Thursday, December 27, 2007

North Carolina State vs Seton Hall

Great game on tap for tonight in Newark. SHU against NC State. Great match-ups and some interesting side bars.

Gavin Grant against HS buddy Lang who plays for SHU. How about RU folks upset with the time FHJ spent on Lance Thomas and not get him. Well Louis Orr did the same thing with Brandon Costner. Anyone remember? He was the missing piece according to Orr.

This game is a huge one recruiting wise because its the only game of interest to many in the tri-state area tonight. I am sure the recruits will be out in force. Its a chance to sell recruits based on performance and outcome.

Who wins the game? I honestly feel Seton hall will win based on Guard play and an above average effort from the big folks. I hope to be in the building and watching will allow me to better compare SHU to RU for that future game.

But this is a huge PR game to many!!!

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