Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weds Thoughts

Another day in Basketball.

I had an opportunity to watch a great HS game on Tuesday night between Pocono Mountain West High School and Pocono Mountain East High School. Let me start by saying the atmosphere was spectacular with alot of positive noise in a great facility. At least 2500 people were in the gym for this rivalry game that has been great for many years. The atmosphere alone was Worth paying admission. But on this day the game was even better with a few very talented players stepping up.

The game was won by Pocono Mountain West at the very end end though they slightly led the entire game. Adults and kids were really into the game from the beginning to the end. I felt as if I was watching St. Patricks vs Finley Prep all over. What a game.

A few players caught my eye during the game. Kaheim Hall, a 6 ft 3 guard who signed with St. Francis of Pa. was outstanding!!! What a player. With more energy he might have been recruited even higher. But to get a scholarship from a NE Pa. HS is a special feat. I honestly think this kid could have played in the CAA or even lower A10 with better exposure and a stronger personality on his part. Trust me the skills and know how is already there.

The one player who really impressed me the first half was 6 ft 11 Kevin Anema from Pocono Mountain West HS. He is only a junior but with super POTENTIAL! Runs like a deer, can score, and sort of tough. Still learning but every college team in 4 states need to send someone to see him. And The Playaz, Gauchos, Metro Hawks, and New Heights need to hook him up as well. Still somewhat raw but at the least on the same level as Grant Belliemer (sp) when he was at St. Patricks. Anytime you can find a 6 ft 11 junior who sprints the floor, blocks shots, can make a layup, make 1 handed free throws, plays very hard , hits the jump hook, and seems very coachable, it is reason to predict future D1 success if he has good grades. heck even if grades are bad some western school would find a way lol. I look forward to seeing him play against the 7 Ft Jr. at East Stroudsburg North i heard about during the game. He too is supposed to have great potential. These are the types of kids Penn State should be all over. Ditto the teams in Philly, NY, and NJ.

My only negative from this game was the young kids behavior outside at the completion of the game, especially the young ladies. They were actually getting into fights over the dumbest things believe it or not! That school district, and the parents in the district need to really step up. It was almost dangerous!

Watched all the games from Springfield Mass. on Monday. Some were good and some were not so good. I will just say Kabonga and the Kid who signed with Rutgers looked good for St. Benedict's. Why is it every time I see St. Anthony's the wide body kid who signed with Richmond looks better. I honestly thing he will be outstanding in the A10 and maybe all league as a Jr. or Sr. if not sooner.

I again was super impressed with Kyree Irving who looks ready to be all ACC as a freshmen at Duke. He does it all and makes those around him better. Also great to see such a talented player able to communicate so well. Now my take on the top 11th grader in the country is not as good. Mr. Gilchrist looked like a fine player. Works hard at both ends of the court, very good athlete, tough player, etc. But to me nothing else special the way other kids who get the respect he gets display. I think he is super high D1 good. But 1 and done I do not see. He looks similar to the Morris Twins who play at Kansas. Very good player? YES! Great? NO! And before folks come on here attacking me let me say I know I can be wrong. But I honestly now see why he does not play in many showcase type games. But he will get better and when he attends college he could excel and be a stud at the highest level. Maybe I was expecting a Tim Thomas, Vince Taylor, Koby type player and saw a young version of Al Harrington which is not a bad thing since he went straight to9 the NBA and is now a millionaire.

Big game for Rutgers against Villanova. I hope I can get MSG where I am. If not I will try to find a local tavern with special wing deals lol. This game is an expected loss for RU so if they win or play VU tough, maybe it could springboard them to better things in the near future.

Lots being said about Seton Hall Conditioning. One person emailed me to say the Seton Hall S and C guy is now at Rutgers. I would be stunned if SHU does not have a S&C Staff. One question I do have is if there is a dedicated weight room for the basketball teams? Lastly, I again say Pope, Lawrence, and Mitchell must be better than they have shown. Would love to see them play harder with better statistics.

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