Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday January 27, 2008

GREAT WIN by Rutgers!!!!!!!! I guess you gotta believe!!!! Now about that game.

Mike Coburn my hats off to you. Have you been reading my blog? You seem to be passing alot more than when you seemed to be competing with Corey Chandler scoring wise. But I will have to say you have stepped it up. I still need to see more before I say you are BE Starting material on a BE contending team. But you are definitely moving beyond the role player category.

I have to say that this RU Team belongs to Corey Chandler. Sometimes you just cannot hold good players back. This kid can create off the dribble and shoot from the outside. Plus is is TOUGH!!! Lastly, this young man WANTS TO BE A STAR!!! You have to want it to get it! I guess everyone needs to just sit back and relax while watching this kid continue to develop into what might be the best guard in Rutgers history if he stays four years because he really is good!!!

Byron Joynes also seemed very good last night. That's the Byron I thought RU had when he came in from HS. I loved when he played with the big fella in the same line-up. They looked very good together.

Harmedy (sp) could be a 1st round draft choice in time. He has alot of Sam Delambert(sp) in him. He runs, plays hard, dunks, and can hit the short J. But his biggest thing is his great emotion. He really gets after it, as coaches love to say.

RU Fans are really enjoying the Win but though pieces seem to be falling into place RU is still a team not quite ready for prime time. Remember i said QUITE!!! Folks are ready to Make FHJ BE Coach of The Year after Weeks ago questioning if he was the right guy for the RU job. Fans lol. We change back and forth so much. What happens when RU loses again. It will be back to the same things I would bet. Upcoming games including SHU will be tough. You Gotta believe but you also Gotta be Patient.

Lastly. I think RU Player roles are really changing. If RU was the Jackson Five, Corey Chandler would now be Michael, and the others would be the Jackson's. Or is they were Gladys knight and the Pips, Corey would be Gladys and the team would be the Pips. JR is now more like Jermaine even though he has Michael talent. But again, you have to want it while playing Team Basketball!!

One last thing. I loved the last timeout FHJ took. He COACHED his team to a victory. No doubt about it. I honestly think he totally out coached Jamie Dixon. FHJ was the real star of the game in my book.

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