Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Basketball

Weekend Basketball


Great win and a true indicator of where this team should be. Those young men played so hard I was tired just watching. They came up with lose balls, big rebounds and crucial possessions. All I can say is JOB WELL DONE across the board.

Everyone is asking if this win helps Fred Hill? I say every win helps any coach but even if this was a loss, the effort was worth mentioning and applauding FHJ and the team as a whole. But we all know the remaining games are critical and the same effort needs to come from both players and coaches.

The Big Fella at Rutgers

As I have been saying for 3 years. Even if he does not score consistently, this kid will play in the NBA! They must be drooling over him being in camp as a late 2nd rounder, or free agent getting the minimum to start. It is very hard to find a player 6 ft 11 who can run, dunk, and block shots with no fear! One day he will earn a ton of money. Maybe he will fund the new Rutgers Basketball Dorm similar to what Kentucky and others have.

College Basketball This Past Weekend

I love looking at box scores not just to see game stats, but also attendance figures from games. From looking at some games from the weekend, it seems some teams have really got it
together marketing and promotion wise while others have no clue.

Here are some attendance thoughts.

Missouri Valley Conference has to be a much better league than folks realize. Schools such as Creighton continue to be very impressive attendance wise. Those schools are also much better than people give them credit for. great talent, large arenas filled, and loyal fans at very good academic schools.

Looked at Binghamton winning again despite missing the top 5 players and two main coaches. They had close to a sell out AGAIN this weekend in an overtime win. It is no secrete why other schools are so jealous. The marketing and promotion people at Binghamton need to be recruited by a few Big East Teams I can think of. Those guys are great!

Than there is Stony Brook and that nice arena on Long Island. They had 1000 plus fans at a weekend game. I guess they have the same Promotional team that FDU uses. 1000 people? Why stay as a D1 school?

Than there is good ole FDU. No one ever attends even when they were winning. And the funny thing is no one cares. Again why D1 with no support?

How about NJIT? had 200 fans at a weekend WIN! 200 fans? I guess the away games where they are playing against they are like gladiators against the lions are paying the bills because it just does not make sense.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Short Blog with Hints

The is a short one I did not want to wait to post.

Lets start with area teams. Will any team in the local areas with the exception of UConn and Villanova ever have a chance for a national championship? I will again say, and people can read between the lines if they wish, the majority of the top basketball universities get there based on more than coaching, and facilities. Players help them but in many cases, especially when a team goes from bad to contender status, it is more than facilities and coaching that attract and keep players at good ole university. Trust me, with business as usual at local schools, even a staff of Bobby Knight assisted by Coach K, Rick P, and John C, with Jim B as head of basketball operations would not win.

If you change the culture, in more ways that I want to describe, top 10 type players will attend. The huge question is would you as a fan want that type of program? I would not! So what do you do? Do you play for just a winning record knowing a final 4 will be few and far between for your team if ever? Do you just enjoy the games?

I ask this based on knowing what some teams have done to attract players and stay competitive. I wonder if others know? You bring legit Micky D All Americans and a few other 5 star type recruits to a campus and even SPK, Rutgersal, LFBall, Nate Blue, and any of you could coach the team to a winning record with the right support..............

Folks it really is much more than you can imagine when it comes to winning college basketball programs. It is a reason Penn and Princeton no longer lead the Ivy League each year!

News Flash

Heard from some coaching friends that certain high level D 1 head coaches are following NYC area basketball closely thinking a job or two might just open. Yes a few of the people mentioned as being interested in area head coaching jobs has indicated to others that they would strongly consider coaching in the NY area. Stay tuned. Those mentioned are serious home runs for any university they coach at.


I hear a number of coaches have been spotted around FDU in recent weeks. Were they just visiting? Were they there finding out if there would be an opening? Interesting!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recruiting Lead!!!!

First thing I need to do is let any D1 college interested in big kids with potential and way under the radar to attend a game Tuesday at East Stroudsburg North HS which us located off Route 80 at exit 309. The school is about 30 minutes from the exit. Both East Stroudsburg North and the visiting Pocono Mountain West teams have a player over 6 ft 10. I have seen the 6 ft 10 player at Pocono Mountain West who happens to be a junior. This kid is raw but has decent skills and runs the floor like a guard and rebounds and blocks shots as well. The big kid on ESN is also around 6 Ft 10 or 11 and from what I have heard is pretty good. However I have never seen him play although I have seen him in the mall and he is big lol. So at the least CAA, MAC, NEC, and others should be in touch concerning these two kids. But if I was a A10 or higher coach I would also take time to check out these two kids who very few know about.

Seton Hall

Ok Ok SHU looked much better against Louisville in a much needed win. Some guys really stepped up. Maybe Hazel does not need to look to shoot as much? But for what ever the reason the Pirates looked good in the win. I also like the way SHU came to play against Pitt. Huge win and the type many expected this season. But only 8000 plus people? Wow! But Mr. Pope, this is the type of stats I expected from you.

A great thing about beating teams such as Louisville who have super star coaches and huge budgets in more ways than we can imagine, is the impact the win has on recruiting. Louisville is one of those glamour programs that attracts kids based on name and rep as well as the coaching staff. Thus is the case of Mr. Samuel's who left Newark where he attended HS and went off to the basketball promised land of Kentucky. Now other area kids being recruited by local teams, especially SHU in this case, can see that they can stay close to home and win games in a magnificent building before sold out crowds (even though they have a curtain). This win was a huge recruiting tool for the SHU coaches to use in the battles for players in the upcoming months.

So SHU will be seeking a new AD? What a great time to get a person who will take the SHU athletic program to new heights. I LOVE THE THOUGHT of Reggie Garrett!!!!! He must bleed blue blood and was a great student rep for SHU. He finished SHU, went to Law School and graduated, and has gained valuable experience at the expense of others. Why not bring him back home now? I still remember him as a 14-15 year old AAU player competing for a south Jersey team called Kids Plus. If I remember correctly his Dad played in the NFL. He was a very good competitor but far from a star. But those are the type of guys who make great coaches and even better Athletic Directors. Wow how time flies. But what a wonderful thing this would be to have a former SHU player return as AD and raise the curtain attracting an additional 5000 fans to the larger games.

SPK from SHU will laugh at this one and he knows what I am about to suggest even before he reads it lol. If Reggie Garrett is not the person at this time it would be a great thing to look at Gene Marshall from the United States Military Academy for this position. Jersey guy with great connections and the ability to do this job the way it is supposed to be done. There Steve I said it!


