Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Hoop Tidbits and coaching observations

Great day of basketball on Saturday with the numerous upsets and great games. It was great watching all the games replayed on my tivo system. It allowed me to watch very closely.

I like the suggestion about changing the name of this blog to what was suggested on the SHU board. Great idea. Just cannot handle the large amount I would have to pay HallDan for the suggestion lol.

One thing that was so clear after watching the games yesterday. THE ATLANTIC 10 IS GOOD!! Did folks watch Dayton and Brian Roberts? Are you kidding me? How was this kid not recruited higher? Well, I guess he went where he was supposed to go. He has really developed into a solid player with NBA possibilities. Heck, I will say he will play in the NBA!!

The Brian Roberts situation shows how you have to recruit kids who can play regardless of rankings. This kid was a 3 star rivals player. Not bad, but not high major either. Attending Dayton has allowed him to develop because he HAS PLAYED.

Speaking of development. I honestly feel Terril Biggs would have been 80% better at a school where he would have played. If he attended Rutgers and played the 4 he would have been very good. Ditto if he attended SHU. Too often kids forget that basketball is a sport they loved because they played. Nothing great and sexy about playing 7 minutes a game. Biggs is the poster boy for what happens when you do not get major minutes. Ditto Lance Thomas. The opposite is JR Inman, and Eugen Harvey. Both have started every game when healthy despite not getting into the NCAA tournament.

What is more important playing the sport you love and being part of a buiding process that might lead to an NCAA birth or sitting the bench on a NCAA team? If you put Biggs and Thomas on RU or SHU both would be significantly better. And I would bet they would be happier.

More on The A10

People need to purchase tickets for the A10 tournament. The semi's should be great with Rhode Island, UMass, Dayton, and Xavier being part of the mix. I mean, the A10 could be tougher on top than the Big east at this point.

Dayton continues to have some of the greatest fans this side of Kentucky. I always heard that Dayton Tickets were often included in divorce settlements. They support the Flyers despite wins and loses.

Is the A10 a mid major conference or a high major conference?


OK gang here is some more controversial material. Coaching Staffs at the 3 local BE teams are significantly different from the programs winning and doing well. Now i do not wish to see anyone lose a job, but staffs locally are not on the same level as others. For example:

West Virginia is surprisng alot of people. But when I saw the West Virginia bench I could not believe what I saw. Huggins has Larry Harris back with him. Larry was a head coach (Hartford), and an Assistant at DePaul, and Cincinnati. Also on the staff is Billy Hahn, ex LaSalle Head Coach and a longtime Assistant to Gary Williams at Maryland. If you think West Virginia is good now, wait until those two guys hit the recruiting trail with Huggins. They will be better than ever before.

Looked at Dayton's bench. Had Anthony Solmon, ex St. Bonnies Head Coach and longtime assistant at various schools including Virginia, and ND.

How about Pitt who added Tommy Harrion to the staff. Jamie Dixon realized he needed a very experienced guy. Tom was head coach at The University of Charleston, and was an assistant at Virginia.

Looked at Arizona and Kevin O'Neal is now part of the staff. Lots of experience and he now is the interim HC.

I can go on and on but I will not do that. But even UNC has the ex HC from Florida State. Mid Majors can have decent staffs, but the larger programs will always need experienced guys to assist the Head Coach.

Watched Rosario who will attend RU next season. HE IS GOOD! This kid will have the same impact as Coutney Chandler. One of the things FHJ is doing besides recruiting Good players is getting tougher kids. I still think a few kids on RU are way to mentally soft for the Big East. They need to think tougher!

Coburn of Rutgers will be a solid BE player in time. But despite what he has done, he looks like a career back-up point based on him not wanting to make plays because he wants to shoot. I really cannot believe he does not realize he needs to be a passing PG and not a shooter. Even if he makes 2 3s in a row.

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