Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday January 9th, 2010

Gregory E Transfers

Wow what a surprise? Not! Heard this rumor for a long time. Funny thing is I doubt Fred Hill did much to push this to happen. In fact, sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side yet it really is not. Who is to say Gregory will not change his mind after a few visits? Who is to say this is his Parents and not him? Funny how parents become basketball experts all of a sudden when Jr. is harmed. I know I was wrongfully one of those type parents.

Lets look at this closer. Why would a kid who is getting his butt kissed daily by folks all over the Rutgers campus want to leave? he is the man there despite having very average skills to ME. Big? Yes! Definite NBA guy? No!

Maybe it's because he feels this might be the last year for FHJ and company and he is running before the ship sinks and using the incident as a reason. I would not be surprised if a few folks have not been whispering into his ear about better opportunities while telling him that the current staff just might not be around.

Maybe it is the fact he feels the program is not what it should be facility and support wise. It is very hard playing at places such as UConn, Syracuse, Marquette, and West Virginia seeing the great facilities and fan support only to return to The RAC for a game with 3700 people. It is not uncommon for kids to feel bad when visiting other schools they could have attended and seeing first hand the differences in each program.

Maybe he feels it is the development factor at Rutgers. Maybe he feels RU will not get him to the NBA, especially from a losing team. Funny thing to me is I am not sure Phil Jackson could get him there. But I do understand how dreams can be exploited.

I really cannot believe that Greg's parents would pull him out of Rutgers based on the injury. There has to be more to this including some behind the scenes tampering. Honestly I wish him well but I am still not convinced he will be the player anywhere else that he was at Rutgers.

Lastly. Fred Hill Jr. should not be crucified over this situation. held accountable for the entire season and seasons past? Yes! But for this? NO!

I again say Rutgers failure is a combination Getting it done in games, development, facilities, fan support, alumni and athletic support which leads to a Head Coach having to be Superman to get it done. The support has not been at Rutgers since Tom Young had the great team. And yes they had talent and I will leave it at that. But thanks to Livingston College, which had its own team, RU was able to get some very good players accepted and than Dicky V and the gang went and got the players in ways only they could, and Tom Young benefited!

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