Monday, December 3, 2007

Rutgers Basketball

I have not commented on Rutgers basketball in a while. But I honestly feel it is headed in the correct direction. Seems Fred Hill Junior is building a program that will last as opposed to just fielding a team.

Most folks might not understand this so allow me to explain. Programs last for years while a team might have a winning record once every 10 seasons. On the HS level in NJ St. Antony's is a program. Ditto St. Benedict's and St. Patricks. Elizabeth and Teaneck were programs years ago but are now just teams. same as Linden might be if they do not keep it going. Patterson Catholic is also at the crossroads of program building. Shawnee is in the Teaneck category with Atlantic City.

Fred Hill Jr. is taking his first few years ti get the type of players he wants to build with. I would imagine he wants his first run at serious post season to take place NEXT SEASON, but of course he would love it to happen right now!

My personal opinion on RU and the players?

JR Inman has stepped it up it seems. From what I hear he still needs to be more verbal and a bit more assertive and selfish offensively

Anthony Farmer is the same player which is not bad because he must be more healthy than he was last season. He will get better

Jeron Griffin shoots way too much and need to have a smaller role in the offense. I wish JR had his mentality though. It seems like someone is telling him he is the man lolol.

Chandler is a freshmen and folks are expecting too much from hiom at this point defensively. Defense is the hardest thing to do as a true freshmen. It takes time. But he seems to be a star in the making

Coborn (sp) is a LEADER!!!!!!!! He pays big dividends down the line.

Big Soph is better!!!! He will have a chance to play in the NBA one day

Byron is Byron

Nelson will be a huge asset when he understanmds his role better. He has to be a point guard!! Not a shooting point guiard. A true Point guard. Until he does Couborn steals his minutes.

My prediction for RU this season? They will steal some wins but not make the post season. But FHJ will continue transforming this team into a solid BE Program similar to what Al Skinner did at Boston College.

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