Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JR Inman Thoughts

The JR Inman Situation

I have received numerous emails concerning JR Inman. Let me start by saying I remain a loyal supporter of JR Inman and will always be. In fact I am proud of him for sticking it out at Rutgers even though it was told to him Fred Hill was not going to treat him fair. In fact I and many others in the NY/NJ basketball community wanted him to leave after his Jr. year. Even if he had to go to an NAIA Power School. We all saw the writing on the wall for him at RU. But FHJ convinced him that he would be a huge part of the team and have a great season. When JR got hurt in the beginning of his Sr. season, we again told him to request a medical red shirt because he was seriously injured. He was told that he was needed. So he played hurt the first part of his SR. year because most likely FHJ wanted FIG to complete their eligibility.

To JRs credit he saw more than basketball. He said numerous times that he wanted a degree from Rutgers. He also said he was determined to help Rutgers win. That's what he, Anthony, and Griffin came to RU for. He saw the benefits of a RU education even though many others did not.

When JR first signed to play at RU there were many who felt he would never develop at Rutgers. It seems that many who are on the RU message boards do not remember how good he was in HS and AAU. He outplayed many great players including Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington during his HS career. He was also recruited at the highest level by high D1 schools. But he and his fellow FIG members wanted to attend RU together. And during that first year he did very well and even made Freshmen All American. So that NBA mention regarding being a 2nd rounder was not that far off prior to his years under the current head coach because he was indeed on the NBA radar. This all changed when FHJ came aboard. JR never was the same after he became Head Coach. And again I was never anti FHJ, I was anti the way he treated JR Inman. In fact I hate when coaches frown at players during games and Gary Waters does this often, Thus I always was more of a FHJ guy than Gary Waters. But for JR I cannot think of a better person or coach for him than Gary Waters. I wonder if folks know Gary called all his players before their last college game? I would bet that it was Gary who got in touch with JR and told him to clean up what he wrote etc. I have to say Gary Waters and his Wife were Class with a capital C.

Now on to the JR facebook situation. Seems to me that JR has a right to be upset. He went through more than anyone can imagine as a student athlete at RU. He watched as his dreams of playing after college were all but shattered. He heard folks saying horrible things about people he cared about at RU and away from RU. He heard rumors about what the coaches were saying about him, and was feeling the wrath despite always talking positive about what was happening to him. Yes JR went through alot! Some of the things he was punished for he deserved, other stuff he did not deserve. I will always say right is right and wrong is wrong.

The one incident that will always stand out to me is how JR was put on the bench and criticized and made an example of despite him being the leading scorer and rebounder on the team. I personally feel he never recovered from that experience and was never the player at RU he could have been. And at least 3 NBA guys I know felt at the time he was on track to be a future draft choice or at the least a training camp signee with a chance to make a roster. Again remember this was prior to his Sr. season. And also understand many high D1 coaches were stunned that was was handled the way he was basketball wise. This is the reason Bobby Gonzalez talked to him at the end of a RU/SHU game. He and many others felt bad for him.

Now here is where i change up. FHJ is now at a road that has 4 red lights making it hard for him to proceed. He has transfer rumors, a recent transfer, win less in BE play, a shrinking fan base, and other issues confronting him. I think JR owes him nothing, but I hate to see folks kicked when they are down. So no I do not feel it is correct to say all he did on facebook. Why not meet with FHJ and tell him face to face and man to man. That is if FHJ would meet with him. And no it is not good to kick someone when they are down. That is way too easy and does not come off right. And no he should not have put stuff in like punching or hitting. But I understand!!!! This must have been in him for years. Hopefully JR can move on now and be the productive adult we expect him to be. But again, I am and will always be in JRs corner just as he and his family has always been in mine.

In closing I have to say when it comes to kids such as JR, nice kids with dreams. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and so is great talent. And often it takes multiple people to make you waste your mind and talent! Hopefully everyone learns from this situation.


Panthers Basketball said...

Well said although you are talking about a 23 or 24 year-old young man that endured many hardship with his time at RU. I remember seeing him at teaneck rec when he was 15 and he had crazy potential then. The stuff regarding everyone else was venting but I think what he said about FHJ was closure and needed to be said. He might have felt humiliated publicly during his time at RU by the coach sometimes it takes a fire to quell another fire.

SPK145 said...

I think JR's rants speak very poorly about JR. I am disappointed. He talks about the RU strength coach trying to act "ghetto" all the while JR's rant tries to sound "ghetto." You can cut the hypocrisy and childish whining with a knife.

LFBall said...

I hear both of you. I agree with the fire to quell another fire comment. That might be it. I also agree about his potential and that he was verbally and mentally abused by a coach who did not understand what he was doing AT THE TIME. Lot more to coaching than X and Os. He failed JR by taking the joy out of the game.

I do not feel JR looks bad. I feel he is letting out his feelings after holding them in for a long time. I am sure Griffin feels the same way. And looking on the faces of some current players, I can see issues developing.

JR cleaned up what he wrote. But when you write on face book you write to your peers amd not to adults who are looking to see what you are saying. He was only trying to be an interesting read to other folks from 18 to 23. Not to some 50year old men who would cjeck his grammer.

Again I do not like seeing folks kicked when they are down, but many have not read between the lines in what he said. And no it is not good to try to be what you are not. Especially when you are a grown man. And again he was just venting. Who knows what that person might have said about JR?

SPK145 said...

The "when you write on face book you write to your peers and not to adults" is crap as ALL his other Facebook posts/notes are not written in anything close to that way. The Internet leaves a nasty trail and it becomes easy to see who the phonies are. In this case, sounds like both JR and Fred Hill fit that bill.

You think a public diatribe like this is going to help JR in the future? Not in the real world/.

LFBall said...
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LFBall said...

JR will be fine. He is not one of those kids who is disrespectful. He also does not have to kiss up to anyone. His dad is VERY SUCCESSFUL and will do what is necessary to get him going career wise when the basketball is put down. I do agree this was not a good move for a kid to do because two wrongs do not make a right. But in this case JR had more buid up anger than you could imagine. And much of it is justified. And again as a person who uses the computer alot, I know what kids do and how they communicate with each other. JR never expected all this from the post. But trust me he will be fine as will Fred Hill with the money he has made and will make as the coach of Rutgers or FDU.

Panthers Basketball said...

You know what's crazy? This is a kid who kept his mouth shut will the coach was stagnating his career when most kids would have went to the papers or spokle to some ambitious reporter about what was going on. Also, because FHJ was a new coach the things that were going down behind the scenes would not be believed by the public, administrator or RU fan. It had now come to light how many kids are transferring from his recruting class and top shelf talent at that all he has to do is lose Mike rosario and hisjob is gone. FHJ is no where near Kevin Bannon in terms of treatment of players but he came promising a BigEast championship and hasn't produced enough wins in five eyars to to total 16. Alot of these things are beleiveable and honestly if say how he feels he is setting the trap for the next RU recruit and allowing coaches to think they can do this and get away with it.