Loses again! But we knew they would lose to Georgetown so why are folks so bent out of shape. Honestly this is no knock on the RU kids or even the coaches, but if Caldwell College comes in fired up and shooting well, anything can happen. But in no way should that game even be close.

I thing Rutgers needs to beat South Florida, split with Seton Hall if they play them 2 times, beat Providence, and beat St. Johns. If all these games result in loses or at the least non competitive games, things might really get ugly and not even a BE Tournament crown might help them.

St. Johns

Still feel St. Johns is playing much better and on the verge of turning it around in the near future. However if they lose to Rutgers that SJU board will be lit up with folks calling for the coaches head. The Rutgers game will be a huge one for many people who live and die with SJU.

Basketball Bits

Is it me or has the Rutgers Athletic Center become the worst BE basketball facility? I am really trying to think of one that is worst. Even SJU Re did Alumni Hall. Come on Rutgers you went from the best in the area years ago to to worst in the BE! I am sure they will get it together very soon.

Folks are still throwing around names for potential coaches for jobs that might open. Happened to be watching Houston play on TV and saw Tom Penders. Now that's a guy that knows how to get it done as well. Not sure he is doing well at Houston, but his record speaks for itself and he gets it done however he has to. That does not sound right but you know what I mean lol.

St. Benedicts beat St. Patrick's. I again see that Mike Gilchrist was out of action with an injury.
OK.....I understand. I again am waiting to see what makes him the top 11th grader in America. Big time recruit? HECK YES! Top in America? Still waiting! Wonder who made Hoop Scoops top 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade lists this year lol. These ranking are very funny as well as political. I have to ask my guy Ed Butler his thoughts on Mike Gilchrist and others.

So Myck Kabonga thinks he is the best in New Jersey after scoring alot of 4th quarter points in the win against St.Patrick's? Not sure if he is but I will say he might be the cockiest player in New Jersey for making such a statement. And for the record, as good as he is, and he is very good, he is not the player that Kyrie Irving is on the court, and from statements such as that not the person Kyrie is off the court. When I look at Kyrie Irving I see a player who will star from day 1 in college basketball as well as a person who will star in the real world when he puts his sneakers up for good. I hope Mr. Kabongo develops in the same way.

I say the same thing about Tobias Harris who is class on and off the court, So what someone outscores him in 1 game in a losing cause. Shows alot of character to brag about how you played and your team lost the game. Come on Coaches teach these kids on and off the court. At least Kabongo's team won!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weds Thoughts

Another day in Basketball.

I had an opportunity to watch a great HS game on Tuesday night between Pocono Mountain West High School and Pocono Mountain East High School. Let me start by saying the atmosphere was spectacular with alot of positive noise in a great facility. At least 2500 people were in the gym for this rivalry game that has been great for many years. The atmosphere alone was Worth paying admission. But on this day the game was even better with a few very talented players stepping up.

The game was won by Pocono Mountain West at the very end end though they slightly led the entire game. Adults and kids were really into the game from the beginning to the end. I felt as if I was watching St. Patricks vs Finley Prep all over. What a game.

A few players caught my eye during the game. Kaheim Hall, a 6 ft 3 guard who signed with St. Francis of Pa. was outstanding!!! What a player. With more energy he might have been recruited even higher. But to get a scholarship from a NE Pa. HS is a special feat. I honestly think this kid could have played in the CAA or even lower A10 with better exposure and a stronger personality on his part. Trust me the skills and know how is already there.

The one player who really impressed me the first half was 6 ft 11 Kevin Anema from Pocono Mountain West HS. He is only a junior but with super POTENTIAL! Runs like a deer, can score, and sort of tough. Still learning but every college team in 4 states need to send someone to see him. And The Playaz, Gauchos, Metro Hawks, and New Heights need to hook him up as well. Still somewhat raw but at the least on the same level as Grant Belliemer (sp) when he was at St. Patricks. Anytime you can find a 6 ft 11 junior who sprints the floor, blocks shots, can make a layup, make 1 handed free throws, plays very hard , hits the jump hook, and seems very coachable, it is reason to predict future D1 success if he has good grades. heck even if grades are bad some western school would find a way lol. I look forward to seeing him play against the 7 Ft Jr. at East Stroudsburg North i heard about during the game. He too is supposed to have great potential. These are the types of kids Penn State should be all over. Ditto the teams in Philly, NY, and NJ.

My only negative from this game was the young kids behavior outside at the completion of the game, especially the young ladies. They were actually getting into fights over the dumbest things believe it or not! That school district, and the parents in the district need to really step up. It was almost dangerous!

Watched all the games from Springfield Mass. on Monday. Some were good and some were not so good. I will just say Kabonga and the Kid who signed with Rutgers looked good for St. Benedict's. Why is it every time I see St. Anthony's the wide body kid who signed with Richmond looks better. I honestly thing he will be outstanding in the A10 and maybe all league as a Jr. or Sr. if not sooner.

I again was super impressed with Kyree Irving who looks ready to be all ACC as a freshmen at Duke. He does it all and makes those around him better. Also great to see such a talented player able to communicate so well. Now my take on the top 11th grader in the country is not as good. Mr. Gilchrist looked like a fine player. Works hard at both ends of the court, very good athlete, tough player, etc. But to me nothing else special the way other kids who get the respect he gets display. I think he is super high D1 good. But 1 and done I do not see. He looks similar to the Morris Twins who play at Kansas. Very good player? YES! Great? NO! And before folks come on here attacking me let me say I know I can be wrong. But I honestly now see why he does not play in many showcase type games. But he will get better and when he attends college he could excel and be a stud at the highest level. Maybe I was expecting a Tim Thomas, Vince Taylor, Koby type player and saw a young version of Al Harrington which is not a bad thing since he went straight to9 the NBA and is now a millionaire.

Big game for Rutgers against Villanova. I hope I can get MSG where I am. If not I will try to find a local tavern with special wing deals lol. This game is an expected loss for RU so if they win or play VU tough, maybe it could springboard them to better things in the near future.

Lots being said about Seton Hall Conditioning. One person emailed me to say the Seton Hall S and C guy is now at Rutgers. I would be stunned if SHU does not have a S&C Staff. One question I do have is if there is a dedicated weight room for the basketball teams? Lastly, I again say Pope, Lawrence, and Mitchell must be better than they have shown. Would love to see them play harder with better statistics.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some Thoughts

I really enjoyed watching a few games on TV yesterday. here are some thoughts that came to me, especially as it relates to Northeastern USA basketball.

