Saturday, January 19, 2008

RU Response and a bit of SHU

Just arrived back home from Bowie Maryland on Business. I need to point out I am not registered nor can I retrieve my password from Rivals which is the reason I answer some questions and comments on my blog. Pleased to see so many comments.

To the person who said I felt Sofman was "Too White" I say that's a lie. I said and meant he might be too suburban since he was known as ONLY A SHOOTER. Coming from West Milford does not mean he faced Jersey City, Newark, or NYC competition. I questioned his toughness just as I would Sylvan Landburg from Holy Cross HS in NYC who is Black. You want to make me take the gloves off? I still have not said he is tough. He has yet to prove he is even a Big East Role Player. Many people still do not understand that signing! I was giving him the benefit of the doubt based on him not getting many minutes. But too say I said he was too White? Its the kind of statement that made me stop posting. And why was my post so goofy? I wanted to keep it a bit light but goofy? Call my posts names all you want but remember you DO NOT HAVE TO READ IT!!! Its MY Blog!!

To my man Harlem. You know me and you know I never meant ALL MIDDLE CLASS kids were not tough. You gave a few names but most of the names you mentioned were definitely not suburban middle class kids. But there are many Middle Class and even some Wealthy Kids who can play their butts off. Let me give you a black one. Butch Graves was from Scarsdale NY, an affluent community. Yet he was tough as heck at Yale! Craig Carter is a middle Class kid. Do not allow him to fool you lol. He is tough! Tyler H from North Carolina is as tough as they come. Dad is a Surgeon. Rob Hodgeson was tough. So please do not confuse my words. And if it seems I was saying that, I apologise. So I stand by what I said.

Seton Hall

What can I say. They do have some tough kids on board in addition to some talented players. They beat a South Florida team who really seems improved. They have a few options which makes SHU a tough out.

But whats the deal with the 4000 plus in attendance? 4000 plus? That's horrible for a BE league game. They really need to work on the marketing and advertising as well as ticket give-aways.

Much more coming over the weekend.

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Joseph J. said...

Just to support your point more, there aren't many tougher than the boxer Marco Antonio Barrera, whose father is a doctor.

Determination is forced on you by tough circumstances. But it comes from within, so can exist no matter the circumstances.