Monday, January 7, 2008

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LFBall On Hoops was created to express my thoughts and those of others who want to express their feelings about hoops. This blog was not created to take the place of message boards or internet sites that write about HS and College basketball. Do I still read college and HS boards? OF COURSE. I read them just like everyone else including Hoops Wise and Adam Zagoria among others. Never knew anything was wrong with that. I have seen posts I put on the Internet as part of news stories for years. Besides, the sites I read are great! Rutgers, SHU, Kentucky, NYCNJHOOPS, Villanova, St. Joes, Zags, and others are outstanding. I read all of them all the time.

Now with this site I have attempted to make it interesting. But it is my site and I will keep it respectful but not allow folks to say things that are lies. I will not attempt to respond to message boards because I am not interested in debates. But I will answer comments on my blog and my personal email as well. My email is

I did respond to JR info on the RU site on my blog because I wanted to provide my thoughts on my blog. It is far from just me talking about JR. It unfair for RU posters to make it seem that way. I have covered on my blog deaths, basketball guys who are sick, recruiting, basketball history, HS stuff, AAU, and more. To say I am only doing messages is unfair to me and what I am attempting to present. If someone read the entire blog they would see multiple posts about multiple issues. Am I not to write about JR because I know him? Think others do not talk about folks they know in a positive light? Think FHJ does not have friends in the media that he planted stories with for years? Ditto Gonzo and others? Plus, I call it as I see it with JR and others. Check earlier blogs posts from me where I am very hard on JR. Check out prior posts I made on the RU board where I agreed with FHJ about discipline with JR and others.

Lastly, this is something I never said but I will now. JR DID NOTHING WRONG off the court! FHJ is trying to get him to play better and more focused . I got that from JR and others. When folks put out there that "There Has To be More To It Than We Know," and they act like real program insiders, it makes an innocent person look very guilty of an unknown crime. JR is a good kid. Almost too dog gone good. I wish he would get in trouble somtimes LOL. Folks would feel he is tougher than lol.

Hopefully this is the last time I will have to talk about my blog in this manner. I want everyone to enjoy it but if someone like the two folks who said I might as well write on the RU message board do not like it, they should not read it. Remember I read the RU board because I like it.

Lastly someone used the word Journalist in describing what I am attempting. That sounds great but if I am a Journalist the it would take away credibility from guys who really write for a living. I am just a fan, with a little time on his hand, writing about a subject I enjoy. Thanks to those who read my stuff wheter they like it or not.

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