Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday January 6, 2008

College Basketball

I cannot believe that there are not more college basketball games on today. It seems we had more on TV last year at this time. Oddly there are a few pay for view games scheduled that seem very interesting. I guess they are pushing people towards buying the NCAA package in the future.

I hope people are noticing the A10. They are becoming a real NCAA producing conference. I will not be surprised if they get 3-4 teams in the tournament. Even the facilities and fan base of many of the schools is better. And the coaching is very good as well. Good to see the A10 back!

Saw John Celestine on TV last week. He was 100% better than the first time he was on. He has always been a quick learner and he now seems right at home. Great young man who everyone in Piscataway must be proud of.

Whats the deal with SHU Parking lots CHARGING ACCORDING TO GAME OPPONENT? That is so wrong. I also think it's the type of thing that could turn off potential fans on GP. $15 is not bad but to charge $20 is wrong when the cost was less a week earlier.

No matter what anyone says, Rutgers needs a practice facility and an overhaul of the RAC. It would do wonders for the team.

How long will it take for teams such as RU, SJU, and SHU to reach the NNCAA tournament? Here is what I think for each: SJU will be back in no less than 3 years. SHU could be back in 2. RU seems to be looking at longer than 3 years. Despite my predictions, each program needs stability to succeed. That's why all 3 Head Coaches need at least 4 more years to improve their programs.

Programs that usually go from being 8 and 17 to being an NCAA team the following season rarely do it by just getting a few new players. When you see teams change overnight you need to watch carefully because there are no real magicians in NCAA D1. Again I say building a program takes time, creating a team is much easier. Fans should want programs!

On another note I honestly feel none of the teams mentioned has recruited a true impact player. They have recruited great additions to current puzzles. Impact players rarely attend schools who do not seem NCAA bound. It is like a top 20 HS kid playing on an unknown AAU/Travel team. Just does not happen unless.......................... (please fill in the blanks). The days of players choosing Iona over Kentucky are over (Jeff Ruland). Even sons of coaches who are impact kids go to the power programs. So Coaching and TEAM CHEMISTRY are very important.
This is why you see upsets and teams like Bucknell doing so well.

One way of keeping impact players local is establishing GREAT RIVALRIES! I keep coming back to the triple header at the Pru Center. It would be a great thing for the area. SJU vs SHU should be a sell out at the Garden and the Pru Center. If 5,000 SJU fans come 25 miles and SHU gets its 7,000, the atmosphere should be great. If RU brings 5,000 35 miles to The Pru Center against SHU it should be a sellout. Ditto the return game at RU. Whats being done to get fans to travel locally?

Saw JR Inman did not start again. One great poster who I enjoy reading on the RU board did not even mention him in his game coverage post despite him leading the team in scoring with 11 on 5 for 10 shooting. Poster seems to have gone from loving JR in HS to being his biggest critic. I know it's frustration but wow! Also read where one poster said JR was a problem in HS. To that I say its mean to lie!!!! That's BS!!!! JR has always been a model kid. In fact too much a model kid. To lie on him and his coaches at St. Joe's is just wrong!!! If he is not playing as you like it is your right to be upset. But to lie? Sad.

And yes recruits will judge a school by how they treat kids they know. Especially the way they treat the leading scorer and rebounder. Take it to the bank!!!

lastly, do yo think FHJ does not wear red ties because folks on the RU board want him to wear them? Ditto sitting Griffin? UMMMMMMMMM

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