Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rutgers Basketball and Teaneck HS

Rutgers Basketball

I know some people will say I am just a big JR Inman fan and they are right. I am so much a fan that I get upset when I feel he does not play hard. I have been very critical of JR at points this and last season. Despite all of this I remain confident that he can play well, is the best option on the Rutgers team, and also is the MOST UNSELFISH!!!!!

I have read on some basketball boards I am a FHJ guy. That's funny because last season I was attacked for being anti FHJ. But really I love FHJ and what he brings to the table. Just did not like the way they brought him in to replace Gary Waters. Thought it was very unprofessional. I also questioned FHJ's choice of assistants based on what I thought he needed to be successful. Believe it or not Head Coaches who are successful tend to have good assistants. Even John Wooden had Denny Crum. But FHJ??? I really like his vision for RU and I think he has great potential!

Now last night was a different story. The decision to not start your number 1 scorer and rebounder was as bone headed as keeping a kid in the starting line-up who just shoots bricks and does little else. Here is a kid who does all you ask him to do, a good citizen, playing out of position, etc. And you take him out if the starting line-up! Whats the world coming to? The kid with the bad stats, under sized, laughing on the bench, somewhat selfish, continues to start. Why? Maybe its because of ego? Maybe too many people are calling for him to be benched but FHJ does not want it to seem he is not his own man? So he takes JR out of the starting line-up on a national TV game!

Stevie Wonder was watching and commented to Jose Feleciano, "Do You See What FHJ Is Doing? I Cannot believe what I am seeing." Coaches all over America are scratching their head about that move. But if its a disciplinary issue I agree. But just to do this is wrong.

RU was coming off a win!!!! A WIN!!!!!! Why change? Was he attempting to motivate a kid who already is not that hungry? Did he think JR would come out and tear it up? Why not start him the 2nd half? Just real questionable stuff.

Well since FHJ did his thing allow me to do mine. RUTGERS is a selfish team!!!!!!!!!! Especially the guards. Rave if you wish about the RU guards but you are not going anywhere allowing them to play like they are in the NY Entertainers league. Even little, and I mean little, Mike Coburn is looking to get his. Courtney nelson has looked for his points since the day he arrived back in NJ after being a A10 bench player getting limited minutes at Richmond. Farmer at one time looked to make plays the best he could but never really learned to be a PG. But he tried and was decent. Now folks are raving that he is doing so well the past few games. They base it off scoring! I have noticed that when your guards hit a shot early, passing becomes non existent. No one on RU passes the ball and that includes Chandler who has game, but plays only looking at the basket. He rarely passes. Do not believe me? Check the assist stats and than see if you can find out where each assist went scoring wise. You will see passes to jump shooters or breaks. NO DRIBBLE PENETRATION and kick outs. I watched in horror as Coburn had a great kick out opportunity to JR and forced one up. Little freshmen playing like he is the star. JR should have collared him in the locker room if FHJ did not. He should know better. Really, RU has terrible guard play. If Coburn would make plays and look for the open man, if Nelson passed with meaning, If Farmer shot when open and looked to pass, and if Chandler realizes its more to the game than scoring, RU would be a better team. I also think JR needs to continue to rebound but play with a purpose, The big guy needs to get touches, etc.

Now to the fans on various boards. First they say JR needs to look at the basket. Than they say he needs to be aggressive. FHJ decides to not start him for whatever reason and he try's to come out aggressive but mentally he is disappointed by the treatment. Yet he rebounds but has little bounce in his legs. hard to get alot from a YOUNG (20) man who is experiencing adversity without understanding the reason behind it. Mentally he was shot! Than fans question him stating he just wanted to win and work with the Coaches PHILOSOPHY. Folks questioned his attitude behind his statement. The kid is 20 and still in college for Pete's sake. Give him a break. Fans should have been upset at the questionable treatment he received from FHJ.

Lastly each kid has a different personality. Knowing JR as FHJ does, should have allowed him to know the JR experiment would backfire offensively. I knew from the tip that he would suffer because he was not prepared mentally. I just hoped he would rebound, and he did. Yet the RU fans are giving him heck over his performance and comments.

Rutgers want to do better? PASS THE BALL AROUND, let a guard take the ball out and get JR up the court for a pass option, PASS THE BALL AROUND MORE, Run the ball up a bit more because of the lack of an inside game and lack of big man strenghth, and PLAY HARD D.

