Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Tidbits

Basketball Tidbits

I am stunned many folks are slamming the new Rutgers AD for selling $5 tickets to upcoming basketball games, Do they think he is so penny pinching that he is doing this to earn an additional $10-$15,000 a game? I doubt it.

I honestly feel what he is doing is thinking on his feet and attempting to make things happen. Folks please do not be fooled. What this man is doing is actually marketing the program so that folks remember it exists. If the RAC is only going to have 4000 fans at the game if that, why not attempt to attract an additional 2000 fans. And charging $5 is better than not charging because people are leery of free gifts. If he just gave away the tickets RU would look very desperate. At $5 RU looks generous and caring while keeping the RAC as a home court and ROCKING!

Finally when folks watch on TV they see a full RAC and that will make a difference in the future. In fact on TV the place looks bright and alive every time I see it despite the fact we all know it needs a serious upgrade. So I say GREAT JOB Mr. AD and keep up the good work. And at least he has a plan for a new RAC!

The Hurleys as College Coaches

No one is a bigger fan of the Hurleys than I am. I have often said I would love my Grand Son Logan, who Dr.s say will be 6 Ft 10, to play for Danny Hurley one day. I love the way he coaches and develops kids while not kissing anyones butt to put it Mildly.

But at the same time we must be real here. The Big East is not a training ground for Coaches. Honestly even Assistant Coaching positions require more than a HS coaching resume unless you start as a Sr Manager, Basketball Operations Person, etc. AAU and HS guys often get Assistant jobs based on having players that come with them to a program or serious connections to programs such as DC Assault, DC Blue Devils, Gaucho's, Riverside/Metro Hawks. New Heights, Playaz, Panthers, etc. Very few guys are snatched up by Big East or ACC teams with little college coaching experience. Trust me or track it for yourself! Even Rod Strickland, now a F/T Assistant at Kentucky started at Memphis as a Sr manager or DOB guy despite a long NBA career and alot of money in the bank. Ditto Orlando Antiqua who is also an Assistant.

Danny Hurley and Kevin Boyle would be great MAC or NEC head Coaches and even that would be hard. Danny could be a high level D1 well paid Assistant as well. Maybe Kevin also based on he could bring players with him from St. Patrick's plus great connections. But jumping to a Head Coaching position in the Big East? I would be stunned and doubt it would happen until these guys get HC experience in a lessor conference.

Ready To Move to HC position at Low or Mid Major Programs from Local Schools

Dermon Player SHU
Scott Adabato SHU
Fred Quaterbaum SJU
Danny Hurley
Kevin Boyle
Maurice Hicks

A sleeper for a low D1 Head Coaching Job

Ray Haskins Former LIU Coach

Ready For Prime Time if a Coach wants To Win (Asst. Positions)

John Morton St. Peters (Could be a head Coach as well)
Julius Allen Binghampton
Ron Brown FDU (Wasting Away There)
Darryl Jacobs Head Coach of Clark Atlanta
Bob Holford With right opportunity could really help a team


exandohjoe said...

Where do I start?

1. Dan Hurley can handle a high level job with GREAT assistants that will be able to penetrate his ego. He is better than Boyle and even his father in terms of having what it takes today. Bobby Hurley CANNOT be part of the package.

2. Fred Quartlebaum and Danny are only ones on your list capable of running a successful college program. Love Mo Hicks but really not the whole package.

3. Ray Haskins was dysfunctional at LIU. An embarrassment.

4. OK a vote for John Morton. You over rate the others.


LFBall said...

Thank you for these comments. I think from reading them you definately know the gaame and might be somewhat connected in the bball world. Tell me I am wrong lol. Thanks again.

PS The others would be great additions and could help local teams. Some as assistants and others at low level D1 programs. And Danny Hurley, who I adore as a coach, is not ready for a BE job even if he brought his Dad and Bobby Knight along as assistants. But one day he will be there after a stint as a head guy at a smaller D1 program. said...

Hey LF - for your list "Ready To Move to HC position at Low or Mid Major Programs from Local Schools" are you listing assts who: a) you think are ready to be HCs at low/mid-major schools b) are seeking / putting out feelers to check for HC positions at low/mid-major schools, whether you think they are ready or not or c) have been tagged by schools as candidates in their search for vacant or soon to be vacant HC positions

or any combination of the three?

LFBall said...

Just a quick list of guys I think would be good. I do think Darryl Jacobs, a Patterson NJ native now coaching and doing a great job at Clark Atlanta University would be great at a local low or mid major D1 program. hands down a great choice by anyone who gets hum. has won everywhere he has been.