Saturday, December 15, 2007

Talent vs Team Offensive sets

Just watched Purdue with some pretty good young players beat Louisville who despite not having a few starters still seemed to have better talent on paper. This game is a great example of what I was saying concerning the ratings given to HS and even JHS kids. I would think every Louisville player was rated higher than 90% of the Purdue players coming out of HS.

I also want to comment on all this overrated coaching stuff. I am starting to see its way more about talent than running an offense. I watched Rick Patino, considered a super star coach NOT RUN ONE SET THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF. They looked far from organized. Purdue on the other hand looked very organized with great ball movement and team play.

I remember commenting years ago about certain college teams. How they never ran a play, looked un-organized, etc. Well that's what the better teams do, they just plat! The same goes for Memphis! Its really more about the talent at the HIGHEST LEVEL!

If RU, SHU, or SJU played as Louisville did today folks would be all over the coaches. THEY NEVER RAN ONE SET the entire 2nd half.

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