Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Recruiting Nips


Saw Quintrell Thomas on TV with St. Patrick's. I now feel he will get good minutes at Kansas. He was a man in the game I saw. Tough on the blocks and a true inside player with great potential. He looked like the type of kid who would have made a HUGE difference for RU.

Watched Paris Bennett play as well. he remains a good talent but seems to have drooped off a bit. But he will be a good player for someone. Just hope he chooses the correct college program

Dexter Strickland is the clean-cut All American player the so called squeaky clean programs want (If there is really such a thing). He has a great attitude and game. I was kind of disapointed that he was not more in control of his team in the lost they just suffered. He needs to step up and demand the ball/ But he has all the ingredients to be great. I also always felt he was tough as well. I need to watch him just a bit more to have a better take on him in that area.

A surprise was Kevin Boyle. He really has game and deserves his spot on St. Patrick. He also PASSES the ball, which is unusual these days. I really like him!! I wonder if he can still dance like he could when he was around 10. I still remember him dancing at games during music breaks.

St. Patrick's lost to a good team from Houston that is not even ranked nationally. But they were good! I also thought they brought more pressure to St. Pats than any team I have seen except St. Anthony;s. Yates has been good for many years. It seemed the refs did all they could to give St. Patrick's the W. But Anthony Jones and his Yates HS teamates would not be denied.

Back to young Mr. Boyle. I can see him at a place like Davidson one day.

Anthony Jones is better than his top 50 ranking from what I saw.

A few people were upset when Quintrell left HS in Newark (Science?) fpr St. Patrick's. My question is would he be the player he is today, entertaing many offers prior to committomg to Kansas? I doubt it!!!

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