Friday, December 7, 2007

Bobby G getting it done!!!!

I have known Bobby G for over 15 years and though I still feel he is a control guy I have to say its a pleasure to see him doing well. In fact, that has always been my only issue with him. In fact its shocking because to meet him is to love him.

I remember when he signed Jared Johnson, who played with a program I worked with in NYC, we were all blown away by the way Gonzo, as we called him, made Jared and his family feel. Gonzo was so good he had me dreaming of trying to get eligibility back to play college basketball for him and I was around %&^% years old at the time lolol. Even Jim Couch who ran the program and his son Sean, who now is Editor of Bounce Magazine (a great publication) became excited!! Jared, who was a very good player, but somewhat on the lazy side at times, was ready to run through a brick wall.

Here is why Gonzo has been so successful and will continue to be even more successful in the future.

He Has Paid Real Dues

Bobby G came to NYC from upstate NY (I think Binghamton Area) and became involved in youth basketball. He was a volunteer and did all he could coaching young and old kids and learning along the way. He coached Gauchos, Riverside, came to Dyckeman practices, went to every HS game, went to all the summer league games, and much more. NO ONE GAVE HIM ANYTHING. He gained respect in the basketball community of NY the old fashioned way, HE EARNED IT!!

The Bobby G you see now is far from the one that was on the scene in NY for years just staying involved. He did not get paid but LOVED what he was doing.

Bobby went on from the various rec leagues to coach Freshmen and JV ball at a few local schools including Tolintine and Rice, where he became good friends with the varsity coach Lou Demeo (sp). Lou, who is a great guy currently owns and runs that huge and beautiful sportsplex in Beacon NY.

As Bobby worked he made contacts with many others in basketball. This led him to coming close to getting jobs on Rick Patino's staff at Kentucky. I still remember how excited he was as he told me he was close to getting a GA position at Kentucky. He also told me to keep it a secret, which I did. He did not get the position but did catch on with NY Legend Pete Gillin (sp) at Xavier. From there it was off to Providence with Pete, and than to Virginia.

I say all this because VERY FEW GUYS in coaching has paid these type of dues. Its usually an ex player going straight to a GA spot. Or connections landing a kid on with a nice college program. Believe it or not, the only person I can think of that came from a similar background is John Chaney, the ex Temple coach.

Gonzo has always been able to communicate with EVERYONE. He also has been willing to be of assistance with anything people ask of him. This includes unknown grass root rec teams needing tickets or a speaker. Getting him or his coaches to watch a showcase of unknown players like I had about 6 years or so ago. By the way at that unknown camp was JR Inman, Antonio Pena, Kojo Messia (sp), and 14 other future D1 players. Gonzo did not even think it would be a D1 player in the gym, but had his asst. sit there all day as a way to show support!!

The Seton Hall Community has a real winner in Bobby. He is intense, smart, a great communicator, and a very good coach and teacher!!! People have no idea how hard he has worked to get to where he is!! It definitely did not come to him on a silver platter. Maybe that's why he and Dermon Player are together. VERY SIMILAR BACKGROUND!!!

Lastly, as people get to sit with him and have talks, they will find him to have a special gift to make a kid run out of the meeting saying "CHARGE, Lets Go"

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