As I watched the Texas game one of the commentators was raving about the great job being done by the Texas Coach Rick Barnes. Though I do agree Rick Barnes is a very good coach and program administrator, I wonder how close he would come to a national championship without the entire state of Texas behind him? Yes Rick is getting it done but everyone knows Texas is a southwest version of Kentucky in regards to spending money for athletics. As it is at Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Tennessee, Indiana, and many others, Money will never get in the way of winning and recruiting players. So yes Rick Barnes will do well. He is supposed to and at the snap of his finger he could have a private lear jet ready to take him anywhere to get a player. And his teams want for nothing because they, like many others, are taken care of better than what 75 percent of the players will experience to rest of their lives.

Brings me to the NBA Developmental League. As I watched a game the other night involving two teams with ex college stars playing in a 95% empty arena in a city I have never heard of, I could not help but think how they must have NBA counselors and therapists on staff to treat all these players who were wined and dined their entire basketball lives. It was very odd watching these guys playing so hard in an empty building in an attempt to make it to the NBA. I would imagine only 5% at the most will ever get that opportunity. The rest will have to settle for bus rides to games, buying their own sneakers, and different living conditions from what they had at good ole big time university. Just imagine playing for Kentucky and being treated very special, and than playing for the Topeka Wildcats in front on 220 people in a building that holds 10,000. Wow!

Watched Greg E behind the bench at the Creighton/Wichita game. He looked in awe! There were 16,000 people at that game and they seemed like true fans. I would imagine he never expected to see that type of fan support at Creighton. Funny thing is years ago the Missouri Valley Conference was a league of tough teams with tough big guys. This was prior to the Big east, A10, etc. Well in recent years the league has returned. Most of the teams have tremendous followings. Not sure if Creighton gets 16,000 every home game but I would be stunned if they averaged less than 10,000 a game. I also wonder if they play all their home games in such a building. If so Greg might just enjoy the experience. Personally I feel he is a decent but not great talent at this point. But remember he really is a year ahead because he was supposed to be a freshmen this season. So now he will be back in his rightful year. And trust me, his new coach, Dana Altman, is exceptional and a very good teacher all the way back to his days as a JC Coach. This transfer give Greg a fresh start as he works towards being an NBA draft pick.

Looking forward to all the great games in Springfield Mass. At last I get to watch Michael Gilchrist. But it would be my luck that he misses the train from Camden that takes him to Elizabeth to connect with the bus going to Springfield. The Finley Prep vs St. Pats game might be worthy of taping on your TIVO.

I still feel St. Johns has turned the corner. I also think alot of teams are hoping not to meet them in the Big East Tournament where anything can happen. This year the BET will be magical and like Disney based on magical upsets that are sure to take place.

Seton Hall is a team I thought would have done better. Not sure why they have not won more, but I do feel they lost to teams that no one can say they were completely better than. Again I question the strength and conditioning guys working at SHU as much as the coaches and players. I also again say Pope, Lawrence, and Mitchell are not playing as well as they should. Yes Pope is rebounding, but he has so much more potential. Maybe Bobby needs to allow Dermon Player to get into the coaching motivation thing he does so well. I have seen Dermon motivate guys into playing much better than they really are. But stupid fouls, turnovers, missed free throws, etc. are always affected by conditioning which impacts the mental part of the game. Seton Hall is another team that scares alot of people because when they get it together, watch out! And I am sure SHU Fans do not want to hear this, I feel all the SHU guys will return and .......Next season could be really special. Not giving up on them this year, just understanding what has happened thus far.

Rutgers loses to South Florida. Did anyone other than me expect this? If the game was at Rutgers I would expect a win. I feel Rutgers will be very competitive with South Florida, Providence, DePaul, Cincinnati, and St. Johns and Seton Hall based on rivalry and familiarity of players.

It seems everyone has FHJ gone at the end of the season. Maybe, maybe not. I don't feel RU has great talent but with a good run and better defense anything can happen. What hurts FHJ more than the record, is the recent stories, transfers, potential transfers, etc. Folks are less forgiving when the record is not good. With a good record all the negative stuff would be pushed under the rug. There are some upcoming games that RU should/could win. Lets see how this plays out.

One thing I will say about a potential coaching change is I hope RU does not make a change just to make a change. No career assistants, No ex players without experience, no HS guys (sorry guys but this is the Big East, experience a must!). A new coach will need to make a base salary of $1,000,000 plus with bonus incentives, new luxury RAC (9000 seats MAX) , and new practice facility. The new coach needs to know how to develop great players and players who have potential but were under the recruitment radar. The Coach should be a people person who could get people out to games based on appearances, TV, and radio shows. The new coach should have national connections and well liked by ESPN and CBS. With that in mind I would say guys like Seth Greenburg, Fran Frachillo, Paul Hewitt, Al Skinner, Jeff Capel, Eddie Jordan (but must have correct staff), Tim Welsh (not a first tier guy at this point though I like him alot), etc. These are the type of guys needed. I know alot of guys are anti Fran, but trust me if you want a national program he has to be strongly considered. I do feel Seth is the one you really need. And there is nothing wrong with going after that super guy who finally gets you where you want to be, It might take salary, plus attendance bonus, plus win bonus, plus special annuity, and more. If not this RU can always hire a HS Coach, Patrick Ewing with a few ex RU guys as Assistants, the Coach from Siena, or maybe hit the jackpot with the current coach at Northwestern who coached Princeton at one time.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Calling Herb Pope, Calling Herb Pope! Where are you, where are you? Herb Pope to me is the key to the rest of the Seton Hall season. This is a guy who should be starring for Seton Hall University and not sitting on the bench in foul trouble. As I have said in the past, when you are not in basketball shape, your mind and your legs will be the first to go. This leads to missed free throws, reach fouls, etc. Not so sure I would not hold the training staff responsible for his conditioning as well as him and the entire coaching staff. I have seen coaches in the past suspend players early in the season until they get into better shape. Too late for this but one thing for sure Pope will need to return for another season unless he goes to Europe to play. Sorry to be so hard on this kid but he has such a great upside. Now it is up to him to suck it up and produce! And he needs to get Keon Lawrence to join him to do the same. Keon where are you? Eugene Harvey have you given up? Did Jordan just take your spot from you without a fight? Thought you were from Brooklyn?

