Thursday, January 14, 2010

Basketball Thoughts

Visited Blair Academy yesterday to see Peddie beat Blair. This might be the weakest Blair has been in years. However I might have caught them on an off night or they just did not do the usual recruitment they normally do. Interesting observation about Prep basketball locally and in New England. Most of the coaches coach like Gentlemen. In other words they rarely are loud, demanding or augmentative. Thus is the case with the Peddie School Coach. He was very calm. In fact he was so calm he was not noticed and most folks could not tell who was the head coach.

Now lets discuss the Blair Coach. Guy is so different. And this is not a bad thing. he is really into the game on the sideline yelling at refs and debating calls. It was like night and day. Maybe Danny Hurley is similar but St. Benedict's is more like Rice or Molloy that Choate, which Blair reminds me of. I am sure Mike Burns at Winchendon is into the game as is Jerry (Think he spells it different)Quinn. I know Max Goode was into the game when he was at Maine Central. But again most of the guys at places like the Hill School, Peddie, Hun, Berkshire, Choate, are more laid back and just enjoying the experience as they help develop young men.

The campus at Blair is EXCEPTIONAL! New athletic building with multiple gyms made the place very busy. seems every kid at the school was doing something last night. But that's what the prep school experience is all about.

I must tell folks that Peddie had an outstanding, yet cocky, guard who really would be outstanding in the Ivy's or Patriot League. Heck if he always plays that well he might be even better. But he had game! Riley Moye who is close to 6 ft 9 now really has super skills. Seems like he has learned alot at Peddie. Marist was at the game to see him play and had to be impressed. The one thing that separates Riley from a A10 or BE school is his hunger and aggressiveness on the court. He blocks shots, he can shoot the J, he dunks, he is skilled. If he ever played with passion he would be recruited at the highest level. Riley run the damn court harder! Riley demand the ball! heck you were 4 for 4 in the first quarter and a half. Break a sweat. When you do this, if it is even in you, you will pick your school as opposed to them picking you. 6 ft 9 with skills wow!!!!

Lastly. There were coaches in the building from Duke, Virginia, and a host of other big-time schools. However they were there to see a great Blair Jr. and a very good Senior on the Women's Team. I should have attended that game lol.

Sorry coaches the best coach in the building was in the stands. Rich Leary, who is one of the best in America, was there watching The Blair Girls because I understand he works with them in the off season as he did with Leul Deng and Charlie V years ago.

Rutgers Looking For a Coach?

I hope not! Not at this time even if DePaul did do such a un-classy thing. I would hope they allow FHJ to finish up and than evaluate his progress. Maybe they can bring in some ex players to actually do this, How about Anthony Farmer, JR Inman, and Jeron Griffin? Just kidding of course. Freddy still has time to show improvement etc. Regardless he will end up fine and who knows it could be at RU.

I laugh at the list of coaches just in case Fred departs. Any new coach anywhere in the ACC, BE, or the Big 10, must know how to broker deals and close deals. Trust me! Jim Valvano got stars to attend Iona when it was not sexy. He beat out Kentucky who came to see Jeff Ruland on a private jet despite playing in a 3200 seat gym in New Rochelle. Nuff said! So here is my list of guys who could win at any of the local schools in no order.

Guys who could take your program to a national level fast and put fans in seats! And all might be obtainable.

Fran Frachillo..........Knows how to get it done but comfortable living in Texas
Seth Greenburg.......Would he leave Va. Tech?
Al Skinner......Proven winner who can get it done early with top 200 kids
Paul Hewitt.......He would turn it out and has area connections in place
Tommy Ameker......Has he learned his lessons well?
Oliver Pernell.... Would be Huge

Guys who will get it done in time with support!

Siena Head Coach
Rhode Island Head Coach
Tim Welsh
Tom Picora
Danny Hurley
Kevin Boyle

Guys who sound good on paper

Lawrence Frank
Bobby Knight
Bob Hurley
Patrick Ewing
Eddie Jordan

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