebounds every game.

Rutgers staff needs to get the team in the gym doing defense drills badly. These guys seem to sometimes play D like they are at a bull fight.

Well things can only get better because they play NJIT next LOLOL. But they need to be nice because NJIT Grads are future leaders in America even though they are having a bad season thus far.

OK Freddie time to re-group!!!! I guess Jeron will shoot great in the next game. Oh yes, they are playing NJIT!!

Time for Farmer to lead!!!!!!!

When will someone realize the potential of the big fella?

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