Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Basketball

Weekend Basketball


Great win and a true indicator of where this team should be. Those young men played so hard I was tired just watching. They came up with lose balls, big rebounds and crucial possessions. All I can say is JOB WELL DONE across the board.

Everyone is asking if this win helps Fred Hill? I say every win helps any coach but even if this was a loss, the effort was worth mentioning and applauding FHJ and the team as a whole. But we all know the remaining games are critical and the same effort needs to come from both players and coaches.

The Big Fella at Rutgers

As I have been saying for 3 years. Even if he does not score consistently, this kid will play in the NBA! They must be drooling over him being in camp as a late 2nd rounder, or free agent getting the minimum to start. It is very hard to find a player 6 ft 11 who can run, dunk, and block shots with no fear! One day he will earn a ton of money. Maybe he will fund the new Rutgers Basketball Dorm similar to what Kentucky and others have.

College Basketball This Past Weekend

I love looking at box scores not just to see game stats, but also attendance figures from games. From looking at some games from the weekend, it seems some teams have really got it
together marketing and promotion wise while others have no clue.

Here are some attendance thoughts.

Missouri Valley Conference has to be a much better league than folks realize. Schools such as Creighton continue to be very impressive attendance wise. Those schools are also much better than people give them credit for. great talent, large arenas filled, and loyal fans at very good academic schools.

Looked at Binghamton winning again despite missing the top 5 players and two main coaches. They had close to a sell out AGAIN this weekend in an overtime win. It is no secrete why other schools are so jealous. The marketing and promotion people at Binghamton need to be recruited by a few Big East Teams I can think of. Those guys are great!

Than there is Stony Brook and that nice arena on Long Island. They had 1000 plus fans at a weekend game. I guess they have the same Promotional team that FDU uses. 1000 people? Why stay as a D1 school?

Than there is good ole FDU. No one ever attends even when they were winning. And the funny thing is no one cares. Again why D1 with no support?

How about NJIT? had 200 fans at a weekend WIN! 200 fans? I guess the away games where they are playing against they are like gladiators against the lions are paying the bills because it just does not make sense.


shelmaxi said...

I strongly disagree with you regading FDU"s basketball program. When FDU was winning the fans came out. During The Elijah Allen era the games were exciting and their was a great deal of enthusiam from the crowd. During the NEC tournaments the gym was almost filled to capacity. Tom Green and his assistants brought a great deal of credibilty to the progam. However ,during the past few years the program has suffered because of a lack of financial support by the university and hence poor recruiting. FDU is located in the heavily populated tri state area. With imaginative marketing and strong leadership from the AD ,David Langford, FDU can capture the imagination of the entire area. Leadership and committment by the University is critical. Mr. Langford must show that he is the man for the job. If he is successful not only does he make a name for himself but he can bring many alumni back into universty activities. Their are over 100,000 FDU alumni living in New Jersey and most of us are waiting for the day when FDU will be the talk of area college basketball. Finally, The selection of the next coach is critical. FDU not only needs an X'and O' coach ,but an excellent recriter as well. I can ony hope that they make the right decision. Mr. Langford the entire FDU community is watching.

LFBall said...

I disagree with you. I attended many FDU games over the years because I lived in Teaneck NJ. At least 6 a year because of my friendship with Coach Tom Green and having a best buddy Robert Holford working on the staff for a period. I was also friendly at the time with Fred Hill to a point my son who had much bigger offers considered FDU.

The only time I ever saw that gym jumping was when LIU was the team to beat and Coach Ray Haskins brought busses of fans to a game at FDU. Gym was close to a sell out and the excitement has never been duplicated at a FDU game since.

There was a time when Tiny Green was heading up promotions at the Rothman Center that attracted more fans than ever before. When he was elevated BACK to basketball Assistant Coach that changed back the usual.

The AD? Please!!! Had hope for him when he came fromU Maryland Baltimore County where he was an Asst, AD. But it seems the program is worst now than it has ever been. Plus it seems the twins from California (Pumps) have become influential with him based on a few recent decisions lol.

Than the school AD and Administration take out the end stands to make the gym look no better than a HS facility. Safety reasons? Please! They cannot even fake looking like true D1 program.

FDU needs to change that GYM (not a arena the way it is now set up) and get the promotions and athletic program together much more than they need to hire a new coach. because again I say coaches need great support to be successful on the D1 level. Ask the great mid major programs. Heck Binghampton still gets 4000 plus while Siena gets around 6000. FDU should have a great fan base in Northern NJ. No excuses!

Lastly, the bergen jamboree plays the final rounds there and has to rent stands? Great message to potential players because they usually fill that place to capacity.

exandohjoe said...

There have been some great games with good atmosphere at FDU. When FDU, LIU, Monmouth, Rider, and Mt St Mary's were good I saw some exciting and well attended games at FDU.

Unfortunately FDU has had some questionable characters in the program (Fred Hill and Tiny Green - thanks!!!) and their friends and families would make the atmosphere less than desirable at times.

Regardless, the committment is missing and the place is tired. The Pumps will only make it worse. That AD needs to have some sense. And some class. NOBODY with ties to the past should come anywhere near that job!!! Do it right!!!


LFBall said...

I am stunned concerning the FDU AD? Who is he really anyway? Does he even have a clue? He awards the HC Job to a guy who was just getting back into college basketball over the current Associate Coach at the time who had been a HC on the D1 level? Remember we are talking Temp not permanent.

He sits back and just watches as interest in FDU basketball is at an all time low?

He fires Tom Green right before the season after the man had been at FDU for a longtime. It could have been done sooner or later but not when it was done.

He has yet to establish a good marketing and promotion team. Bergen County has some wealthy folks and alot of corporations. In no way should they average less than 3000 fans a game. Where is the promotions?

He allows the HC to bring in an assistant from California? Why? Does the guy have NYC and NJ connections? There were not local folks who could have taken that job and been more productive? Did FDU sign a few 3 star studs from California?

The only ones smiling today are Tom Green who is now realizing that he is better off not even working with that administration and the people in California who must have whispered in the ear of the AD in a way that made the current Temp Coach look like he should be hired.

Lastly I am not anti Greg Vetrone. He deserves to be in college basketball. I also think he needs to be at a higer level as an Assistant Coach because he is good and has great connections. He just did not deserve the FDU position because the Associate Coach was the rightful choice!