Friday, January 15, 2010

Calling Herb Pope, Calling Herb Pope! Where are you, where are you? Herb Pope to me is the key to the rest of the Seton Hall season. This is a guy who should be starring for Seton Hall University and not sitting on the bench in foul trouble. As I have said in the past, when you are not in basketball shape, your mind and your legs will be the first to go. This leads to missed free throws, reach fouls, etc. Not so sure I would not hold the training staff responsible for his conditioning as well as him and the entire coaching staff. I have seen coaches in the past suspend players early in the season until they get into better shape. Too late for this but one thing for sure Pope will need to return for another season unless he goes to Europe to play. Sorry to be so hard on this kid but he has such a great upside. Now it is up to him to suck it up and produce! And he needs to get Keon Lawrence to join him to do the same. Keon where are you? Eugene Harvey have you given up? Did Jordan just take your spot from you without a fight? Thought you were from Brooklyn?

Saw something I did not like on the SHU bench last night. watched how players were just relaxing as if they were playing a 72 game schedule. I know folks love Garcia based on him playing injured etc. And remember I raved about him when he signed with SHU. Well he looks as if he is just relaxing on the bench and not focused unless he is on the court. Remember this is what I saw ON TV, so I might be wrong. But everyone knows bench players need to be ready to compete when they hit the court.

I always loved the way Bob Hurley demanded his bench players never allow their backs to hit the back of the chairs they were sitting on. I guess he feels if the guys on the court can play hard the least the bench players can do is sit forward and watch what is going on.

Lastly. SHU lost a game to a team that at this time is a better team. Again these are the teams you need to sneak a win from here and there. People can question coaching all they wish. Sooner or later the players need to look in the mirror and decide they will commit to defense and playing every possession harder, The next few games are very important post season wise!

Rutgers played very hard against Syracuse who at this time is also a better team than they are. We can say the RU coaches need to get better talent all we want. I again say how? Those program changers are hard to come by, trust me. And how does FHJ get them with the horrible facilities and being on the hot seat for a few years. What top 40 kid will commit? For what he has to work with I think he has done a decent job. And as I always say, Rutgers is not a cheating program so there are not any side deals being made. Finalize those plans for the renovation and additions so that your coaching staff has something to sell. Right now there are CAA and A10 teams with much more to offer recruits facility wise. Mr. AD please get it together.

Seems Norm Roberts will return next season. I say this is great news and well deserved. Most people can see the real changes in the SJU program. And remember they still have MSG to use as a selling tool. And the re-done arena and practice facility is also a huge plus. The players will attend SJU, especially knowing Norm Roberts will be there.

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