Saw something I did not like on the SHU bench last night. watched how players were just relaxing as if they were playing a 72 game schedule. I know folks love Garcia based on him playing injured etc. And remember I raved about him when he signed with SHU. Well he looks as if he is just relaxing on the bench and not focused unless he is on the court. Remember this is what I saw ON TV, so I might be wrong. But everyone knows bench players need to be ready to compete when they hit the court.

I always loved the way Bob Hurley demanded his bench players never allow their backs to hit the back of the chairs they were sitting on. I guess he feels if the guys on the court can play hard the least the bench players can do is sit forward and watch what is going on.

Lastly. SHU lost a game to a team that at this time is a better team. Again these are the teams you need to sneak a win from here and there. People can question coaching all they wish. Sooner or later the players need to look in the mirror and decide they will commit to defense and playing every possession harder, The next few games are very important post season wise!

Rutgers played very hard against Syracuse who at this time is also a better team than they are. We can say the RU coaches need to get better talent all we want. I again say how? Those program changers are hard to come by, trust me. And how does FHJ get them with the horrible facilities and being on the hot seat for a few years. What top 40 kid will commit? For what he has to work with I think he has done a decent job. And as I always say, Rutgers is not a cheating program so there are not any side deals being made. Finalize those plans for the renovation and additions so that your coaching staff has something to sell. Right now there are CAA and A10 teams with much more to offer recruits facility wise. Mr. AD please get it together.

Seems Norm Roberts will return next season. I say this is great news and well deserved. Most people can see the real changes in the SJU program. And remember they still have MSG to use as a selling tool. And the re-done arena and practice facility is also a huge plus. The players will attend SJU, especially knowing Norm Roberts will be there.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Basketball Thoughts

Visited Blair Academy yesterday to see Peddie beat Blair. This might be the weakest Blair has been in years. However I might have caught them on an off night or they just did not do the usual recruitment they normally do. Interesting observation about Prep basketball locally and in New England. Most of the coaches coach like Gentlemen. In other words they rarely are loud, demanding or augmentative. Thus is the case with the Peddie School Coach. He was very calm. In fact he was so calm he was not noticed and most folks could not tell who was the head coach.

Now lets discuss the Blair Coach. Guy is so different. And this is not a bad thing. he is really into the game on the sideline yelling at refs and debating calls. It was like night and day. Maybe Danny Hurley is similar but St. Benedict's is more like Rice or Molloy that Choate, which Blair reminds me of. I am sure Mike Burns at Winchendon is into the game as is Jerry (Think he spells it different)Quinn. I know Max Goode was into the game when he was at Maine Central. But again most of the guys at places like the Hill School, Peddie, Hun, Berkshire, Choate, are more laid back and just enjoying the experience as they help develop young men.

The campus at Blair is EXCEPTIONAL! New athletic building with multiple gyms made the place very busy. seems every kid at the school was doing something last night. But that's what the prep school experience is all about.

I must tell folks that Peddie had an outstanding, yet cocky, guard who really would be outstanding in the Ivy's or Patriot League. Heck if he always plays that well he might be even better. But he had game! Riley Moye who is close to 6 ft 9 now really has super skills. Seems like he has learned alot at Peddie. Marist was at the game to see him play and had to be impressed. The one thing that separates Riley from a A10 or BE school is his hunger and aggressiveness on the court. He blocks shots, he can shoot the J, he dunks, he is skilled. If he ever played with passion he would be recruited at the highest level. Riley run the damn court harder! Riley demand the ball! heck you were 4 for 4 in the first quarter and a half. Break a sweat. When you do this, if it is even in you, you will pick your school as opposed to them picking you. 6 ft 9 with skills wow!!!!

Lastly. There were coaches in the building from Duke, Virginia, and a host of other big-time schools. However they were there to see a great Blair Jr. and a very good Senior on the Women's Team. I should have attended that game lol.

Sorry coaches the best coach in the building was in the stands. Rich Leary, who is one of the best in America, was there watching The Blair Girls because I understand he works with them in the off season as he did with Leul Deng and Charlie V years ago.

Rutgers Looking For a Coach?

I hope not! Not at this time even if DePaul did do such a un-classy thing. I would hope they allow FHJ to finish up and than evaluate his progress. Maybe they can bring in some ex players to actually do this, How about Anthony Farmer, JR Inman, and Jeron Griffin? Just kidding of course. Freddy still has time to show improvement etc. Regardless he will end up fine and who knows it could be at RU.

I laugh at the list of coaches just in case Fred departs. Any new coach anywhere in the ACC, BE, or the Big 10, must know how to broker deals and close deals. Trust me! Jim Valvano got stars to attend Iona when it was not sexy. He beat out Kentucky who came to see Jeff Ruland on a private jet despite playing in a 3200 seat gym in New Rochelle. Nuff said! So here is my list of guys who could win at any of the local schools in no order.

Guys who could take your program to a national level fast and put fans in seats! And all might be obtainable.

Fran Frachillo..........Knows how to get it done but comfortable living in Texas
Seth Greenburg.......Would he leave Va. Tech?
Al Skinner......Proven winner who can get it done early with top 200 kids
Paul Hewitt.......He would turn it out and has area connections in place
Tommy Ameker......Has he learned his lessons well?
Oliver Pernell.... Would be Huge

Guys who will get it done in time with support!

Siena Head Coach
Rhode Island Head Coach
Tim Welsh
Tom Picora
Danny Hurley
Kevin Boyle

Guys who sound good on paper

Lawrence Frank
Bobby Knight
Bob Hurley
Patrick Ewing
Eddie Jordan

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JR Inman Thoughts

The JR Inman Situation

I have received numerous emails concerning JR Inman. Let me start by saying I remain a loyal supporter of JR Inman and will always be. In fact I am proud of him for sticking it out at Rutgers even though it was told to him Fred Hill was not going to treat him fair. In fact I and many others in the NY/NJ basketball community wanted him to leave after his Jr. year. Even if he had to go to an NAIA Power School. We all saw the writing on the wall for him at RU. But FHJ convinced him that he would be a huge part of the team and have a great season. When JR got hurt in the beginning of his Sr. season, we again told him to request a medical red shirt because he was seriously injured. He was told that he was needed. So he played hurt the first part of his SR. year because most likely FHJ wanted FIG to complete their eligibility.

To JRs credit he saw more than basketball. He said numerous times that he wanted a degree from Rutgers. He also said he was determined to help Rutgers win. That's what he, Anthony, and Griffin came to RU for. He saw the benefits of a RU education even though many others did not.

