Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Hey everybody. It's Tuesday and that means it is only one day for the huge game between Rutgers and Seton Hall. I could call it the championship of New Jersey but St. Peters fans would have a right to protest in front of my home. But this game is so huge that the Governor should attend. I can see good ole Bob M sitting next to him whispering lol.

The Match-ups

Lang vs Inman

Finesse and skills against toughness and skills. Will Lang Thug JR and have his way? Or will JR have the game he is capable of having using his skills and shooting over Lang? My pick here is (will be posted Tomorrow Morning)

Harvey vs Farmer

Is Brooklyn in the house? Will farmer step his game up to compete with Harvey who is due for a great game after scoring 2 points in his last outing? Will Farmer be focused and a true leader? (Tomorrow)

Davis vs Chandler

Davis is a great shooter but is more of a RU type player personality wise while Chandler is a tough inner city type with heart who seems more of a SHU fit. Both are very talented but who will have the big game? (Tomorrow Morning)

Harmedy vs Garcia/Davis

Athletic big guy vs two big tough kids. Will Harmedy need assistance from Joynes early? Will he stay out of foul Trouble? Garcia and Davis could be brut type players but is Harmedy up for the challenge? (Tomorrow)

Nutter vs Griffin

Which Nutter will show up? The soft one who plays cool or the competitor who was on everyone's recruitment wish list? Can Griffin hit some shots early and not over shoot if he is having a bad shooting game? Will he defend and rebound? (Tomorrow)

Line-ups could be different if RU goes with 3 guard line-up.

Harvey vs Coburn

Coburn has the heart but does he have the ability to handle a hungry Eugene Harvey?

Farmer vs Nutter

Who will have the better game?

The Coaches

Bobby G vs FHJ

This will be a war from stare downs on the sidelines, to phony pre game talking to cold end of the game handshakes. Does anyone actually think these guys would enjoy having dinner together? How about sitting together enjoying a St. Benedict's game? I am just as eager to watch these two on the sidelines as I am in watching the actual game. Will it get ugly?

The Atmosphere

My FORECAST IS FOR A SELLOUT AND NOISE. Might even be a scuffle or two in the seats.

Game time is 9 PM and everyone in the NY Metropolitan area who loves basketball will watch or listen. Especially those rising 10th and 11th graders and their advisers.

PS Merge of the SHU Board came on and rightfully reminded me I had left hazell out of the mix. All I can say is he might go off for 30 after that slight that was not intentional. Wow, stupid me lolol.


SPK145 said...

I resent your thug comment in regards to Laing. I know what you mean but do others??

merge said...

No mention of Hazell, or the return of Gause?

On paper... SHU should get the edge at every spot from PG to Center.

LFBall said...

I meant no harm. I always use that term as do others who coach and teach when explaining how some strong and tough players claim and take what they want. I know Brian having met him a few times. He is a wonderful young man. But that comment was just my way of saying he could thug JR and take his game. Not by dirty play, or trash talking. Just by solid tough playing which he has always done so well. If people think I was calling him a thug they are so wrong. I would never. If I told folks what I really know, or think about many around basketball it would be real ugly for me and them lol. Maybe I should have said out tough him. When I get a chance I will tell you great SHU guys what I resent which sends a horrible message to young men. But it might just be me. But as an ex educator I think it sends the wrong message. Talk to you soon and I really thank you for ALWAYS KEEPING IT REAL. You are like the Maven of SHU without the built-up anger lolol. I love Mavens insight and posts.

LFBall said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! How could I forget Hazell, a kid I have watched for years. This is why I am not a real writer lol. That is a huge blunder. He just might read my blog and go off for 30 points or so. I feel very stupid. But Hazell will make a difference. He is very good, He is what Desmond Harrod was suppossed to be. Gause? You guys know I love his effort. I wish I had a job to give him when he graduates. But if this is his 1st game back, he might be a bit rusty.

merge said...

That's ok, easy to forget a player when we just have SO MANY good ones. lol... You have been doing a great job with your blog so far though.

I look forward to see who you give the edge tomorrow. Like I said, I think SHU has at least a slight edge at all spots this year, but the home court advantage is huge for RU.