Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recruiting Lead!!!!

First thing I need to do is let any D1 college interested in big kids with potential and way under the radar to attend a game Tuesday at East Stroudsburg North HS which us located off Route 80 at exit 309. The school is about 30 minutes from the exit. Both East Stroudsburg North and the visiting Pocono Mountain West teams have a player over 6 ft 10. I have seen the 6 ft 10 player at Pocono Mountain West who happens to be a junior. This kid is raw but has decent skills and runs the floor like a guard and rebounds and blocks shots as well. The big kid on ESN is also around 6 Ft 10 or 11 and from what I have heard is pretty good. However I have never seen him play although I have seen him in the mall and he is big lol. So at the least CAA, MAC, NEC, and others should be in touch concerning these two kids. But if I was a A10 or higher coach I would also take time to check out these two kids who very few know about.

Seton Hall

Ok Ok SHU looked much better against Louisville in a much needed win. Some guys really stepped up. Maybe Hazel does not need to look to shoot as much? But for what ever the reason the Pirates looked good in the win. I also like the way SHU came to play against Pitt. Huge win and the type many expected this season. But only 8000 plus people? Wow! But Mr. Pope, this is the type of stats I expected from you.

A great thing about beating teams such as Louisville who have super star coaches and huge budgets in more ways than we can imagine, is the impact the win has on recruiting. Louisville is one of those glamour programs that attracts kids based on name and rep as well as the coaching staff. Thus is the case of Mr. Samuel's who left Newark where he attended HS and went off to the basketball promised land of Kentucky. Now other area kids being recruited by local teams, especially SHU in this case, can see that they can stay close to home and win games in a magnificent building before sold out crowds (even though they have a curtain). This win was a huge recruiting tool for the SHU coaches to use in the battles for players in the upcoming months.

So SHU will be seeking a new AD? What a great time to get a person who will take the SHU athletic program to new heights. I LOVE THE THOUGHT of Reggie Garrett!!!!! He must bleed blue blood and was a great student rep for SHU. He finished SHU, went to Law School and graduated, and has gained valuable experience at the expense of others. Why not bring him back home now? I still remember him as a 14-15 year old AAU player competing for a south Jersey team called Kids Plus. If I remember correctly his Dad played in the NFL. He was a very good competitor but far from a star. But those are the type of guys who make great coaches and even better Athletic Directors. Wow how time flies. But what a wonderful thing this would be to have a former SHU player return as AD and raise the curtain attracting an additional 5000 fans to the larger games.

SPK from SHU will laugh at this one and he knows what I am about to suggest even before he reads it lol. If Reggie Garrett is not the person at this time it would be a great thing to look at Gene Marshall from the United States Military Academy for this position. Jersey guy with great connections and the ability to do this job the way it is supposed to be done. There Steve I said it!


Loses again! But we knew they would lose to Georgetown so why are folks so bent out of shape. Honestly this is no knock on the RU kids or even the coaches, but if Caldwell College comes in fired up and shooting well, anything can happen. But in no way should that game even be close.

I thing Rutgers needs to beat South Florida, split with Seton Hall if they play them 2 times, beat Providence, and beat St. Johns. If all these games result in loses or at the least non competitive games, things might really get ugly and not even a BE Tournament crown might help them.

St. Johns

Still feel St. Johns is playing much better and on the verge of turning it around in the near future. However if they lose to Rutgers that SJU board will be lit up with folks calling for the coaches head. The Rutgers game will be a huge one for many people who live and die with SJU.

Basketball Bits

Is it me or has the Rutgers Athletic Center become the worst BE basketball facility? I am really trying to think of one that is worst. Even SJU Re did Alumni Hall. Come on Rutgers you went from the best in the area years ago to to worst in the BE! I am sure they will get it together very soon.

Folks are still throwing around names for potential coaches for jobs that might open. Happened to be watching Houston play on TV and saw Tom Penders. Now that's a guy that knows how to get it done as well. Not sure he is doing well at Houston, but his record speaks for itself and he gets it done however he has to. That does not sound right but you know what I mean lol.