When JR first signed to play at RU there were many who felt he would never develop at Rutgers. It seems that many who are on the RU message boards do not remember how good he was in HS and AAU. He outplayed many great players including Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington during his HS career. He was also recruited at the highest level by high D1 schools. But he and his fellow FIG members wanted to attend RU together. And during that first year he did very well and even made Freshmen All American. So that NBA mention regarding being a 2nd rounder was not that far off prior to his years under the current head coach because he was indeed on the NBA radar. This all changed when FHJ came aboard. JR never was the same after he became Head Coach. And again I was never anti FHJ, I was anti the way he treated JR Inman. In fact I hate when coaches frown at players during games and Gary Waters does this often, Thus I always was more of a FHJ guy than Gary Waters. But for JR I cannot think of a better person or coach for him than Gary Waters. I wonder if folks know Gary called all his players before their last college game? I would bet that it was Gary who got in touch with JR and told him to clean up what he wrote etc. I have to say Gary Waters and his Wife were Class with a capital C.

Now on to the JR facebook situation. Seems to me that JR has a right to be upset. He went through more than anyone can imagine as a student athlete at RU. He watched as his dreams of playing after college were all but shattered. He heard folks saying horrible things about people he cared about at RU and away from RU. He heard rumors about what the coaches were saying about him, and was feeling the wrath despite always talking positive about what was happening to him. Yes JR went through alot! Some of the things he was punished for he deserved, other stuff he did not deserve. I will always say right is right and wrong is wrong.

The one incident that will always stand out to me is how JR was put on the bench and criticized and made an example of despite him being the leading scorer and rebounder on the team. I personally feel he never recovered from that experience and was never the player at RU he could have been. And at least 3 NBA guys I know felt at the time he was on track to be a future draft choice or at the least a training camp signee with a chance to make a roster. Again remember this was prior to his Sr. season. And also understand many high D1 coaches were stunned that was was handled the way he was basketball wise. This is the reason Bobby Gonzalez talked to him at the end of a RU/SHU game. He and many others felt bad for him.

Now here is where i change up. FHJ is now at a road that has 4 red lights making it hard for him to proceed. He has transfer rumors, a recent transfer, win less in BE play, a shrinking fan base, and other issues confronting him. I think JR owes him nothing, but I hate to see folks kicked when they are down. So no I do not feel it is correct to say all he did on facebook. Why not meet with FHJ and tell him face to face and man to man. That is if FHJ would meet with him. And no it is not good to kick someone when they are down. That is way too easy and does not come off right. And no he should not have put stuff in like punching or hitting. But I understand!!!! This must have been in him for years. Hopefully JR can move on now and be the productive adult we expect him to be. But again, I am and will always be in JRs corner just as he and his family has always been in mine.

In closing I have to say when it comes to kids such as JR, nice kids with dreams. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and so is great talent. And often it takes multiple people to make you waste your mind and talent! Hopefully everyone learns from this situation.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quick Hits


First off I need to apologize to The Playaz Basketball Club for spelling the name with an E as opposed to an A in the past. Sorry guys. Can't misspell the name of one of the top travel teams in America. Now all I need to do is learn to spell everyone else name correctly. A person who reads this blog sent word to me at the HS event for Inner City Youth at Kean University Sunday.

I Want to send a shout out to a wonderful women I met from Secaucus who happens to be a huge St. Anthony's fan. I loved her spirit and the way she embraced what St. Anthony's and Bob Hurley is all about. I also applaud her for walking the walk as opposed to just talking the talk. She had at least 4 or 5 young ladies with her on her birthday exposing them to something new as she took them to the game and than to a steak house. It is people like her that will make this such a better world.

Had a great talk with John Morton who I have known and followed since his days at Walton HS. When thinking about John all I can say is he is a great representative of Seton Hall University as he coaches at St. Peters. He is Class with a capital C and will eventually be a head coach on the D1 level. I am positive he will do it the correct way. Funny how when he went back to his seat and spoke with other Assistant Coach from St. Peters and told him about the this Blog (John had not read it), the Assistant looked up at me and laughed as he said he reads what I write all the time and wondered who I was lol.

Had a great talk also with my main guy Jon Cano who works for the NBA. Jon and I was busy trying to figure out who were the top 7 recent HS players in the Garden State. We came up with Tim Thomas from Paterson Catholic who to me is the best HS player I have ever seen in NJ, Dejuan Wagner from Camden who was exceptional, Shaheen Holloway from St. Patrick's, Jason Williams from St. Joe's of Metuchen, Troy Murphy from Delbarton, JR Smith from St. Benedict's, and Al Harrington from St. Patrick's. Odd that we have no St. Anthony players. That's because the system is much better than the players and its a compliment to Coach Hurley that he can take very good players and create GREAT TEAMS! Honorably mention could be Brian Lynch from Christian Brothers Academy, Malik Allen from Shawnee, and the Billet Brothers, Earl Brothers, and even the Crispins.

Biggest shockers to us is Brandon Knight becoming Big East Player of the Year as a junior at Pitt, and Andrew Bynum being a first rounder out of St. Joe's of Metuchen and a future starter on the Lakers. These kids had game but no one could have expected what they became.

Best fans in the state of NJ? Camden during the Wagner years. You had to see them to believe them! They traveled like Kentucky!

Why is it we cannot get better HS match-ups in these great charity games? Bergen County had some games on Sunday that were dreadful. The Homeless games at Elizabeth has a great final game with St. Patrick's vs St. Benedict's. But the others are dreadful. What happened to the Prime Time Shootout? Not such a prime-time event any longer to me. Horrible match-ups. Too spread out. Too ambitious. And maybe too corporate. Where is the Slam Dunk to The Beach when we need it? There is a great opportunity for a group or company to do a great showcase event in the Garden State because most of the other events are similar to David vs Goliath with Goliath winning the battle. Please promoters bring us good match-ups next season.

The games today were very 1 sided although Trenton Catholic was a very good team. They just played a great team led by the best guard out of NJ since Dejuan Wagner. Kyree Irving looks like he should be on the chess team but when he plays you understand why Howie Garfinkel feels he is the next John Wall. I could not believe my eyes watching him operate with class, skill, and ability. Funny thing is he has a NYC game. Bronx to be exact. He has that Tiny Archibald/Rod Strickland skill set and he is a road runner. What a joy to watch! Duke get ready for the real deal and the guy who will take over where Jay Williams left off.

