Thursday, January 28, 2010

Short Blog with Hints

The is a short one I did not want to wait to post.

Lets start with area teams. Will any team in the local areas with the exception of UConn and Villanova ever have a chance for a national championship? I will again say, and people can read between the lines if they wish, the majority of the top basketball universities get there based on more than coaching, and facilities. Players help them but in many cases, especially when a team goes from bad to contender status, it is more than facilities and coaching that attract and keep players at good ole university. Trust me, with business as usual at local schools, even a staff of Bobby Knight assisted by Coach K, Rick P, and John C, with Jim B as head of basketball operations would not win.

If you change the culture, in more ways that I want to describe, top 10 type players will attend. The huge question is would you as a fan want that type of program? I would not! So what do you do? Do you play for just a winning record knowing a final 4 will be few and far between for your team if ever? Do you just enjoy the games?

I ask this based on knowing what some teams have done to attract players and stay competitive. I wonder if others know? You bring legit Micky D All Americans and a few other 5 star type recruits to a campus and even SPK, Rutgersal, LFBall, Nate Blue, and any of you could coach the team to a winning record with the right support..............

Folks it really is much more than you can imagine when it comes to winning college basketball programs. It is a reason Penn and Princeton no longer lead the Ivy League each year!

News Flash

Heard from some coaching friends that certain high level D 1 head coaches are following NYC area basketball closely thinking a job or two might just open. Yes a few of the people mentioned as being interested in area head coaching jobs has indicated to others that they would strongly consider coaching in the NY area. Stay tuned. Those mentioned are serious home runs for any university they coach at.


I hear a number of coaches have been spotted around FDU in recent weeks. Were they just visiting? Were they there finding out if there would be an opening? Interesting!!


shelmaxi said...

Very interested regarding the fdu coaching situation. Does Greg Vetrone have a shot at the position?Any other coaches that you know may have interest. What are some of their names.


LFBall said...

Not sure about Vetrone. Will the FDU Adm want to keep basketball as it is or go for a name coach to built the program in to a conference contender that has a large fan base? The AD there seems to like Greg alot based on him getting the job in the first place. But time will tell!! Maybe outside people especially those twins from California will put in a good word. But I do hear a certain coach might be interested depending on if he is let go after the season.

SPK145 said...

Do you think FDU would take Gonzo off SHU's hands?

LFBall said...

I think Gonzo will be at Seton Hall for the next few seasons if not longer. One thing for sure he has made Seton Hall more visible and even exciting again.

I feel that Norm Roberts will also return at St. johns based on where they were when he arrived and where they are now even though the SJU Fans want more.

If Fred Hill leaves Rutgers look for them to hire a name coach from a power conference. Both the first and 2nd choices people talk about seem very interested especially if the contract includes a real salary bump from where it is, a practice facility, renovated RAC, etc. If FHJ keaves and the top choice goes to RU,,,,,,,,,It would be on!!

stocks2500 said...

what do you think of the recent rumor that Tom Barrise of the Nets is the leading candidate for the FDU head coach?