Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tyreke Evans

Lots of stuff being discussed about Tyreke Evens based on him being present and driving a car transporting a cousin who shot a person. Bad, bad, bad, news. But does this make him guilty?

Lets take a look at this situation before we all start playing God and Jury!!!

In our country, which is still the best in the world, we have a saying that a person is innocent until proven guilty. I did not know that we had changed it to guilty until proven innocent! Well that's exactly what alot of folks are doing and continue to do all the time. This is not just about Evans, it's about the way many of us tend to be so high and mighty despite checkered pasts in our own circle of friends and family. How dare fans from a few of the schools recruiting Tyreke Evans to say they do not want him! How does a Catholic University not find compassion for people, especially those not charged or convicted. Even if he becomes accused he is still innocent until found guilty

I guess its about how people/others will view you for taking a kid who was driving his cousin, not his friend, his cousin, and the cousin decided to shoot someone. I am always reminded by many that we have no say who we have in our family. We choose our friends and accept our family. Again we have no say in who we have in our family.

Lets look at this situation a bit closer. A cousin, not a friend, could have requested a ride from Tyreke to the store, a mall, movie, etc. It's his family after all and not just a guy from the hood with a violent rep. So he gives the guy a ride and all hell breaks lose. The question is did he know what was going to happen? Did he know his cousin had a gun on him? I would bet he did not even know!!! So Tyreke innocently gives the cousin a ride without expecting anything to happen. But something does happen and now folks are judging this KID who was only giving his cousin a ride!

I really find it hard to believe that this kid with a great future would intentionally allow anyone in his car with a gun, never mind a person looking for someone to shoot. But again, folks are always looking to exclude based on hearsay and rumors. Funny thing is the school he might have as his first choice will still take him because they would understand that this could be a good kid in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I hope Tyreke looks at all of this as a learning lesson and realizes how shallow many people are. Who are any of us to say we do not want someone based on what a family member does. This would be like folks at North Carolina not wanting Danny Green based on what could be phony charges against his dad. Hell there are a few kids I know of in the BE right now who have a reputation as scramblers. And if you do not know what that is check out the new season of The Wire on HBO. Heck, there were even folks thought to be Kingpins who played in the New jersey Athletic Conference.

If Tyreke had a gun, shot someone, or was CONVICTED of being an accomplice, I would understand the various colleges who are saying they do not want him. But until than it is so short sided and short minded to even make statements such as those without any evidence he was part of the actual act.

It's almost like you and your wife having dinner with your cousin and his wife. Just a casual dinner date. All of a sudden an argument breaks out and your cousin takes out a gun you knew nothing about and shoots the person he was arguing with. Should you pay a price for your cousin?

This is a great way to help Tyreke choose where he will attend and get a better feeling of who his true friends and supporters are. And trust me when I tell you, alot of schools not on his list are calling now to show support while sneaking back into his recruiting picture.

Now on another note, what's the deal with the fancy SUV? Chester Pa.? UMMMMMMMM. That sounds interesting to say the least!!


phillylamont said...

great blog except for a couple key points. you forgot to mention that the deceased started the incident by shooting at tyreke's SUV, tyreke fled upon being shot at, tyreke was a witness to this tragic incident and has cooperated fully with the chester police dept and even gave the cpd a statement.the cpd has stated that tyreke is only a witness and is not involved in the incident.as a result tyreke is not being charged.i find your last paragraph offensive and racist. the shiny SUV that you refer to is in fact a used 10 year old (1998) ford expedition that his brothers bought for him as a birthday gift. also chester, pa. residents work and are gainfully employed contrary to your popular beliefs.

LFBall said...

Thanks for the great comments and points.

I am far from being racist despite what it seemed. In fact I have been a victim more than most folks.

I am on Tyrek Evans side!!! I feel he has been treated very unfair.

As far as Chester. You are right, there are hard working folks in Chester including some of my family. To bring it closer to home, I had an opportunity to spend some time in my pre teen years at Showalter (sp) JHS. So yes there are some great folks in Chester.

As far as the truck is concerned. I would say the same thing if someone is said to be driving a luxuary truck as a ball player living in many areas. I thought they had said it was an Escalade! My bad.

I really try to take the side of folks I feel are treated wrongly, especially by those in the press. I do this because I was a victim 5 years ago when I was falsely accused. despite the athorities apologising and never even taking the accusation to court, my career was ruined. Thus I get pissed when folks on internet boards and in the media start acting like judge and jury.

Tyreke will go where he wishes I am sure. I just think folks have alot of nerve saying they do not want a person at their school because he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with a cousin, who though he should not be carrying a gun at 16, was according to you shooting in self defense