St. Benedicts beat St. Patrick's. I again see that Mike Gilchrist was out of action with an injury.
OK.....I understand. I again am waiting to see what makes him the top 11th grader in America. Big time recruit? HECK YES! Top in America? Still waiting! Wonder who made Hoop Scoops top 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade lists this year lol. These ranking are very funny as well as political. I have to ask my guy Ed Butler his thoughts on Mike Gilchrist and others.

So Myck Kabonga thinks he is the best in New Jersey after scoring alot of 4th quarter points in the win against St.Patrick's? Not sure if he is but I will say he might be the cockiest player in New Jersey for making such a statement. And for the record, as good as he is, and he is very good, he is not the player that Kyrie Irving is on the court, and from statements such as that not the person Kyrie is off the court. When I look at Kyrie Irving I see a player who will star from day 1 in college basketball as well as a person who will star in the real world when he puts his sneakers up for good. I hope Mr. Kabongo develops in the same way.

I say the same thing about Tobias Harris who is class on and off the court, So what someone outscores him in 1 game in a losing cause. Shows alot of character to brag about how you played and your team lost the game. Come on Coaches teach these kids on and off the court. At least Kabongo's team won!


SPK145 said...

Gene Marshall: I knew it was only a matter of time!!!

He may be the guy for us but it seems the reports of the demise of Joe Quinlan have been greatly exaggerated.

Panthers Basketball said...

I was at the Loughlin vs HHHW game and although Loughlin lost Jayvaugh severely outplayed Tobias. It wasn't even close in the first half when Pinkston scored 13 pts and 4 rebs to Harris' 4 pts and 4 rebs. The kids HArris is very skilled there is no doubt about that but I have to wonder about his gun powder. He needs some more gunpowder in his dog food. Pinkston should not have bragged about being the best player in the state of New York especially in a loss but in his defense that is how it was billed including parents and coaches.

LFBall said...

I totally understand what you are saying. As bad as these parents are I was 50 times worst lol. If only I could do it over. I really thank guys like my sons HS coach Curtis march and AAU coaches Gary Charles, Doc Necelli, and Jim Couch for being very understanding.

But as far as Tobias I agree about his skills. Not sure about the gun powder but he better be ready when he hits Tennesee in the fall!

ryanbiddulph said...

There are games where Michael looks like a high D1 prospect than there are games (see Findlay where he controlled the game defensively on a badly sprained ankle) where he looks like the most dominating player in the country.

Also see his Oak Hill game as a sophomore when he destroyed Tiny Gallon and crew. I've also seen videos over the summer when he runs all over the top players in the country, scoring at will and sticking guards as well as blocking big men in the post. And all the guys who make a living from scouting, guys who see all of his summer games and a fair # of his regular season games, say he's #1. They see a heck of a lot more games than I do, so there's gotta be something to it.

I don't agree with your viewpoint but I can hear where you're coming from.

LFBall said...

Thanks for the Mike Gilchrist update. But honestly those guys making money scouting HS players are nowhere as good or qualified as I am lol. I really mean it and they know it! Guys who really know are the actual AAU Coaches along with guys like Ed Butler in NJ and a few others. Just because you make a dime does not mean you really know. And trust me those rating services are very political. But anyone who really knows me will tell you I have been around the game a while and understand what I am watching. Also most of those guys evaluating never ever played basketball on the college level and many never even played in HS. tell them LF told you this and they will say how I have been saying this for years. Most never even played HS ball lol.

From watching Mike, I now understand why he does not play showcase games. he is not a guy who would stand out. he does alot of things well and plays great in a team concept. In a showcase type event he would be decent but far from great because of the one on one stuff etc/ But again I do think he is a high D1 guy but very similar to the kid from St. Patricks who went to Kansas but has transferred. Mike will be a star, but I am not sure he will be a stud. I look forward to watching him next week in the Primetime. maybe I will sit with the experts who get paid to evaluate despite being on the bowling team when they were in HS lOL.

Really thanks for your comments!