Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday January 20th, 2008

Yesterday was a great day for college basketball. I decided to not play tennis or go bowling in my home. Of course I am talking about playing tennis and bowling with my wonderful Wii system lol. I spent the entire day watching basketball.

I see my prediction for Rutgers and Seton Hall were off yesterday. I just had a gut feeling that both would squeeze out wins despite being underdogs. Well I hope no one placed any bets based on my predictions. But if you did at least I was 50% correct!!!!!

The number 1 team in the land lost to the number one intense coach in the land, Gary Williams. Yes Maryland again upset a top ranked team! Does anyone know the names of 3 out of the 5 Maryland starters? Now try the same exercise with North Carolina? But we all know that if North Carolina plays Maryland 4 times they will win 3 of the 4! The days of teams going undefeated during the regular season are over unless you are Memphis and play in a less than super conference. Memphis with great players might not lose until the NCAA tournament.

Rutgers vs Depaul

Great game for Rutgers to me. Better energy, passing, shooting, and effort. They lost the game but showed great improvement. The same effort might have resulted in a win at South Florida and a closer game at Syracuse. But the effort and commitment on the part of both players and coaches was there.

Lets look at the Coaching first. The coaches had the RU team prepared for the zone and MM defenses that would be played against them. Putting JR at he foul line as opposed to having him float around the perimeter was great. It kept him closer to the basket, yet not right down low.
The coaches were active and coaching each play. I honestly think they did a very good job.

The Players showed up on Saturday. Every one of them seemed to better understand their roles. The passing was better than I have seen all season in the few games I have able to watch. Individually JR was very good and I single him out based on how hard I was on him. He did not even return my call to him until late last night. I think he might have been a bit upset lol. But he told me he was determined to compete yesterday. I told him to compete every game and every practice. Again it is not just scoring, its about rebounding and defense because you can never have an off day with that. he agreed. farmer was very effective as well. he also seemed comfortable. Even little Coburn seemed to understand his role better. The big fella? I really think he will be in the NBA. It was a great sight watching his Dad in the stands. Was his Dad cool or what? He just cooly watched his son. No expression. Just happy his son is doing well. I always say the best parents to a coaching staff are the ones who never played or coached basketball. They just smile and enjoy as opposed to those (like me unfortunately) who coach every play and critique.

Did not notice Griffin and maybe that's a good thing. he was just playing his role. Byron seemed to really have a different attitude. He also was ON THE COURT. Lastly, I might get some backlash for this but Corey Chandler needs to play team ball. As talented as he is, he sometimes attempts to be the man too much based on past games. But I did see him pass a bit yesterday.

Mick Cronin

Glad to see him doing so well. A real nice young guy who always seemed humble when I spoke with him. He has his team playing well. Just cannot wait until his team plays West Virginia. I wonder if that game is in Cincinnati?

St. Johns

Alot of St. Johns people are getting impatient with the way the season and program is going. But you all knew that. The same people love Norm and want him to do well. They just love St. Johns more.


I wonder if they are happy with their decision to go NCAA D1 in basketball? Guarantees are great but the publicity they are receiving does not help. Will they win one this season?

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