Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seton Hall Wins!!!!!!!!

This post was supposed to be part of the previous post I made over an hour ago. But I decided to make this one a separate entry based on two things. One I feel the win is HUGE!!!!! and two, for some strange reason I thought Seton Hall had lost the game. Maybe it was a bad dream (I want all local teams to win). I even typed a story based on a loss by SHU even though I watched the game up until the last 5 minutes when I fell out on the sofa. I than heard the score and even looked at the box. So here is my take on what I saw.


Before the game started Bobby and Slick Rick exchanged nice pleasantries at mid court. I wonder if they were sincere. I have heard rumors they were no longer as friendly based on recruiting stuff being said and Rick hearing about it. Might just be a rumor. I know that Bobby at one time worshipped Rick and wanted to really work for him.

Back to the game. Bobby had his kids playing lousy goosey as we called it in NYC when we had summer games with nothing to lose. We just played our game and enjoyed it. That's what SHU looked to be doing last night. The SHU Staff had the Pirates ready to compete.

The Players

As I have said many times, SHU has tough kids who compete. Hazell looks like a star in the making with unlimited range. Laing is Laing which is why NBA Teams are following him closely. Big Mike Davis played well from what I saw and he has a mean streak which is good for a big guy as long as he can control it. In fact SHU looks good in the middle for the next few years with Garcia and Davis. Both will get even better. Eugene Harvey is the glue. Even if he does not play great he gets stuff done on the court that help you win. Add in the other players such as Nutter and Larry Davis and Gause (sp) and SHU has some serious weapons to battle with.

People should really understand what SHU accomplished last night. They beat a team with at least 4 future NBA Players and 10 European and NBDL players on the roster. Forget about the fact they are not ranked. Everyone knows Louisville is a household name in basketball circles. This is a team that has taken players from the NYC Metro area based on them being looked at as a much better choice than the local schools. They have kids on the roster who snubbed the local schools because they felt Louisville was a much better situation. Wonder what Character, Clark, and Sosa are thinking as they board the private jet taking them back to Louisville? Wonder what area recruits are thinking?

I cannot imagine what all three Louisville players are thinking even though I do have an idea what at least one is thinking about. But the area recruits are looking at SHU like a HS boy looks at a girl in his class who went from goofy as a freshmen to a beauty as a senior. They are thinking, we can get it done at SHU. They are also saying, "I loved the Crowd." This is the type of game that made St. Johns special for many years. Huge games at the Garden. It is the type of game that made Iona good years ago.

Whats next for SHU? No matter what, kids and fans will remember this game. But the players need to win the next game. keep the momentum going. I honestly feel SHU will be in the post season this year.

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jhony said...

it really was an unbelievable game , what is more amassing is how come there was not highlights on SPN NEWS, for some reason I have the feeling that only ranked teams got in the spot light ,
not fair