Sunday, January 3, 2010

Watching on The Tube

Before starting I need to comment on fan behavior on message boards. It is one thing to hunger for news. But it is absolutely crazy to open posts from people who clearly have life issues. Thus is the case on the SHU basketball board where a person called Tiger something has completely taken over the board with what looks like 30 bogus posts. What is even more alarming is the huge number of fans that have looked at his posts even though you can see they are ridiculous and even in bad taste. I for one think that SHU Rivals board is one of the best on the Internet and Dan and the others do a GREAT JOB! Its a shame there is not a system in place to stop those types of posts.

Yesterdays Games


Lets start with SHU. I honestly think Virginia Tech is a pretty good team capable of making some noise in the ACC. If I did not watch the game I would think SHU lost to a NJIT type team. They lost to a ACC Team. Not MAC, MAAC, NEC, Ivy, or Colonial team. Again they lost to a ACC team!!!

Was it disappointing? Heck yes! Was I shocked? NO! Could SHU had won? Yes! Should they had won? Even game to me despite a VT starter being out. Here is why it was disappointing to me. I am still not a fan of the SHU players conditioning. I am sorry but Pope looks more like a regular Priest and there is nothing wrong with being a Priest. But when you are waiting for the Pope and a regular Priest shows up, you have to be disappointed to say the least. Yes he got quick fouls but whose fault was that? His because he should know better and if he is in better shape he could move better and think better in a way to stay on the court. Plus Free Throws involve legs. No legs often equal missed free throws, layups, short Js etc.

Also disappointed in Hazells Rucker league tactics. I guess you shoot enough and anything can happen, both good and bad. That's why folks say "you live and die by the jump shot." This kid could play at the next level but the coaching staff is failing him by not getting him cleaner looks within an offense, or demanding he take better shots. Again I say talent plus an organized off the court and on the court system equals wins. I am still a fan of Hazell, just wish he would play withing the team concept.

What happened to Eugene Harvey? Wow! Sure he still has great talent, but does he have what it takes to lead SHU on and OFF the court? Does anyone? And if any of that stuff about drinking on th beach with divas is true, someone needs to be disciplined. Not just for doing that if it really happened, but for being crazy enough to put it out there for everyone to read and judge you and your team by.

All this goes back to discipline, which wins games. When on the road you should travel as a team and do team activities together. They are not NBA players. They are a college team that needs to be reigned in. That's the difference in wins and losses, the discipline and ability to follow a plan of action helps you win close games.

Lastly I do believe in SHU basketball and think they will get it together. But to do so some feelings might need to be hurt and roles changed. Again I say they play like they spend alot of time with ........... relaxing!


I honestly feel Rutgers looks and acts like a TEAM! I was very impressed with what I saw on the bench and on the court yesterday against Cincinnati. I loved the sets they were running and loved how those kids seemed focused and wanting to compete.

Rutgers lost to a pretty good team. This was not Lafayette, or Marist. This was a Big East Opponent with 2 or more future NBA players. And they never gave up.

I have given it to Fred Hill some, and I have also praised him some, even though most RU Fans that read my blog think I an anti RU. In this case I am praising.

There is really no such thing as moral victories. But in the case of Rutgers even Stevie Wonder can see they are getting better. It is almost a planned thing. Recruit certain kids. Establish a system. Develop player behavior patterns. Become more competitive. Steal a few games. Have a winning record. Compete for titles. That plan takes time. Not so sure RU is not doing just this. One thing for sure they are doing what FHJ wants then to do, even if he does not wear a red tie. The RU vs SHU Game will again be a great one.

Kentucky vs Louisville

Kentucky is very good. But Cousins is on a one way train to getting into serious trouble based on his on court behavior.

Is it me or does Louisville seem almost average? Are the players even listening to Pitino? I love Coach Willard who is a very nice man, but does he not look like Rob Zombie lol? Maybe Jay Wright, Walt Frazier, and I should send him a little Hair Club for Men stuff lol. But he really is a classy and great guy!

That rivalry is a great one as we saw from the game yesterday. Kentucky basketball is huge!

Local Games

St. Johns has a real test today at home against Providence. Lets Go Red Storm!

So St. Joe's lost to Princeton? Wow! What ever happened to Helmet from the St. Joe's Board. Loved his stuff, just wondered what his take is on all this St. Joe's losing. Maybe its the new gym!

Drexel lost as well. Is Bruiser safe? Was he frowning? I would bet on it! Or at the least he had that smirk look on his face that he is famous for lol.

Local teams such as Manhattan, St. Peters, and Marist, are doing all they can to compete with NJIT, who really has a great guy and coach. But than again so does all the teams I named. Still wondering what will happen at Monmouth? Or do they even care that the new facility is open and the team not doing so well. Curious to see how this plays out. Where is Waine Zoke?

Off to the Playez HS event in Teaneck in a few. Should be a few interesting games.

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