Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday December 23, 2007

I have received quite a few emails from people with various thoughts about both Seton Hall and Rutgers of the Big East. Though I never really intended this blog to be a Rutgers and Seton Hall board, it seems that's where the majority of the interest is. But in the next few days I will cover some ther areas that I hope will be of great interest to college basketball fans who enjoy the game as I do. Remember I think the NBA is BORING!!! I do not even know who is playing for the Knicks, Nets, or 76ers. And I really do not care. I am just into College and HS basketball strictly.

Seton Hall Wins!

A win is a win is a win is a win as my old playground coach Leroy Otis use to say when we won games in the Harlem NY Basketball League. Same thing my HS coach Abe Heyman said believe it or not. Of course you want to win in convincing fashion but sometimes it does not happen that way. So you take the W and start to prepare for the next game.

SHU won on Saturday in overtime because they are working hard and play tough when they have to. Please see the picture of Mr., yes MR., Gause on the dictionary next to the word tough! This is why some teams win the close games. Think Harvey and Lang are not tough? They are very tough as are many other SHU kids. I still say it's important to have a good amount of tough kids on your team to supplement finesse kids if you know what I mean.

I think everyone has games against comp they should run over but the game is closer than imagined. The trick is to take the game by any means possible. SHU could have easily lost Saturdays game but the team toughness got them the win.

Still looking at that attendance and shaking my head. 6000? What are they doing to attract fans. They should be giving away 6000 to local youth and Sr. adult programs. Where are the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc. They should never have under 10,000. The product is too good for that! This is not a Bobby G thing. It's a SHU marketing and Adm. issue.

I have said it many times. Teams have to create and grow fan bases. get them young and make them look look forward to games.


Folks still upset over the Rider Win. Yes Rider Win, because everyone I spoke to said Rider did not play over their head. They said Rider played so so and won. Not a case of a team coming in and just playing a great game.

Lots of people questioning The RU Coaching staff. Some say FHJ needs an experienced HC to sit next to him. I remember writing on the RU board when he was hired, that I hoped he would bring Tom Green from FDU with him as a coach. Tom has great coaching know how and would be a true asset to FHJ. But I am sure FHJ has his reasons for the staff he has. Hopefully it will work out.

I get on JR Inman as much as anyone. But for a few posters on the RU board to push players as being more important than him is insane. And I could care less that they are doing this in frustration after a few poor performances. JR is still the leading scorer, leading rebounder, plays big minutes. plays out of position, takes the ball out on opposing made shots which takes him out as a first pass option, and never complains. Now all of a sudden if a kid scores some points he is the most improved on the team. Go figure! Fans need to really watch the season as opposed to a few games.

I am still disappointed in JR's lack of leadership verbally and playing/shooting wise. How does Griffin take more shots than your leading scorer? Again when JR gets some ..... this will not happen.

RU guys can applaud all they wish but Coburn is a career back-up. He would have to make a serious turn around to be anything else. Nice little player who plays at one speed and seems to be trying to compete with Chandler for making things happen. ALL HE HAS TO DO IS BE A PASSING PG!! He makes Farmer look special and needed.

Again I say the big fella can be very good. I would bet there are a few NBA teams watching his development closely. He plays with a fire, and competes hard as he runs the floor well. This kid could be an NBA Player one day.

Everyone agrees Chandler has talent. I truly believe in him despite not being blown away when I saw him in HS. But he has made me a believer. My only problem with him, and maybe it's not really a problem, is he seems a bit out to get his and does not have a complete game yet. But again he is a Freshmen. I would love to see him make some great plays and develop into a scoring PG. Just my Opinion.

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