Wednesday, January 16, 2008

They Should be Ashamed!!!

If I was a NJ Tax payer I would request a rebate based on the performance given by Rutgers against Syracuse University.. NO EXCUSES!!!!! That goes for everyone.

It is crazy how no one including myself has wanted to knock FHJ. I really like him but the bottom line is it looks like Rutgers is no where close to becoming competitive. They would need young Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird to win this season. And honestly, despite what some have said about the current RU players, they do have talent.

So whats the problem? The problem is they are too damn nice! They are the young men you want to come and see your Daughter. Honestly Rutgers does not need those type of kids. Nice middle class kids rarely win games. I always said if I coached at a Junior College I would have at least two kids a year from Rahway Jail on my team. Toughness is often more important than skills with big guys. In other words the RU Team has some real soft kids who really do not get after it. We can blame FHJ all we want. But the kids are a serious problem!! Not based on talent and ability. Based on toughness and heart.

JR Inman, my guy and my friend, should be embarrassed!!! NO EXCUSES!!! To play 28 minutes and have 2 rebounds shows a lack of heart? I can deal with off shooting days. But when you are needed to score and you take only 8 shots and hit 2 to go along with 2 rebounds it shows you have not accepted your role on the RU team. But again the scoring can come and go. I have always told kids that they could have a bad game shooting wise. But rebounding and defense is more desire than anything else. JR really needs to get his act together or FHJ needs to get a tough JC kid who might not be as skilled to COME AND THUG JRs spot from him.

Byron? Finish it out big fella but you too are lazy and not hungry enough to make a difference. The reason QD was so good was not because he could shoot. he was good because he wanted to be good and he wanted to eat better one day and help his folks. Most of the kids on RU act as if they are playing Prep School ball before attending Yale as reg students.

Farmer is somewhat tough but needs to lead!! Coburn is Coburn. A career role player skill wise but at least he fakes toughness. Griffin? Aggressive shooter who got away with stuff in HS that will not work in College. Nelson? Allowed freshmen to THUG HIS MINUTES from him. Farmer did not allow this but Nelson did. Sofman probably is tougher than most of the kids mentioned. He at least deserves a chance. The big fella? HE HAS HEART and DESIRE and might just be an NBA Player in the future. He plays hard. Growing up in Newark has allowed Chandler to be tough. He will do well even on off nights because he wants and needs it.

The Coach

Fred Hill is not the entire problem here. But he has to do a better job preparing his soft kids for battle. You play with what you have and adjust. It is about winning. We know he will not be going anywhere after this season even though he might be forced to make staff changes. We also know he cannot play on the court for the kids he has. Trust me RU would better with FHJ, Darren Savino, and Craig Carter on the team to go along with Chandler. As a player FHJ would have slapped the piss out of JR Inman by now for playing so damn soft. He would have also been yelling and leading them to a better record. In the same vain he needs to step his game up by getting into the faces of his really soft troops. he needs to become General Patton on them. Because not to show any improvement is a sign of failure.

Next season will be the same without an attitude adjustment. Christian Morris is decent. But he is way tougher than what you have. But he is not a program changer. Rosario could be a McDonald's All American so he will bring backcourt relief. But who sits? If he plays with Chandler who will be the PG? Will it be a 3 guard line-up? Who will start at the big positions? Big fella and JR? Does that line up scare anyone? Farmer, Chandler, Rosario, Inman, and Big fella? The rest of the BE is shaking in their sneakers I am sure. But if they play HARD and Together it would look like a different team.

What's more important is an attitude transformation. Drop the BS barn league and allow those kids to play in Newark, East Orange, and Harlem! Make RU understand Defense and rebounding are crucial. Score off the D. But more important FHJ needs to take the gloves off with his kids. Even during games! They would lock me up if I was the RU Coach during the Syracuse game. I would have been slamming kids in the locker room and nose to nose challenging them.

Lastly. Many people like FHJ so much they give him passes others would not receive. He is the favorite son. But the favorite son needs to show some serious improvement THIS SEASON, even if it does not transform into wins. When a game is over every kid and coach should have left it all on the court!! Start the transformation right now. New practice and new attitude. Best 5 guys start the next game based on EFFORT, Defense, and more EFFORT.


Rich said...

toughness is not there. you are right. i wish everyday, FHJ would make the team push the ball up and play more of a fast break / pressure game. when a team is lacking toughness and having a hard time making open shots from a set offense. forcing the issue with massive amounts of pressure and pushing the ball up the court after a rebound, allows/forces players to play tougher and harder. we have plenty of bodies on the bench to do this.

SPK145 said...

Is it me or did the Rutgers players look like they really didn't want to be there last night? What's up with that?

LFBall said...

I would love to see RU play to win as oppossed to keeping the score close. Run and compete. Play dedicated D! It does look like they have no passion for the game.