Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back from ACC Country

Great to be back in the tri state area. I was in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia since Monday. Now back to hoops. I wonder if I was missed? lol. I doubt it!! But it seems alot has been going on. Here are just a few snips from me on various subjects.

Looking forward to the Super 6 at MSG on Sunday. I will be there very early to check out the games that take place before the games. To watch deals being made and to discuss great bball stuff with great local fans like John Salvo, mike Williams, all the great SHU and RU fans, and more. The lobby should be great!!

Was down on tabacco road late Tuesday. I have been to Duke in the past, but never to Cameron Indoor Stadium. John Cano, my main guy and great bball fan who works for the NBA had told me the arena was nowhere as impressive as it looks on TV. I went late and was able to see the gym empty. All I can say is it is nowhere as nice as people think. It looks like a decent sized HS gym. I also now realize why the students stand. If they sat down it would not be enough room for all of them. And Durham? It's a nice city but nit unlike areas we all know where we live. But they still get stud players!!!!!

Chapel Hill and the Dean Smith Center? WOW!!!!!! Outstanding campus and state of the art building for games. Its no wonder folks say when a kid visits Carolina, they commit! You add tradition and put great academics and buildings, and its no wonder they do so well every year. I am too old to speak about the young coeds. But you cam imagine. Guys looking like monsters were walking around with models lol.

During my time in West Virginia it was clear that many people love the sports teams. Without professional sports teams, it's what they have to cheer about. Because the state is somewhat depressed from being ripped by big industry years ago, the WVU teams provide alot for them to cheer about.

Saw local BE Teams lost some games. Will it get better? Will it get worst? Is anyone happy? Funny how people make statements about folks when things are not going great. FHJ should go? That's Crazy!!!!!!! FHJ SHOULD NOT GO!!! RU knew what they were getting into. They knew it would take time to make the team a program. Now I do feel FHJ needs to stop it with the line-up change and decreased minutes for some players. FHJ needs to start from scratch TODAY! Go with your most talented line-up. You have to score points to win games. Stop hurting yourself, and your team. Because you might not win many this season, why not use this time to put in a system that REQUIRES players to PASS and cut. PASS and move. No one should take close to a shot per minute. Michael Jordan did not even do that. Harness your talent and start fresh Saturday. Playing as a team anything can happen.

SHU lost a game and Bobby G got into an argument with his coaching counterpart Tom Crean (sp)? Well let me be the first to tell many of you his counterpart is not known to be one of the real nice guys. Bobby might not make alot of friends but he will claw and fight for victories. The Nuter of the past needs to show up and play hard. Lang has to play Team ball and worry about NBA stuff later. Big Mike continues to impress. But as I said over a week ago, He Needs To Learn How to run lanes and the entire court. Also glad he did well academically. I really look forward to this kid graduating from college. Brett Carter had done a great job with Mike. And it seems Mike will be OK even if basketball is not in his future, though I think it will be in some capacity. Guase? MY MAN and I do not even know him. You guys better get that job offer ready for him. I still feel you guys need more on the bench with Gonzo. And even though I like him alot, I know he will never take that strong Assistant Coach. But He knows how to win.

I have heard rumors that some SJU fans already are doing lists of coaches to take over for Norm Roberts next season. I hope this does not happen but many seem eager to see a change. Here also is a program with a staff that should be stronger. Some of the names mentioned to me are interesting especially one guy from ACC territory who would be outstanding. In fact there are 2 guys I can think of who would do well. But I still feel Norman has a great chance of turning it around at SJU. Too bad they can not bring back the legal stipends for housing and living expenses.

Coaching Expectations

1. Recruit Atheletes who are students
2. Teach The Game
3. Motivate Players and Staff
4. Support Program Participants
5. Prepare Strategy
6. Make game and coaching adjustments
7. Develop Talent
8. Represent Institution well

How about winning? When folks say winning is not that important I say BULL!!! Winning is what it is about and why schools provide scholarships. Money is made when teams win. But that does not mean if coach does not win right away he is a failure. IT TAKES time to build a program. But overall program improvement should be noticeable regardless of record.

Mick Cronin at Cincinnati is doing his thing. Great guy who was a favorite of players when he was a counselor at the ABCD Camp years ago. By the way, his dad is a HS coaching legend in Ohio!

Still raving about the staff assembled by Bob Huggins. Billy Hahn? Larry Harris? Two former head coaches who also are known as superb recruiters. And BH can coach!!! Seems like he is winning with a different type of kid. He adjusted his offense to the kids in his program.

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