In closing this portion of my post I want to again say I believe in FHJ, and JR. I just think FHJ blew it big time with alot of stuff against SF. And to keep Griffin in as a starter is nothing short of ego.

Finally, Inman had 14 rebounds and 8 points. But as a team you had around 5-6 assists. Thats the larger picture. 5-6 assists. And the odd thing is JR had 2 of your 6 assists!!!!!!! 8 points, 14 rebounds, and 2 assists despite mental games. Again, if he did somthing that FHJ is not discussing I apoligise. But if not???

Teaneck, HS and Teaneck, NJ

I am on a roll today lol. My man John Cano emailed me some interesting stuff yesterday. This was supposed to be the main blog piece today but I am so upset with the JR thing it had to go first.

Teaneck is a nice community close to the GW bridge that has a HS that has turned out a number of D1 players a few years back. As a former Teaneck resident it hurts me to see the program has become just a team. Years ago they were known nationally and always in the mix for a state championship. Lately, despite having the same coach, they have become just a team in Bergen County, a place not normally known for turning out alot of D1 players.

Though I wonder if Curtis March, the coach who at one time was one of the best in the state, still has the fire and desire, it seems other factors are also associated with the Teaneck fall. Oddly it took me time to realize the great job Curtis March was doing. He was great!!!!! Now he is just coaching because it seems many in the town has pushed kids elsewhere believe it or not.

Though Teaneck could contend for a group 3 championship this season, check out the Teaneck kids at other schools. Javae Gilchrist was MVP for Queen of Peace in a Christmas tournament, Lance Brown was MVP was MVP for Patterson Catholic in a Christmas tournament, Aaron Brown plays a big role for St. Benedict's, And the big kid on Patterson Catholic Trevor Cummings (?) all are from Teaneck and normally would be playing for the Highwaymen.

I just imagine them with the current players on Teaneck. And keep in mind Teaneck is a Town with a small council and 1 large High School. Nice homes and manicured lawns. Great facilities including the number one youth basketball facility in NJ, The Richard Rodda Center with two very nice gyms.

Curtis will hopefully have the energy to get Teaneck back or allow another person with the same vision he had years ago to take over. Teaneck should be better but it takes hard work and commitment.


essexknight said...


I agree with your take on Inman. I posted that on the rivals board which you used to be a part of. It was a dumb mistake to bench Inman, and I hate all the Inman bashing I have seen. The kid is a good player and he is not the problem. RU needs more talent around him.

The one place I disagree with you is regarding assists. I agree that the guard play has been bad for RU (that is function of Chandler's injury and poor recruiting from FHJ because he needed to bring in more impact players in addition to Chandler). But, the assist #'s are so low for RU because the team lacks shot makers. Aside from Chandler, really nobody on the team is dependable from outside. Inman may be the second best shooter, and you can't have your 6'9 PF as your second best shooter. I think Farmer would have more assists if he had better players around him who made shots (a legit 3 like Dominique Jones). Take a look at Farmer's freshman numbers, he had more assists than (playing alongside Douby) than he had as a soph and than he is on pace to having this year as a junior.

I pains me to say it, but I think RU is back to the Littlepage era.

LFBall said...

Thanks for the comment. I still read the rivals boards all the time. I love them. I just do not enjoy the angry people who praise a kid one day than bash them the next because they DO NOT SCORE alot of points. Thats the case with JR. He had 8 points, 14 rebounds, and 2 assists. Think fans at NC would be mad at him with those stats?

I love reading your comments on the rivals board. But I do disagree with you about the guards. THEY ARE VERY SELFISH. What is Mike Coburn doing looking to shoot b4 passing? He gets to me more than anyone else because he is trying to be Ben Gordon without the skills. RU was his only BE solid offer. In fact the rest was A10 and lower. Farmer will not look to pass if he hits a few shots early. Chandler, great as he is, NEVER looks to make plays. He is very good but needs to pass and trust me when I tell you people that know BBall are saying the same thing.

Your assist totals are bad because you guys need to push the ball up the court to beat the strenghth players setting up down low, get better dribble penetration for shots and kick-outs, and set screens for true scorers, Inman and Chandler.

I just want you to watch the next game closely. Watch how many open players do not get the ball from the guards. Its almost comical as one NBA scout said a week ago.

Thanks again for reading.