Watched St. Benedict's destroy Our Savior New America. What happened to this program? I remember them based on the new gym years ago and all the international players. I even think Samardo Samuels attended there before transferring to St. Benedict's. Well, they could have used him Sunday.

St. Anthony's had a decent challenge from NIA from Newark, a school with Post Grad players. Some even had full beards. I always say you have to play like Michael Jordan to have a beard or braids on my team. Sorry! Decent game but St. Anthony's pulled away to win by double figures.

Lots of talk about the Greg E transfer from Rutgers. Fred Hill was attendance and making the rounds. Shook alot of hands. I could not help feeling bad for him based on how hard it is for him to compete with the facilities and budget he has to work with. And this does not include how hard it is for Rutgers and similar area programs to compete against programs that cheat in various ways. OK stop acting innocent if your mouths are wide open. Everyone including Stevie Wonder and Jose Feliciano can see what is going on nationally. Only ones that do not see is the folks that should.

Watched Tim Thomas Nephew play. hard being the Nephew of one of the best who ever played HS ball in NJ. By the way him changing schools every year did not help his development. I see him as a high CAA player or low A10 at this time. Temple? RI? St. Joe's? Richmond?

Here is my Rutgers prediction. Fred Hill will get more time as they redo the RAC, build a practice facility, and build the extension. I can see them playing games at the Medowlands for a year or so as they get it together. When the facility is done, RU will decide if there is reason for a change. This is just my opinion.

Hats off to Kean University for doing a great job hosting the event to benefit Inner City Kids. They did a spectacular job. The facilities there are OUTSTANDING. Kids should consider all the NJ Athletic Conference Schools. All but Montclair have exceptional facilities and all play competitive basketball.

Lastly please forgive me if I mispelled some names. I sincerely apoligise in adavance.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday January 9th, 2010

Gregory E Transfers

Wow what a surprise? Not! Heard this rumor for a long time. Funny thing is I doubt Fred Hill did much to push this to happen. In fact, sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side yet it really is not. Who is to say Gregory will not change his mind after a few visits? Who is to say this is his Parents and not him? Funny how parents become basketball experts all of a sudden when Jr. is harmed. I know I was wrongfully one of those type parents.

Lets look at this closer. Why would a kid who is getting his butt kissed daily by folks all over the Rutgers campus want to leave? he is the man there despite having very average skills to ME. Big? Yes! Definite NBA guy? No!

Maybe it's because he feels this might be the last year for FHJ and company and he is running before the ship sinks and using the incident as a reason. I would not be surprised if a few folks have not been whispering into his ear about better opportunities while telling him that the current staff just might not be around.

Maybe it is the fact he feels the program is not what it should be facility and support wise. It is very hard playing at places such as UConn, Syracuse, Marquette, and West Virginia seeing the great facilities and fan support only to return to The RAC for a game with 3700 people. It is not uncommon for kids to feel bad when visiting other schools they could have attended and seeing first hand the differences in each program.

Maybe he feels it is the development factor at Rutgers. Maybe he feels RU will not get him to the NBA, especially from a losing team. Funny thing to me is I am not sure Phil Jackson could get him there. But I do understand how dreams can be exploited.

I really cannot believe that Greg's parents would pull him out of Rutgers based on the injury. There has to be more to this including some behind the scenes tampering. Honestly I wish him well but I am still not convinced he will be the player anywhere else that he was at Rutgers.

Lastly. Fred Hill Jr. should not be crucified over this situation. held accountable for the entire season and seasons past? Yes! But for this? NO!

I again say Rutgers failure is a combination Getting it done in games, development, facilities, fan support, alumni and athletic support which leads to a Head Coach having to be Superman to get it done. The support has not been at Rutgers since Tom Young had the great team. And yes they had talent and I will leave it at that. But thanks to Livingston College, which had its own team, RU was able to get some very good players accepted and than Dicky V and the gang went and got the players in ways only they could, and Tom Young benefited!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Local Thoughts

It was a rough day for local Big East Teams. In fact it has been a rough Big east season thus far for all 3 since all are winless in league play, I for one feel besides last night Rutgers has shown improvement. Ditto St. Johns despite their league record. Seton Hall was projected to do better and maybe they will as soon as a few players step it up intensity wise. I still feel a few SHU players are playing for NBA draft placement status.

It seems like fans are all over all three programs. But if truth be told, I again say the problems are deeper than just the basketball players and coaches. The Presidents, AD's, Trustees, and others share some of the responsibilities in many cases. Call me dumb, but very few current college coaches would do any better at the local schools without more resources in more ways than I need to describe. If anyone thinks Jay Wright would do better, And I am a huge Jay Wright fan, they are mistaken. If anyone thinks Cal or Pitino would do better without more to offer, they also are mistaken. This is why when guys like those mentioned are hired they accept jobs with changes attached. New Arena, New Practice Facility, New Offices, More Money for Recruiting, Increase in budget to hire Assistants, and new support from influential Alumni and Boosters via a new or improved basketball friends club.

Realistically how well can these local teams do against power teams with so much to offer area recruits. basketball is a huge business and someone in this area has not received the memo. Did anyone think The area teams would be top 5 in the Big East? Yes West Virginia has leaped as has Cincinnati. But trust me when I say it was alot more than a coaching change that made this happen.

The schools in the area could jump to league contender by next season. But at what price? or does anyone care at what price? Maybe they all should do it by any means necessary. Maybe we need the coaching staff from "Blue Chip" to come and get it done? Yes it would have been great to get many of those great players who left the area to had stayed. They did not which means something at the other schools was more attractive. Could have been just getting away, Could have been the great fan support. Could have been the great on campus facilities. Or it could have been great deals beyond playing the game.

I have watched as kids have chosen more known basketball destinations where fans adore players as if they were God's. Funny thing is area players have always left for greener pastures. But there were so many good area players the locals always got their share. Tough area kids always made local teams competitive. Especially at St. Johns with the built in payment system through housing stipends etc. All the area teams received their share somehow. Louie making it happen. PJ finding a niche. Tom Young winning with recruited players brought in by a few very good salesmen if you understand recruitment sales.

This brings me back to today. I still believe all the local teams will make us proud very soon. Rutgers just announced a new RAC that will help, SHU has lost to some very good teams and not teams they were supposed to beat minus Temple, and St. Johns has done very good despite not having Anthony Mason Jr. And if you have not seen Ron Roberts the great and underrated talented forward from St. peters Prep in NJ, you are in for a great treat! WINNER!!! A warrior with skills who should have been stopped at the boarder of NJ when he went to sign with St. Johns.

