Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just a Few Items / Jordan Theodore

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...... OK I think I have them out of my system. Someone on the SHU Message board mentioned how much multiple LOL bothered him. Because I want everyone to enjoy this blog, and feel comfortable, I will work hard to cut back on the lols. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I really hope the snow is not bad because I need to be in the house at SHU for the Hoop Group Event Sunday!

Yesterday NJ HS basketball started. Its an exciting time of the year. I will watch closely because at the end of the season myself and a few other serious fans will present our All State, All Area, and other awards. Wanted to make the Teaneck vs Kennedy game, but guess I will see both later in the season.

Thinking alot about Brandon Jennings last night. Is he really the number 1 HS player in the USA? I doubt it even though he is very good. Ratings always get me upset. There is a kid no one knows in 10th grade in a city near you who will turn out to be GREAT! He is not rated, nor is he on an elite travel team. He just has game. The trick is to find him. But watch the NBA draft this year and research some of the players picked in the first round. You will find a few who were not even top 200 players in HS and I am not counting the international players.

Speaking of international players allow me to provide a secrete recipe to get any kid with decent game NBA money as long as he is over 6 ft 9 and can make a lay-up. Ready? Here goes:
When that player completes 10th grade send him back to the country his grand folks are from. Allow him to get involved with basketball in one of those countries. He becomes an 18 year old on a pro team in a foreign place and the NBA notices. Player gets drafted after averaging 9 points playing against men, recieves bonus money, left back overseas to get better, and they are set up for years to come financially despite maybe never even playing an NBA game. Great scam to me!

A poster on the SHU board asked if my grandson Logan will be recruited by SHU. It was funny but reminded me how silly the rankings can be. The best 6th graders in the country? I saw one with the best 3rd graders! When will it stop? I can see recruiters from the Big 8 and SEC hanging around nursery schools looking at the best 4 year olds in the country. I hear the number one 4 year old lives in Queens Village NY and attends to Bugs Bunny Pre School, which just recieved a huge grant from Nike.

Shout out to a few UNDERRATED HS Coaches: Curtis March from Teaneck, Scooter Whiting from Hackensack, Jack Ring from Kennedy, Bill Whitley (if he still coaches) at Paramus, The preppy coach at Rodgewood, Greg Tyne (sp) in East Orange, St. Joes of Monvalle Coach, Jay Mahoney of Bagota, Newark Science Coach. More later........!

Jordan Theodore

Its a pleasure seeing young Jordan doing so well. I am sure he does not remember me but I know him! I remember him going everywhere with his basketball. He never left home without it. I met him and his family through his older brother Kwame, who is a heck of a player himself. Kwame was part of a program in NY I coached with run by the legendary Jim Couch. Well Kwame's Mom and Step Dad along with young brothers always came to practices and games. They are WONDERFUL PEOPLE who understand basketball and correct behavior!

Young Jordan always ran on the court during breaks in the action. Finally he was put on a team and he was soooooooo serious about competing. The basketball was larger than he was but it did not stop him.

Fast forward a few years and Jordan is now playing for one of the younger teams in the world famous Rucker Tournament. He is taken out of the game by one of our coaches, and starts acting spoiled on the side line. All of a sudden his Mom walks across the court, not to defend her son, but to put him in check! She put his butt right on the ground with a knee in his chest. She said to him "YOU WILL NOT HAVE AN ATTITUDE nor WILL YOU EMBARASS THIS TEAM or YOURSELF!" It was a great sight. That was about 6 years ago and he has done nothing less than lead by good example since.

By the way, his Step Dad was on Teaneck's great team with Tony Campbell and others. He was so confident!! I would bet he Still Feels He Could Help The Knicks as he always told us. He was a great Park Shooter.