Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday December 22, 2007

Rutgers loses to Rider!!!!!

Or should I say Rider beats Rutgers? It seems like it is the later! What more can be said? I still would like to see Jeron Griffin have a better defined role. Its not that he cannot play the game. He is playing it wrong in my opinion. He is not a distance shooter at this time. STOP!!!!!

I see a few folks are getting upset with FHJ. Nothing unusual here. Most new Coaches building programs go through this. Look back at careers of Dean Smith, Coach K, and even Lou Carnesecca.

I do wish Jeron Griffin WOULD JUST STOP!!! He is a good ball player who just needs to play his role. He in no way should betaking more shots than JR Inman. But JR is partially to blame here.

JR Inman needs to make himself available for passes and shots. Shots on RU should come in this order: JR, Chandler, Farmer, The Big Fella, Griffin. But until JR gets the &^&^% to step up and demand to let the offense go through him, it will never happen.

Sometimes when a kid does not look to shoot, he HURTS HIS TEAM.

I spoke with JR and mentioned to him it will all come together when he rebounds the basketball. I still question JR taking the ball out on opposing team scores. He than becomes the trailer the guards are not good enough to recognize. Thus, he should be up the court already waiting for first pass and 3rd pass for scoring attempts.

Seton Hall Game

I know it is sexy to play in a large arena but why is SHU playing certain games off campus. Games like today deserve to be at Walsh in front of a full house right on top of the opposing teams bench. Save the Pru dates for Big East and other high D1 teams. This would be great especially if they gut the current stands and put in some nice seating. Make it a hard ticket to get. JMHO.

The game today could be a close one. But the difference between SHU and RU is street toughness and a GREAT POINT GUARD who can lead. If the real Eugene Harvey shows up, SHU is dangerous.

I still feel Gonzo is perfect for SHU. He is North Jersey (Though he is from Binghamton NY) and NY all the way. You could see him in a Midwestern airport and know he is on his way to Newark, Kennedy Airport.

It would be great to see a SHU, RU, SJU triple header at the Pru Center against 3 Conference USA teams next season. At least a double header with SHU and RU participating!! For a NJ Charity. Maybe the Team Walker Foundation, etc.


I heard from a certain person who knows a certain person, related to a certain person that a certain high profile HS senior might not attend college in the Midwest next season. maybe he will attend..........................

I hear Norm is not going anywhere!!! But we all knew that.

I hear certain players are considering transfers back to home area schools. Just a rumor but it has some bite. I am still checking this out.

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oldbigeastfan said...

The Rock is Seton Hall's home court, not St. John's and certainly not RU's. Conference USA? Wow, way to set the bar high there! If you want some sort of "challenge" then set it up with another major conference. (Kinda like that one the Big East has with the SEC...gee there's an idea!) Also, if you insist on three teams then you need to replace RU. Villanova would be a good choice, plus they would win and are a real Big East team.

FYI, Fred Hill is no Dean Smith, Coach K, or Lou Carnesecca. Not even close, never will be either. Fred may be able to recruit but he can't coach and that is woefully obvious. As for recruiting, he is no longer selling a program like Seton Hall or Villanova. He is trying to make chicken shyte look like chicken salad and it isn't working. His coaching isn't helping the matter any either.

Seton Hall plays at the Rock because Walsh is way too small. You must be attending too many RU games where 300 in attendance is something to get excited about and considered a packed house. RU draws flies, Seton Hall is a real program and the only high major program in the state. We need to play in a place much bigger than Walsh. Using your plan, season tickets holders would be assigned four to a seat and there would be absolutely no tickets for visiting teams or walk-ups.

I've read you stuff other places and when you don't have a hard on for RU your stuff can be quite good. However, please realize that no team, certainly not any Big East team, aspires to be RU or wants to be compared to them. It's insulting.