So yes I am disappointed, but far from discouraged. I understand it is hard to watch when you love your team so much. But always understand it is not always what it should be and recruiting is not always about the campus visit and who is coaching.

Looking forward to the games on Sunday at Kean University to benefit The Homeless. Just found out Gilchrist will not be playing due to an injury. Hope he gets well soon. I have to smile because this will be my 5th time attending a game he was supposed to play in and he will not. But the cause is too great for me not to attend. I love basketball and I love being able to support such a great cause.

Still feeling chills from my visit to Teaneck HS last week. memories!!! Cannot believe the Englewood Team will not win Group 2 in NJ. But as I always say, you win championships in the gym and not on paper. maybe the Coach will allow his kids to work hard with a guy like the Legendary Mike Bright who now resides in Englewood. Guy has developed more good players than Kodak has developed pictures. Personally I am hoping to come out of workout retirement to work with the Younger Teaneck Players from the shoulders up.

Still searching for a decent game in Northeast Pa. Help! I will go to Blair Academy (8 miles from my home) Wednesday to see Blair against Peddie featuring Riley Moye, a very underated 6 ft 9 kid who I have watched for a few years.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Stuff!!!!!

Had a very good basketball weekend. Spent all day Saturday watching hoops on TV. You folks saw my thoughts yesterday.

Sunday was a very interesting day for me basketball wise. Drove to my old stomping ground of Teaneck, NJ for The Playez HS event which was OUTSTANDING! I also made sure to Tivo the St. Johns game for review when I returned to my Pa. home. Before going to the Teaneck HS gym I had to stop at my old home based on reports from James Brown CPA, who is a great basketball fan and FDU Booster. I was stunned to see my old home torn down, swimming pool included, to make way for a mega mansion. And to think I thought my home was nice lolol. Hopefully who ever moves in will have a basketball playing son who can keep the Teaneck name alive.

The Games

First of all I have to say the crowd was exceptional! The gym was packed and Jim even joked (but he was serious) that the Playez wants to get as many folks in as possible, and trust me they did. The fans were true HS fans who watched and enjoyed the games. This was North Jersey HS Basketball at its best. The matchups all seemed very good as well even though Teaneck was blown out by St. Anthony's in a game that should have been better considering 2 high D1 commits from St. Anthony's did not play. 17 D1 colleges showed up including 2 head coaches from Rutgers and Lasalle. Is it me or does Rutgers seem close to turning the corner?

First game I saw (there were 2 prior games I missed) was Hudson catholic coached by the ex Bloomfield Tech Coach against Englewood which always has good players. The Hudson catholic players for the most part were young, with a few being looked at as future D1 recruits. Englewood had size and players. Hopefully the Coach is developing these kids better than in years past. He is a very good coach, just needs to do the extra with kids year round.

Next game I saw was Don Bosco Prep vs Plainfield. Very good game with good players on both sides. Vaugn Grey, a Paterson native, for Don Bosco and Tyrone Johnson from Plainfield who is as great a basketball player as he is a football quarterback squared off. Both had good games but I wonder if either are really 1st level high major recruits or high major backup recruits? They both are highly rated but could easily fall into the A10 or Colonial category, and it's nothing wrong with that. I did hear all 3 area Big East Teams are interested in both players. Oddly a player who will most likely never play college basketball impressed me the most. I am referring to Gary Nova the outstanding Don Bosco Quarterback who is a pure shooter and TOUGH LEADER. He will be a great walk-on at any basketball program after the football season ends. And from what I hear he is a bigtime recruit. Plainfield won this game but it was a good one.

Teaneck was next with Legendary Coach Curtis March. Brought back memories for me watching them take the court and sitting with some of the same people I sat with at Teaneck games years ago. Al from Passaic/Patterson, James Brown, Jon Cano, Jordan Brown, the most knowledgeable 7th grader in the area who sat with us as a 2 year old years ago. Great memories but a much different type of Teaneck team playing St. Anthony's. Teaneck played scared and was thugged by a short handed St. Anthony's team. Scared beyond believe. It was not until they brought in the young Teaneck kids including the son of ex Iona great Tony Hargraves, that they even resembled a team. And boy did this unit (as Hubie Brown would say) play hard. I was very impressed and predict they will be outstanding in years to come carrying on the Teaneck tradition although Jim Solmon reminded me I said the same thing about this years team last season. Needless to say it was all St. Anthony's. Side note. Great to see my longtime Teaneck friends, The Glowskies (sp) are now working at St. Anthony's. Teaneck residents now making a difference in Jersey City. In fact Matt is the Principal of the school. Outstanding!

The last game was a great matchup with Paterson Catholic playing St. Peters Prep. Talk about energy and players? First of all how did SHU and RU allow Ron Roberts to leave the state and commit to St. Johns? They needed to get the Governor and National Guard involved. It should have been road blocks from Jersey City to Montclair to keep this kid home. What a player, what an athlete, what a competitor. I am predicting even without all the super ratings, this kid will see NBA minutes one day. Also on his team was a strong and skilled guard named Miles Davis. And not only was he tough, he could shoot the lights out. Now if he also plays a horn.....look out! I hear alot of folks are interested including Rutgers. On the Paterson Catholic side Fuquan Edwin is A STEAL and could be best guard at SHU since Terry Dehare (sp). Talk about the total package? He just might end up growing to 6 Ft 8 or so. Skilled, athletic, tough, focused, quick, team player....WOW! I still love Kyle Anderson who does many things the average fan will never notice. I love the way he takes his time and even plays second fiddle on offense to allow older players to shine. Folks forget he is only a 10th grader. He could be 6 ft 10 when it all is said and done. Plus you feel safe when he has the ball. Something good will happen. Little Myles Mack is a version of Calvin Murphy. he can flat out play and score points. In the final quater he led his team to victory despite the score being close at the end of the 3rd. He is very good. Will he be a high major backup recruit or a 1st level recruit to a place like Dayton, Richmond, or UMass. No doubt he has bigtime ability, but where will he fit in size wise. I hear Georgetown is all over him. That's great! just hope they are not recruiting him for a role off the bench as a spark. I love Derrick Randalls potential. But he needs to be a bit more focused. He is a BE caliber player. I hear he needs a prep school next year. I guess that is why the Coach from South Kent Prep was at the game.

All in all a great evening. Now looking forward to attending the Homeless Classic at Kean University next Sunday.

