Sunday, January 27, 2008

Seton Hall University vs RU

Big Game going on right now between SHU and Cincinnati. Every basketball fan in the tri state area should be pulling for SHU to win this game. With a SHU victory the game at the RAC on Wednesday will be huge!!!

The state of NJ will be really into the match-up on Wednesday at the RAC with a SHU victory. No doubt the place will be sold out. Scalpers are probably purchasing tickets already. The RAC will be rocking for this huge game, especially for Rutgers.

Here is how the game will look on Wednesday. Both teams will come out charged up. It will be very physical under the basket and RU will definitely need to go alot with the Joynes and Harmedy (sp) front line. SHU is a bunch of tough kids but RU will be coming off a 3 game high counting the way they played at DePaul.

The Coaches will really be into the game. I would not be surprised to see a shouting or pushing match between the two Head Coaches LOL. The end of the game hand shakes will be very cold.

All the recruits in the area will try to be at this game. Even those who have committed. This game will have serious recruitment implications.

I am even excited about this game. I might even attend just to enjoy the atmosphere. Now all we need is for SHU to win today!!!! Lets Go Pirates!!!!

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