Had an opportunity to speak with Scott Adabatto, the SHU Assistant who was at the game dressed in a great suit with shirt and tie. Looked bigtime as he should. Also saw Fred Hill dressed in a suit and tie. Big time look. Did not notice if FHJ had a red tie on.

Scott was interesting and told me they do read my blog and often get good laughs from it. Glad they enjoy it.

I did write some strong stuff about SHU yesterday. I stand by what I wrote. But please do not get it twisted. I believe in Bobby Gonzalez. I still thing SHU will run off a string of big victories. I again must say Bobby has fought for opportunities and no one has ever given him anything! He earned it as a youth coach, observer, volunteer, and much more. I am pulling for him. It was not too long ago that we sat together at HS games in NY when he was a volunteer at Tolentine HS. And Dermond Player is in my book a great role model for many on the AAU circuit. Watched him grow up from the Upward Fund to Young Life, to Riverside, to SJU, to SHU.

Read on a message board where a few folks were wondering how Lance Stephenson got to Cincinnati. I loved the different postings and all I can say is what interesting concepts. makes you wonder.

Loved how folks said FHJ and Rutgers would never pay kids etc. That my friends is true. So often when you see local teams not in the mix for certain kids, there is a reason, or at the least the price for dealing with them is too much lol. Funny thing is some kids have no clue. They might think they are just getting the usual. Still remember a kid from a school far away wondering how his AAU Coach and HS Coach and Parents all had new Auto's from same dealer and he rode a Bike despite being 19 years old. Again many would be surprised at the deals that have taken place and continue each year. Even on the Mid major level regarding trips to games and accommodations.

Watched SJU game on my Tivo. All I will say is this was a game SJU should have won. They have to win those games! And talent wise they should be improved enough to do just that!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Watching on The Tube

Before starting I need to comment on fan behavior on message boards. It is one thing to hunger for news. But it is absolutely crazy to open posts from people who clearly have life issues. Thus is the case on the SHU basketball board where a person called Tiger something has completely taken over the board with what looks like 30 bogus posts. What is even more alarming is the huge number of fans that have looked at his posts even though you can see they are ridiculous and even in bad taste. I for one think that SHU Rivals board is one of the best on the Internet and Dan and the others do a GREAT JOB! Its a shame there is not a system in place to stop those types of posts.

Yesterdays Games


Lets start with SHU. I honestly think Virginia Tech is a pretty good team capable of making some noise in the ACC. If I did not watch the game I would think SHU lost to a NJIT type team. They lost to a ACC Team. Not MAC, MAAC, NEC, Ivy, or Colonial team. Again they lost to a ACC team!!!

Was it disappointing? Heck yes! Was I shocked? NO! Could SHU had won? Yes! Should they had won? Even game to me despite a VT starter being out. Here is why it was disappointing to me. I am still not a fan of the SHU players conditioning. I am sorry but Pope looks more like a regular Priest and there is nothing wrong with being a Priest. But when you are waiting for the Pope and a regular Priest shows up, you have to be disappointed to say the least. Yes he got quick fouls but whose fault was that? His because he should know better and if he is in better shape he could move better and think better in a way to stay on the court. Plus Free Throws involve legs. No legs often equal missed free throws, layups, short Js etc.

Also disappointed in Hazells Rucker league tactics. I guess you shoot enough and anything can happen, both good and bad. That's why folks say "you live and die by the jump shot." This kid could play at the next level but the coaching staff is failing him by not getting him cleaner looks within an offense, or demanding he take better shots. Again I say talent plus an organized off the court and on the court system equals wins. I am still a fan of Hazell, just wish he would play withing the team concept.

What happened to Eugene Harvey? Wow! Sure he still has great talent, but does he have what it takes to lead SHU on and OFF the court? Does anyone? And if any of that stuff about drinking on th beach with divas is true, someone needs to be disciplined. Not just for doing that if it really happened, but for being crazy enough to put it out there for everyone to read and judge you and your team by.

All this goes back to discipline, which wins games. When on the road you should travel as a team and do team activities together. They are not NBA players. They are a college team that needs to be reigned in. That's the difference in wins and losses, the discipline and ability to follow a plan of action helps you win close games.

Lastly I do believe in SHU basketball and think they will get it together. But to do so some feelings might need to be hurt and roles changed. Again I say they play like they spend alot of time with ........... relaxing!


I honestly feel Rutgers looks and acts like a TEAM! I was very impressed with what I saw on the bench and on the court yesterday against Cincinnati. I loved the sets they were running and loved how those kids seemed focused and wanting to compete.

Rutgers lost to a pretty good team. This was not Lafayette, or Marist. This was a Big East Opponent with 2 or more future NBA players. And they never gave up.

I have given it to Fred Hill some, and I have also praised him some, even though most RU Fans that read my blog think I an anti RU. In this case I am praising.

There is really no such thing as moral victories. But in the case of Rutgers even Stevie Wonder can see they are getting better. It is almost a planned thing. Recruit certain kids. Establish a system. Develop player behavior patterns. Become more competitive. Steal a few games. Have a winning record. Compete for titles. That plan takes time. Not so sure RU is not doing just this. One thing for sure they are doing what FHJ wants then to do, even if he does not wear a red tie. The RU vs SHU Game will again be a great one.

Kentucky vs Louisville

Kentucky is very good. But Cousins is on a one way train to getting into serious trouble based on his on court behavior.

Is it me or does Louisville seem almost average? Are the players even listening to Pitino? I love Coach Willard who is a very nice man, but does he not look like Rob Zombie lol? Maybe Jay Wright, Walt Frazier, and I should send him a little Hair Club for Men stuff lol. But he really is a classy and great guy!

That rivalry is a great one as we saw from the game yesterday. Kentucky basketball is huge!

Local Games

St. Johns has a real test today at home against Providence. Lets Go Red Storm!

So St. Joe's lost to Princeton? Wow! What ever happened to Helmet from the St. Joe's Board. Loved his stuff, just wondered what his take is on all this St. Joe's losing. Maybe its the new gym!

Drexel lost as well. Is Bruiser safe? Was he frowning? I would bet on it! Or at the least he had that smirk look on his face that he is famous for lol.

Local teams such as Manhattan, St. Peters, and Marist, are doing all they can to compete with NJIT, who really has a great guy and coach. But than again so does all the teams I named. Still wondering what will happen at Monmouth? Or do they even care that the new facility is open and the team not doing so well. Curious to see how this plays out. Where is Waine Zoke?

Off to the Playez HS event in Teaneck in a few. Should be a few interesting games.